[sunday, july 06, 2008]    
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12:00 PM TLC your place or mine?: nicklas vs. nightingale (#1??)
7:00 PM ANIMAL PLANET mutual of omaha's wild kingdom: decoding humpbacks (#609)
  NBC nbc sports special: u.s. olympic track / swimming trials
  UNIVERSAL HD sex, love & secrets: territorial defense (#105)
[previously unaired episode]
8:00 PM CBS million dollar password: monique coleman/damien fahey (#106)
9:00 PM WE bridezillas: youmika & lisa (#05-06)
  NBC dateline nbc: su1741
  HGTV hgtv design star: episode 305 (#305)
  VH1 i love money: a very 'short trip' (#101-90)
[90-minute series premiere]
  HISTORY ice road truckers: lost on the ice (#205)
  USA law & order: criminal intent: kissinger (#7015)
  TLC singing office, the: 1-800-dentist vs. beauty salon (#102)
  ANIMAL PLANET untamed & uncut: double great white attack (#106)
10:00 PM LIFETIME army wives: the hero returns (#205)
  BBCA bbc america special: i'm a boy anorexic
[one-hour special presentation]
  G4 code monkeys: dean in charge (#8007)
  TRUTV crisis point (#103)
  SPIKE TV factory, the: the lemon (#102)
  USA in plain sight: high priced spread (#106)
  FOOD next food network star, the: into the studio (#NF0406)
  WE platinum weddings: carly & jason (#03-14)
  OXYGEN snapped: ann miller kontz (#621)
  HISTORY tougher in alaska: extreme salvaging (#109)
[new time slot]
11:30 PM SHOWTIME i can't believe i'm still single: from portland to portland: episode three (#103-30)

  [july 2008]