Air Date: Monday, March 29, 2021
Time Slot: 3:01 AM-4:00 AM EST on ACORN TV
Episode Title: "The Gods of Wheat Street (6 EPS, 2013)"
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Monday, March 29

The Gods of Wheat Street | Trailer

"Terrific score and a fine cast" - Sydney Morning Herald

An intimate journey into the lives, hearts and humour of the Freeburns - a modern Aboriginal Australian family of local legends - this series is about letting go of the past, with the aid of a little magic and enough deadpan humor to tackle the future. During the six-part series, we follow the trials and tribulations of Odin Freeburn and his family as they rise above obstacles that would bring mere mortals to their knees - and get on with the important matters of love, family and football. It boasts a cast of some of Australia's finest Indigenous actors including Kelton Pell (Stoned Bros), Ursula Yovich (Australia), Lisa Flanagan (Look Both Ways), and Logie Award-winning Shari Sebbens (Redfern Now). (6 EPS, 2013)

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