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Development Update: October 1-5

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ABC May Lose 'Disney' Movie, FOX Mulls Moving 'Boston Public' to Fridays

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ABC Greenlights 'Kingdom,' Sets Fall 2003 Foundation

4/14/03 - 10/5/04
previously in development (2003-2004 season)
ordered to pilot
(from ABC's press release) The untamed terrain is almost impossible to cross. The evergreen forests are dark and impenetrable. Rivers of ice creep down from granite mountains, creaking toward the sea. For weeks on end a dry sun burns, unblinking and relentless. Then a shroud of snow and darkness descends to mask the landscape in an inward winter. This is Alaska – the end of the earth. The only people who come here to live are men and women driven to extremes. The entire state of Alaska (nearly 600,000 square miles) is the jurisdiction of Lt. Ray Mathers, a loner and something of a local legend for his hunting-tracking skills. In a vast tundra, where stoplights don't exist and the speed limit is only a suggestion, Mathers can't remember the last time he wrote a parking ticket or pulled over a car for a burnt-out taillight. The homicides he tackles are as bizarre and unforgiving as the landscape. And the criminals he hunts are more unpredictable and dangerous than a wounded grizzly. In a landmass three times the size of the state of Massachusetts, Ray Mathers is the law. Violent crimes aren't the only mysteries Mathers will have to tackle. His forensics wizard, Paul Vico, could have been chief medical examiner of a major sun-belt city. What binds him to the rocky vastness of Alaska? Why doesn't polished Assistant Attorney General Roger Prescott pull up stakes and pursue a lucrative career in the lower forty-eight? And, most curious of all, what event drove rising young prosecutor Alison Harper to abandon the great life in Washington, D.C. for a one-way ticket to the edge of the world? These are the people Ray Mathers works with. People he must depend on and learn to trust. Set in the mysterious, twilight world of Insomnia, ALASKA is a procedural show unlike anything on television.
· Brad Johnson as Ray Mathers
· Dahlia Salem as Alison Harper
· Gary Farmer as Paul Vico
· Michael Ironside as Roger Prescott
· John August as CRTR/EP
· Kim Manners as DIR (Pilot)
· drama
· ABC Studios