[thursday, august 27, 2015]    
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5:00 PM CARTOON uncle grandpa: birdman
5:30 PM CARTOON clarence: in dreams
6:00 PM CARTOON teen titans go!: the spice game
6:30 PM CARTOON we bare bears: nom nom
7:00 PM CARTOON amazing world of gumball, the: the signature
7:30 PM CARTOON regular show: the dome experiment
8:00 PM The CW beauty and the beast: sins of the fathers (#312)
  FOX boom!: it's the guacamole bomb! (BOO-109)
  GSN chase, the: episode 14 (#414)
  NBC food fighters: home cook heavyweight (#209)
  SYFY wwe smackdown: 082715 (#836)
9:00 PM A&E beyond scared straight: douglas county, ga: buttoning buttons (#73/807)
  CBS big brother: episode 1729 (#1729)
  WE braxton family values: tba (#425)
  GSN chain reaction: episode 13 (#113)
  NBC dateline nbc: th2449 (#120)
  DFC from wags to riches with bill berloni: adoption day! (#104)
  TLC love, lust or run: stacy revealed (#211-60)
[one-hour special presentation]
  FYI man vs child: chef showdown: viva la france (#07/107)
  ABC mistresses: reasonable doubt (#312)
  HISTORY mountain men: touchdown (#411)
  ID nightmare next door: murder in omaha (#608)
  CMT party down south: blood, sweat and beers (#602)
  LIFETIME project runway: fashion flip (#1404-90)
  BRAVO real housewives of new york city, the: reunion part 3 (#722)
[one-hour special presentation]
9:30 PM GSN chain reaction: episode 14 (#114)
  SCIENCE how it's made: alaska edition
10:00 PM FOOD beat bobby flay: culinary tornado (#BY0513H)
[5th season finale]
  A&E behind bars: rookie year: tba
  COOKING carnival eats: from strawberry to silver dollar (CCCAR-207H)
  IFC documentary now!: dronez: the hunt for el chingon (#102)
  SYFY dominion: the longest mile home (#208)
  CMT gainesville: i'm not yours. you're not mine. (#103)
  USA graceland: master of weak ties (#310)
  SCIENCE how do they do it?: sitar, biltong, and bulldozers (#1315)
  TRUTV impractical jokers: tba (#420)
  DIY income property: tba
  WE la hair: tba (#405)
  NBCSN mecum dealmakers: denver (#205)
  ID nowhere to hide: grave secrets (#202)
  HISTORY power & ice: the avalanche (#101)
[series premiere]
  COMEDY review with forrest macneil: catfish, haunted house (#205)
  ABC rookie blue: breaking up the band (#521)
  FX sex & drugs & rock & roll: supercalifragilisticjuliefriggingandrews (#107)
  MTV teen mom 2: what makes you happy (#1208)
  TEENNICK teennick special: teennick top 10 (#504)
  CBS under the dome: love is a battlefield (#311)
  DA unsealed: alien files: nazi ufos (#302)
  TV ONE verses & flow: avery sunshine (#505)
10:30 PM IFC comedy bang! bang!: randall park wears brown dress shoes with blue socks (#428)
  TRUTV friends of the people: tba (#116)
  FX married: the cruise (#207)
11:00 PM CMT dallas cowboys cheerleaders: making the team: the cuts begin (#1004)
  SYFY geeks who drink: jonathan sadowski vs. lenny jacobson (#107)
11:01 PM MTV teen mom 2: 608: a closer look
11:32 PM MTV one bad choice: meili cady (#109)

  [august 2015]