[saturday, july 04, 2015]    
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6:30 AM CARTOON transformers: robots in disguise: some body, any body (#16)
8:00 AM CARTOON pokémon the series: xy: beyond the rainbow! (#1822)
11:30 AM DFC my little pony: friendship is magic: amending fences (#512)
12:30 PM DFC strawberry shortcake's berry bitty adventures: high tech drama (#703)
7:00 PM FOX fox sports special: baseball night in america (FSP-1602)
8:00 PM CBS millers, the: diggin' up bones (#205)
[returns from hiatus - new time slot]
  NBC nbc special: macy's 4th of july fireworks spectacular
[two-hour special presentation]
  PBS pbs special: a capitol fourth (#2015)
8:30 PM CBS millers, the: when the pope comes marching in (#207)
9:00 PM BBCA atlantis: the madness of hercules (#208)
  CBS mccarthys, the: gerard's engagement party (#MCC108)
[returns from hiatus - new time slot]
9:30 PM CBS mccarthys, the: cutting the cord (#MCC112)
10:00 PM BBCA jonathan strange & mr norrell: all the mirrors of the world (#104)
11:00 PM CMT josh wolf show, the: tba (#115)
11:15 PM BBCA graham norton show, the: episode twelve (#1712)

  [july 2015]