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date (day) time network episode title
6/30/23 (Fr.)9:30 PMAPPLE TV+(#226) Arizona Diamondbacks at Los Angeles Angels
6/30/23 (Fr.)7:00 PMAPPLE TV+(#225) Milwaukee Brewers at Pittsburgh Pirates
6/23/23 (Fr.)7:00 PMAPPLE TV+(#224) New York Mets at Philadelphia Phillies
6/23/23 (Fr.)6:30 PMAPPLE TV+(#223) Pittsburgh Pirates at Miami Marlins
6/16/23 (Fr.)10:00 PMAPPLE TV+(#222) Chicago White Sox at Seattle Mariners
6/16/23 (Fr.)8:00 PMAPPLE TV+(#221) Pittsburgh Pirates at Milwaukee Brewers
6/9/23 (Fr.)9:30 PMAPPLE TV+(#220) Seattle Mariners at Los Angeles Angels
6/9/23 (Fr.)7:00 PMAPPLE TV+(#219) Kansas City Royals at Baltimore Orioles
6/2/23 (Fr.)8:00 PMAPPLE TV+(#218) Cleveland Guardians at Minnesota Twins
6/2/23 (Fr.)5:00 PMAPPLE TV+(#217) Milwaukee Brewers at Cincinnati Reds
5/26/23 (Fr.)6:25 PMAPPLE TV+(#216) San Diego Padres at New York Yankees
5/26/23 (Fr.)5:55 PMAPPLE TV+(#215) Chicago White Sox at Detroit Tigers
5/19/23 (Fr.)6:25 PMAPPLE TV+(#213) Baltimore Orioles at Toronto Blue Jays
5/19/23 (Fr.)6:25 PMAPPLE TV+(#214) Seattle Mariners at Atlanta Braves
5/12/23 (Fr.)7:25 PMAPPLE TV+(#212) Chicago Cubs at Minnesota Twins
5/12/23 (Fr.)7:25 PMAPPLE TV+(#211) Kansas City Royals at Milwaukee Brewers
5/5/23 (Fr.)6:25 PMAPPLE TV+(#209) Minnesota Twins at Cleveland Guardians
5/5/23 (Fr.)5:55 PMAPPLE TV+(#210) Chicago White Sox at Cincinnati Reds
4/28/23 (Fr.)9:25 PMAPPLE TV+(#208) St. Louis Cardinals at Los Angeles Dodgers
4/28/23 (Fr.)7:25 PMAPPLE TV+(#207) Philadelphia Phillies at Houston Astros
4/21/23 (Fr.)6:25 PMAPPLE TV+(#206) Houston Astros at Atlanta Braves
4/21/23 (Fr.)6:25 PMAPPLE TV+(#205) Toronto Blue Jays at New York Yankees
4/14/23 (Fr.)6:25 PMAPPLE TV+(#204) Los Angeles Angels at Boston Red Sox
4/14/23 (Fr.)5:55 PMAPPLE TV+(#203) San Francisco Giants at Detroit Tigers
4/7/23 (Fr.)6:25 PMAPPLE TV+(#202) San Diego Padres at Atlanta Braves
4/7/23 (Fr.)1:25 PMAPPLE TV+(#201) Texas Rangers at Chicago Cubs
9/23/22 (Fr.)9:25 PMAPPLE TV+(#150) St. Louis Cardinals at Los Angeles Dodgers
9/23/22 (Fr.)6:25 PMAPPLE TV+(#149) Boston Red Sox at New York Yankees
9/16/22 (Fr.)9:25 PMAPPLE TV+(#148) Los Angeles Dodgers at San Francisco Giants
9/16/22 (Fr.)6:25 PMAPPLE TV+(#147) Baltimore Orioles at Toronto Blue Jays
9/9/22 (Fr.)8:55 PMAPPLE TV+(#146) Atlanta Braves at Seattle Mariners
9/9/22 (Fr.)7:25 PMAPPLE TV+(#145) Cleveland Guardians at Minnesota Twins
9/2/22 (Fr.)9:25 PMAPPLE TV+(#144) Philadelphia Phillies at San Francisco Giants
9/2/22 (Fr.)6:25 PMAPPLE TV+(#143) Miami Marlins at Atlanta Braves
8/26/22 (Fr.)9:25 PMAPPLE TV+(#142) Cleveland Guardians at Seattle Mariners
8/26/22 (Fr.)6:25 PMAPPLE TV+(#141) Tampa Bay Rays at Boston Red Sox
8/19/22 (Fr.)7:25 PMAPPLE TV+(#140) Texas Rangers at Minnesota Twins
8/19/22 (Fr.)6:25 PMAPPLE TV+(#139) Toronto Blue Jays at New York Yankees
8/12/22 (Fr.)6:25 PMAPPLE TV+(#138) Philadelphia Phillies at New York Mets
8/12/22 (Fr.)6:25 PMAPPLE TV+(#137) San Diego Padres at Washington Nationals
8/5/22 (Fr.)7:25 PMAPPLE TV+(#136) Cincinnati Reds at Milwaukee Brewers
8/5/22 (Fr.)6:25 PMAPPLE TV+(#135) Washington Nationals at Philadelphia Phillies
7/29/22 (Fr.)9:25 PMAPPLE TV+(#134) Chicago Cubs at San Francisco Giants
7/29/22 (Fr.)6:25 PMAPPLE TV+(#133) Detroit Tigers at Toronto Blue Jays
7/22/22 (Fr.)7:25 PMAPPLE TV+(#132) Cleveland Guardians at Chicago White Sox
7/22/22 (Fr.)6:25 PMAPPLE TV+(#131) Chicago Cubs at Philadelphia Phillies
7/15/22 (Fr.)8:55 PMAPPLE TV+(#130) Arizona Diamondbacks at San Diego Padres
7/15/22 (Fr.)7:55 PMAPPLE TV+(#129) Pittsburgh Pirates at Colorado Rockies
7/8/22 (Fr.)9:25 PMAPPLE TV+(#128) Toronto Blue Jays at Seattle Mariners
7/8/22 (Fr.)7:25 PMAPPLE TV+(#127) Pittsburgh Pirates at Milwaukee Brewers
7/1/22 (Fr.)7:25 PMAPPLE TV+(#126) Los Angeles Angels at Houston Astros
7/1/22 (Fr.)6:25 PMAPPLE TV+(#125) Texas Rangers at New York Mets
6/24/22 (Fr.)8:55 PMAPPLE TV+(#124) Detroit Tigers at Arizona Diamondbacks
6/24/22 (Fr.)7:25 PMAPPLE TV+(#123) Chicago Cubs at St. Louis Cardinals
6/17/22 (Fr.)9:25 PMAPPLE TV+(#122) Cleveland Guardians at Los Angeles Dodgers
6/17/22 (Fr.)7:25 PMAPPLE TV+(#121) Chicago White Sox at Houston Astros
6/10/22 (Fr.)8:55 PMAPPLE TV+(#120) New York Mets at Los Angeles Angels
6/10/22 (Fr.)7:25 PMAPPLE TV+(#119) Tampa Bay Rays at Minnesota Twins
6/3/22 (Fr.)7:55 PMAPPLE TV+(#118) Atlanta Braves at Colorado Rockies
6/3/22 (Fr.)6:25 PMAPPLE TV+(#117) Detroit Tigers at New York Yankees
5/27/22 (Fr.)8:55 PMAPPLE TV+(#116) Toronto Blue Jays at Los Angeles Angels
5/27/22 (Fr.)6:25 PMAPPLE TV+(#115) Baltimore Orioles at Boston Red Sox
5/20/22 (Fr.)7:25 PMAPPLE TV+(#114) Texas Rangers at Houston Astros
5/20/22 (Fr.)5:55 PMAPPLE TV+(#113) St. Louis Cardinals at Pittsburgh Pirates
5/13/22 (Fr.)8:55 PMAPPLE TV+(#112) Chicago Cubs at Arizona Diamondbacks
5/13/22 (Fr.)6:25 PMAPPLE TV+(#111) San Diego Padres at Atlanta Braves
5/6/22 (Fr.)6:25 PMAPPLE TV+(#109) Chicago White Sox at Boston Red Sox
5/6/22 (Fr.)8:55 AMAPPLE TV+(#110) Tampa Bay Rays at Seattle Mariners
4/29/22 (Fr.)9:25 PMAPPLE TV+(#108) Washington Nationals at San Francisco Giants
4/29/22 (Fr.)7:25 PMAPPLE TV+(#107) New York Yankees at Kansas City Royals
4/22/22 (Fr.)8:55 PMAPPLE TV+(#106) Texas Rangers at Oakland Athletics
4/22/22 (Fr.)5:55 PMAPPLE TV+(#105) St. Louis Cardinals at Cincinnati Reds
4/15/22 (Fr.)9:25 PMAPPLE TV+(#104) Cincinnati Reds at Los Angeles Dodgers
4/15/22 (Fr.)6:25 PMAPPLE TV+(#103) Tampa Bay Rays at Chicago White Sox
4/8/22 (Fr.)8:55 PMAPPLE TV+(#102) Houston Astros at Los Angeles Angels
4/8/22 (Fr.)6:25 PMAPPLE TV+(#101) New York Mets at Washington Nationals

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