[10/16/19 - 05:51 AM]
"Anxious People" - A New Swedish Netflix Original Series from the Author of Global Sensation A Man Called Ove
The project is an unreasonably riotous comedy about a hostage drama during an open house.

currently in development (2020-2021 season)
ordered to series
(from Netflix's press release, October 2019) During The Frankfurter Buchmesse Netflix today announced Anxious People, a new Swedish Netflix dramedy based on Fredrik Backman's book of the same name and produced by FLX, the production company behind [Sweden only: Kristallen-vinnaren] Quicksand and upcoming Love & Anarchy. The series will be directed by Felix Herngren, creator and director of Bonus Family. Screenwriter is Camilla Ahlgren, the head writer of The Bridge and Quicksand. "My wife and I feel that FLX has in the past few years shown a tremendous range not only in their comedies, but especially in their dramas, and so we are truly glad and proud that they wish to take on this particular story. Felix Herngren is an extraordinary storyteller with a unique sense of comedy who is a dream to work with. Camilla Ahlgren understands the fragile and messy parts of humans and writes real people, not just characters. This book could not be in better hands." says Fredrik Backman. Anxious People is an unreasonably riotous comedy about a hostage drama during an open house. A failed bank robber locks himself in with an over-enthusiastic real estate agent, two bitter IKEA-addicts, a pregnant woman, a suicidal multi-millionaire and a damn rabbit. In the end the robber gives up and lets everyone go, but when the police storm the apartment it is...empty. In a series of dysfunctional testimonies afterwards, the witnesses all tell their version of what really happened, whereupon a classic puzzle mystery develops around the questions: How did the robber manage to escape? Why is everyone so angry? And: What is WRONG with people these days?
· Fatima Varhos as PROD
· Felix Herngren as DIR
· Fredrik Backman as BOOK/EP
· Martina Håkansson as EP
· Neda Backman as EP
· Pontus Edgren as EP
· Tor Jonasson as EP
· drama
· Salomonsson Agency