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9/30/14 - 5/8/15
previously in development (2015-2016 season)
ordered to pilot
network passed on 5/8/15
(from ABC's press release, March 2015) It is 1978 and the Boston PD has just graduated its first class of female police officers as fully equal to the men. The press calls these extraordinary women, "The Broad Squad." They don't think of themselves as heroes, but they are nothing less - defying society's expectations and shaking up the ultimate old boys' club. There's 28-year-old Eileen Pearce (Lauren Ambrose), who was born into a family of cops and is married to one. Her marriage to Jim is beginning to feel the strain of his recent injury that is keeping him at home, taking care of their son while she fulfills a lifelong dream of joining the force. She'll learn how complicated it is for a woman to "wear the pants" in the family - much less when those pants come with a badge and gun. Molly Callahan (Charlotte Spencer) is a 22 year old who grew up in a family with mob connections, and joined the force to escape the life of crime her brothers lead. Still, her juvenile rap sheet is coming back to haunt her, used against her by the Captain who wants to enlist her in a covert war - against her own family. Joanne Jones (Rutina Wesley), 26, has to work twice as hard to get respect, since the cops call her a "two-fer," as in female and black. She's fighting for Dr. King's dream of freedom, even at the cost of her own brother, who is badly beaten as payback for her being a cop. She's shunned by family and community, who hate cops - and further isolated by a secret: that she has a girlfriend. Lisa Osgood (Cody Horn), 30, was a Beacon Hill rich girl, estranged from her family as a teen and forced to fend for herself in the world. She's battling the trauma of a sexual assault in her past, and has joined the force to help other women like her. But when she arrives on her first day, her past is shoved in her face - another cop in her district is the man who assaulted her. Working together, these women will try to change all the rules of one of the toughest, most tradition-infused police departments in the country, all set against the tumultuous, explosive and ever-changing world of Boston in the late 1970s. From Stephanie Savage and Josh Schwartz (The O.C., Gossip Girl)
· Alberto Frezza as Frank Butler
· Charlotte Spencer as Molly Callahan
· Cody Horn as Lisa Osgood
· Kenneth Mitchell as Jim Pearce
· Lauren Ambrose as Eileen Pearce
· Michael Gaston as Captain Donahue
· Morgan Spector as Tommy Anthony
· Rutina Wesley as Joanne Jones
· Aaron Kaplan as EP
· Alexandra Lydon as PROD
· Bess Wohl as CRTR/CO-EP
· Coky Giedroyc as DIR (Pilot)
· Josh Schwartz as EP
· Len Goldstein as EP
· Stephanie Savage as EP
· drama
· ABC Studios
· Fake Empire
· Kapital Entertainment