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9/2/14 - 5/7/15
previously in development (2015-2016 season)
ordered to pilot
network passed on 5/7/15
(from ABC's press release, March 2015) Jermaine (Jermaine Fowler) is the first person in his family to go to college... and also the first to drop out. Even though this idealistic millennial has big dreams of being, well, something really big, he just can't seem to get off his Dad's couch in the morning. When Jermaine is also fired from his fast-food job at Liver & Shakes, it's the last straw for his father who decides that the only way for Jermaine to finally grow up is for him to move out. Unfortunately, his mother won't let Jermaine stay with her and her brand new wife, so his last resort is his estranged grandmother, Delores (Whoopi Goldberg). Delores is unlike any grandmother you've ever seen. She's an outspoken woman who broke down barriers to become one of the first women on the DC police force back in the 80's. She's also an obsessive football fan and can't cook to save her life. Jermaine quickly learns that Grandma Delores is not afraid to lay down the law and she will use any means necessary if someone crosses her. Unlike Jermaine's father, Delores has no problem getting Jermaine off the couch with endless chores and her own brand of tough love... or as Jermaine sees it, hazing. In an effort to get his reclusive Grandmother off his back, Jermaine decides to get her out of the house and distract her with a fake football-loving boyfriend. Even though Grandma Delores initially enjoys herself for the first time in years, Jermaine's scheme ultimately backfires and she is hurt and disappointed in him. Jermaine is surprised to find that he feels true remorse and he decides to do something selfless for quite possibly the first time in his life. Based on comedian Jermaine Fowler's own life, this unorthodox buddy comedy showcases an unlikely pair from two different generations who quickly realize that they are better off together than apart. Fowler writes and produces alongside EPs Daniel Chun (The Office, The Simpsons), Kristin Newman (Galavant, How I Met Your Mother, That 70s Show ), Whoopi Goldberg, Tom Leonardis, Michael Rotenberg, and director Beth McCarthy-Miller (Saturday Night Live, Brooklyn Nine Nine, Modern Family).
· Christina Moore as Ebony
· Ernie Hudson as Rick
· Gary Perez as Mr. Ross
· Jennia Fredrique as Mom
· Jermaine Fowler as Jermaine
· Roy Wood Jr. as Dad
· Whoopi Goldberg as Delores
· Avi Gilbert as EP
· Beth McCarthy-Miller as DIR (Pilot)
· Daniel Chun as EP
· Jermaine Fowler as CRTR/CO-EP
· Kristin Newman as EP
· Michael Rotenberg as EP
· comedy (all)
· comedy (multi-camera)
· 3 Arts Entertainment
· ABC Studios