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6/16/06 - 10/18/13
previously in development (2007-2008 season)
ordered to pilot
(from ABC's press release) The greatest detective in American crime fiction collides with present-day Los Angeles in a smart, stylish update of the Raymond Chandler classics. The City of Angels has changed since we last saw Philip Marlowe: the clubs have gotten louder, the drugs stronger, the girls skinnier. But deep down the rich and sometimes famous, with their sense of entitlement and their deep dark secrets, are just as willing to break the law as ever. A low-tech guy unfazed by our high-tech world, Marlowe still solves mysteries and doggedly fights for truth with his whiskey, his revolver, and his gravelly first-person narration. The case isn't over until justice is served, even if the check bounces. The only change in his style is that he's hired a girl Friday, a dame named Jessica who's as hard-headed as she is easy on the eyes. Because when you get taken apart by goons in a back alley fight, it's nice to have a workplace wife to put you back together. Director Rob Bowman ("The X-Files," "Daybreak") masterminds this thrilling, atmospheric, character driven procedural in the style of classic Hollywood noir. Jason O'Mara ("In Justice," "Men In Trees") stars as Marlowe, while Amanda Righetti ("The OC," "North Shore") features as comely assistant Jessica Reede. Trouble may be Marlowe's business. But the rest of us will sleep better knowing that the world's greatest gumshoe is back on the case.
· Adam Goldberg as Frank Olmeier
· Amanda Righetti as Jessica Reede
· Jaime Ray Newman
· Jason O'Mara as Philip Marlowe
· Sherman Augustus as John Whelan
· Carol Wolper as CRTR/EP
· Daniel H. Blatt as EP
· Daniel Pipski as EP
· Greg Pruss as CRTR/EP
· Jason O'Mara as PROD
· Phil Clymer as EP
· Raymond Chandler as BOOK
· Rob Bowman as DIR (Pilot)
· Sean Bailey as EP
· drama
· ABC Studios
· Chorion Limited
· LivePlanet