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9/22/09 - 3/25/10
previously in development (2010-2011 season)
ordered to pilot
(from ABC's press release, March 2010) Two lovers have never been more star-crossed than young lawyers Alex Galloway and Juliana Lodari. Their powerful families have dominated the Chicago justice system for the past 30 years as opposing council. Now the sparks between Alex and Juliana, both in, and out of the courtroom, will either unite their families once and for all, or drive them apart forever. A matador must be a showman and strategist, combined with pure killer instinct. That's what made it the perfect mascot for the secret society Victor Galloway and Roman Lodari started in law school. Back then, they were inseparable, but jealousy and misunderstandings drove them apart sparking a rivalry that has nearly consumed them. Victor used his connections and charisma to become the city's most successful Defense Attorney. Roman had to fight his way up to District Attorney. Both are legends in the legal field and have inspired their children to carry on their legacy. Part of that means being brilliant lawyers but the other part is to crush the other side, no matter the cost. Despite the family rivalry, Alex Galloway and Juliana Lodari have secretly been attracted to each other for years, but one case will force them to admit their undeniable passion. The Galloways and Lodaris have fought for so long, they barely remember how their animosity began, but they do know that they will do anything in their power to keep their two youngest apart. Created by ER's Jack Orman, Matadors is a sexy, absorbing legal procedural with epic sweep and a powerful Romeo and Juliet love story at its heart.
· David Strathairn as Roman Lodari
· Jason Behr as Gabriel Lodari
· Jonathan Scarfe as Mitch Galloway
· Kiele Sanchez as Natalie Walker
· Merle Dandridge as Brooke Comas
· Michelle Borth as Juliana Lodari
· Stephen Lang as Victor Galloway
· Zach Gilford as Alex Galloway
· Jack Orman as CRTR/EP
· Yves Simoneau as EP/DIR (Pilot)
· drama
· Sony Pictures Television