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1/13/11 - 5/13/11
previously in development (2011-2012 season)
ordered to pilot
(from ABC's press release, April 2011) Every cop looks out for his or her partner. But when your partner is also your sister, the stakes are a lot higher. Mattie Scott and Jess Mancini have had each other's backs since they were kids. If anyone in their precinct knew they were sisters, there's no way they could be partners. Luckily, they have different last names, and so far, no one's made the connection. Although they're a great team, Mattie (Scottie Thompson) and Jess (Annie Wersching) couldn't be more different. Brash and confrontational, Mattie is frequently in trouble for being too hot-headed, whereas level-headed Jess favors strategy and skill over guns. Ironically, each of them thinks that it's the other one who needs looking after. That may be because a childhood tragedy left them with no one to rely on but each other. Now Mattie keeps an eye out for Jess and Jess's 12-year old son Kevin (Garrett Ryan), while Jess works overtime doing damage control to make up for Mattie's unorthodox methods. Mattie and Jess are as close as two sisters can be, but one of them is hiding a secret that could tear them apart. And when you're detectives ... secrets don't stay hidden for long. Partners, ABC's new powerhouse crime drama from Criminal Minds' Edward Allen Bernero, introduces two totally different but equally fascinating female characters as it explores themes of family, justice and the ties that bind.
· Annie Wersching as Jesse-Lynn "Jess" Mancini
· Frances Fisher as Colleen Scott
· Kenneth Mitchell as Ray Henry
· Larry Gilliard Jr. as Dr. Johnston
· Michael Beach as Carl Hickman
· Nestor Serrano as Ben Lopez
· Scottie Thompson as Mattie Scott
· Edward Allen Bernero as CRTR/EP
· Rob Kim as EP
· Yves Simoneau as DIR (Pilot)
· drama
· ABC Studios
· FTP Productions