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3/27/08 - 8/13/08
previously in development (2008-2009 season)
ordered to pilot
(from ABC's press release) To be an auto tycoon… or not to be? That's the problem plaguing philosophy lecturer Jamie Hamilton. His father, the legendary James Hamilton III of Hamilton Motor Works, was just killed in a mysterious accident. And when Jamie returns home for the funeral, he's shocked to discover that his father left him… everything. The factory. The assets. Detroit's fourth-biggest auto plant. All the power and wealth he can imagine. But Jamie's not sure if he wants it. Because the situation back home has gotten strange indeed. Company CFO and family friend Paul Riley is outraged that he wasn't given the keys to the kingdom. Jamie's unfinished romance with Riley's spunky daughter Meg is heating up again. And Jamie's mom and his Uncle Charlie seem to be consoling one another in much too cozy a fashion—do they know more about James' death than they're letting on? But all this pales in comparison to the eerie goings-on around the plant. Jamie's being haunted by a song… a moody Elvis song that was his father's favorite. He's getting mysterious, meaningful messages from complete strangers. At a dinner party, he chats with an empty seat next to him—which chats back. Finally, a ghost that could only be his father tells Jamie in a croaking voice: "I want revenge." An epic, Gothic, family melodrama with overtones of Hamlet, The Prince of Motor City injects corporate and familial intrigue with supernatural suspense. Produced by actor Hamish Linklater of The New Adventures of Old Christine, this riveting drama tells the story of a modern-day monarch with method in his madness… and vengeance in his heart.
· ??? as Reggie (Guest Star)
· Aidan Quinn as Charlie Hamilton
· Andie MacDowell as Gertrude Hamilton
· Aunjanue Ellis as Cora Neel
· Benny Ciaramello as Josh Korman
· Daniel Zacapa as Marty Korman (Guest Star)
· John Carroll Lynch as Paul Riley
· Morris Chestnut as Leo Moore (Guest Star)
· Piper Perabo as Meg Riley
· Rutger Hauer as Ghost of William Hamilton (Guest Star)
· Sharon Lawrence as Dorothy "Dotty" Riley (Guest Star)
· Warren Christie as Jamie Hamilton
· Bert Salke as EP
· Chris Brancato as EP
· Hamish Linklater as CRTR/CP
· Jack Bender as DIR (Pilot)
· Jessica Goldberg as CRTR/EP
· drama
· ABC Studios