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8/24/07 - 9/22/16
previously in development (2008-2009 season)
ordered to pilot
(from ABC's press release) The legendary Dr. Mitch is back! Los Angeles' most in-demand pediatrician has made a triumphant return to his practice after months of world travel, and the appointment books are already full. Lugging didgeridoos and totems, and still bereaved over the death of a baby yak, Mitch has returned to dispense his patented blend of wisdom, charm, and medical advice. Never mind that the entire staff wants him to take a drug test before going back to work – everybody's celebrating, all the same. Everybody, that is, except for his son Ethan. A newly-minted doctor who's just finished his residency, Ethan's a walking encyclopedia of minor health conditions; now that Dad's back, he's suffering from most of them. Next door, smart, strong OB/GYN Sandy warns her patients not to be fooled by men – yet can't take a dose of her own medicine now that manly Mitch is back. (She's socked away a bottle of Jack from her hair-metal groupie days for when the temptation's too much.) Meanwhile, sexy, vain Sofia, former Latin soap star and current office manager, is furious. She's threatened by Mitch's chirpy new hire Lily Birdsall and is buying beauty products made from endangered species in an attempt to preserve her youth. Ethan's fiancée Claire is upset too, not only because Mitch is a bad influence on Ethan, but because the famous pediatrician is her dad's number one rival. Only Reid, a male nurse and proud of it, isn't bothered. He's making a bundle on the side, running a bookie joint out of his nursing station – if he can keep his sports stats separate from the all-important patient records… Partially scripted, partially improvised, and totally hilarious, This Might Hurt is written, directed and produced by Jason Winer of You, Me, and Dupree and Van Wilder and produced by Todd Komarnicki of Elf. This uproarious workplace comedy proves that being able to heal other people doesn't mean that you're healthy to start with. Yes, This Might Hurt… but only when you laugh. Which, in this case, will be plenty.
· ??? as Claire Keating
· Alex Meneses as Sofia Venezuela
· Hayes MacArthur as Reid Traveiso, RN
· Josh Dean as Dr. Ethan Malinow
· Missi Pyle as Dr. Sandy Kiernan
· Tom Amandes as Dr. Mitch Malinow
· Vanessa Lengies as Lily Birdsall
· Jason Winer as CRTR/EP/DIR (Pilot)
· Matthew Weinberg as EP
· Todd Komarnicki as EP
· comedy (all)
· comedy (single-camera)
· 20th Century Fox Television
· Guy Walks Into a Bar