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2/8/07 - 8/2/07
previously in development (2007-2008 season)
ordered to pilot
pilot filmed on 4/16/07 & 4/19/07
(from ABC's press release) Imagine if you could have all the benefits of a committed relationship without having to actually be in one. Meet "the pack" Carol, Mary and Ivy three girls in their early thirties who live together, eat together, work together. It's basically "Golden Girls" in their thirties, but these girls have much better shoes and people still want to have sex with them. A year ago, the three of them decided to invest in their friendship by buying a house together. Their philosophy on life - why be single when you're single? Carol and Mary are sisters. Carol is a smart, fun, sexy girl. Girls want to be like her, guys want to be near her. She owns Bark 'N Park, a mobile pet grooming service, with Ivy, her stylish best friend and housemate. Mary is an attractive, somewhat uptight therapist who keeps her shoes in Tupperware. She sees patients in the basement of the home the three girls bought together a year ago. Their arrangement as a pack offers the girls necessary emotional support as well as a higher lifestyle. As Ivy says, a 30-dollar bottle of wine split three ways is much better than a 10-dollar bottle on your own. These are modern, confident women who fancy themselves "sexual chic" - meaning they sleep around but have taste when it comes to whom they have sex with, where they have sex and what they're wearing when they have sex. The pack's friendship is tested when Carol shows up for breakfast after having slept with Ken, one of Mary's patients, who has a history of hurting women. Mary wrestles with whether to approach the situation on the side of professionalism or "sisterism." Ivy reluctantly involves herself in the squabble by going to Ken to assess his damage. But her plan ultimately backfires. In the end, with the help of her friends, Carol realizes Ken is not the guy for her. She tells him that any guy who can't make it past "the girlfriend wall" isn't worth having. After Ken gets dumped, he returns to therapy with Mary where he realizes he made the biggest mistake of his life and spends the whole first season trying to woo Carol back. The pack knows life has a bottom line: Who wants to eat alone, go to movies alone, be sick alone and deal with breakups alone? Men have always traveled in packs, and now it's happening for women. Executive Producer Jhoni Marchinko and Director James Burrows, both of "Will & Grace," take us on a comedic journey into the lives of three girls who demonstrate that it's a lot easier to negotiate their thirties if they travel in a pack.
· Michael Boatman as Bob
· Missi Pyle as Mary
· Owain Yeoman as Ken
· Shawnee Smith as Ivy
· Virginia Williams as Carol
· James Burrows as DIR (Pilot)
· Jhoni Marchinko as CRTR/EP
· comedy (all)
· comedy (multi-camera)
· Warner Bros. Television