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9/15/06 - 4/17/07
previously in development (2007-2008 season)
ordered to pilot
(from FOX's press release) It's your typical, modern, overscheduled American family. DON and SUSAN (Andrea Parker, "Less Than Perfect," "The Pretender") ATLIN work hard, set goals and achieve them. Don's a pathologist. Susan's a drug rep for a pharmaceutical company. Both are driven, successful and seemingly happy. Except for one tiny thing. Lately, Susan's been crying in her sleep. And Don? He collects things like stamps and coins, but recently he's been collecting other things, too. Lots of other things. Like food and shoes and rare mittens. And now he and Susan are wondering, when does collecting become hoarding? And are he and Susan showing signs of stress? Don and Susan have two kids. ALISON, age 16, is as driven as her parents. In her model U.N. class, she was disappointed to be assigned the tiny country of Gambia. But through sheer force of will, she turned that small nation into a feared world power. Meanwhile, her brother BRIAN, age 10, is at a crossroads. All his life he's been the perfect son, working hard and focusing on goals. But now something's changed in his life. It's the same thing that's changed in all their lives. Alison and Brian's eccentric, irresponsible grandfather, NATE, has come to live with them, and he's decided that Brian is the one person in the family he can save from a life of drudgery. Nate is determined to take Brian on adventures and show him how to have some fun. And Brian is equally determined to show Nate how to be responsible enough to at least return home alive. From 20th Century Fox Television, the UNTITLED VICTOR FRESCO PROJECT is written and executive-produced by Victor Fresco ("My Name is Earl"), and directed and executive-produced by Marc Buckland ("My Name is Earl").
· Jana Marie Hupp as Susan Atlin
· Larry Joe Campbell as Don Atlin
· Macey Cruthird as Alison Atlin
· Nathan Gamble as Brian Atlin
· Tom Conti as Nate
· Marc Buckland as DIR (Pilot)
· Victor Fresco as CRTR/EP
· comedy (all)
· comedy (multi-camera)
· 20th Century Fox Television
· Garfield Grove Productions