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2/4/10 - 10/7/10
previously in development (2010-2011 season)
ordered to pilot
(from ABC's press release, March 2010) The problem with being a public figure is that it can be pretty hard to have a good private life. Especially when you're Evelyn Wright, a conservative pundit who happens to be one of the most polarizing figures in America. Wright is a rising star in the right-wing political arena. She's intelligent, confident, beautiful, and of course, Christian. That's all great, but her personal life leaves something to be desired. Evelyn has Baker, her amazing fianc, but she realizes she doesn't have any close female friends to be her bridesmaids. Oh sure, there's Crystal, her personal assistant who doubles as Evelyn's punching bag. Or maybe Joan, Evelyn's no-nonsense manager who's busy pushing Evelyn's new book, Democrap. She does have Adrian, her liberal-minded ghostwriter, but he's a guy and everyone knows he's just killing time until he can score a job at The Daily Show. Pretty much the only people who hang out with Evelyn, besides her fianc, are the ones who are paid to be there. Sadly, the only woman she really relates to is Keri Daly, her liberal counterpart and sparring partner. Everyone knows Evelyn's a brilliant strategist, but can Wright ever get her personal life right? Written by Stephanie Weir (Mad TV), Andy Fickman directs and is one of the executive producers of this single camera comedy along with Debra Messing, Mitch Hurwitz (Arrested Development), and Betsy Thomas (My Boys). Wright Vs. Wrong is the workplace comedy that shows that even the toughest and most opinionated public figures are privately just as insecure as the rest of us.
· ??? as Baker McKay
· ??? as Scarletta
· Carrie Fisher as Joan Harrington
· Cheryl Hines as Keri Daly
· Debra Messing as Evelyn Wright
· Melissa Rauch as Crystal Ball
· Patrick Fugit as Adrian Manly
· Tisha Campbell-Martin as Gail Donart
· Andy Fickman as DIR (Pilot)
· Betsy Thomas as EP
· Debra Messing as EP
· Eric Tannenbaum as EP
· Kim Tannenbaum as EP
· Mitch Hurwitz as EP
· Molly Madden as EP
· Stephnie Weir as CRTR/CO-EP
· comedy (all)
· comedy (single-camera)
· Sony Pictures Television
· Tantamount