[07/22/06 - 12:00 AM]
Live at the San Diego Comic-Con: "Stargate Sg-1/Atlantis"
By Brian Ford Sullivan (TFC)

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2:00 pm - Some lunch in my belly and I'm ready to do endure the next panel. In this case it's the two "Stargate" series, which I'm told will split the allotted hour of time. First up, the pappa series "SG-1."

2:01 pm - Nora O'Brien (Sci Fi's VP original programming) emerges to introduce moderator Gary Jones (Chief Mst Sgt. Walter Harriman) where he jokes about his rise from peripheral background actor to bit player over the past 10 years. He in turn intros the panelists - actor Christopher Judge and writer/producers Joe Mallozzi and Paul Mullie - as well as a brief clip package highlighting the show's upcoming 200th episode.

2:06 pm - Jones notes that every writer on staff is credited on the 200th episode to which Paul deadpans: "You know that the more writers their are on the script, the better it gets. So it's a really good one." Joe then explains the anniversary installment is designed after "The Simpsons'" annual "Treehouse of Horror" episode with a different writer penning each act and in some cases more than one story in each act. "It'll be stuff that fans love," he adds. "And I guarantee you stuff that the fans will hate."

2:08 pm - Chris on how he feels about being on the show this long: "Old."

2:09 pm - Chris says that he grew his much ballyhooed blonde soul patch as a means to protest not being able to grow his hair out. "[I think] they allowed me to keep that to show what an idiot I am. And looking back on those episodes now... what an idiot."

2:13 pm - Cliff Simon (Baal) surprises the panel with an appearance. This leads to a long string of painful jokes about having "balls."

2:15 pm - Nora is asked how much longer she thinks "SG-1" will run. "It's not up to me, it's up to you," she responds pointing to the audience. "Do us a favor though, watch our show live. Don't TiVo them, it affects our ratings." Chris then proceeds to start petting Nora like a cat.

2:16 pm - On to the fan questions. Brace yourself, I'm sure things are about to get geeky.

2:17 pm - Joe on if we'll see the Harcesis child again: "There are no plans to bring him back for season 10." Chris pets Nora again.

2:18 pm - It's becoming "This Is Your Life: Stargate Edition." Robert Picardo (Richard Woolsey) also surprises the panel with an appearance.

2:19 pm - When asked if we'll see the Furlings, Joe jokingly confesses he was given a list of "what not to talk about" by the other producers. It reads: "The team meets two characters from Arthurian lore, do not discuss. Daniel goes to the dark side and joins the Ori, do not reveal. The Furlings, the 'Farscape' scene, the dragon... I can't talk about that." He then adds that you should look for the Furlings in episode 200.

2:21 pm - Joe on if we'll see Jonas Quinn again: "Again, not in season 10." You guessed it: Chris again pets Nora. "I love you Nora," he adds.

2:23 pm - Joe on if we'll see the Nox again: "We don't have any immediate plans to bring the Nox back." And wait for it... Chris pets Nora. It's starting to get vaguely creepy.

2:24 pm - Picardo on working on the show: "It's my first experience in science fiction television," he jokes. On why he hasn't been killed off yet: "Please don't ask that question, you might give them an idea." He also jokes that they should have modeled his character after Dick Cheney and that an upcoming episode could feature him shooting one of the SG-1 team in the face.

2:26 pm - Joe on if we'll see Richard Dean Anderson or Don S. Davis again this season: "Yeah, we'll see plenty of Rick on both 'SG-1' and 'Atlantis.'" He also says to keep an eye out for Don in the 200th episode.

2:27 pm - A fan mistakenly says "Star Trek" instead of "Stargate" and is promptly stoned to death by the audience. If only I weren't kidding.

2:29 pm - Joe on if we'll see a new "Stargate" movie: "Definitely a movie will be in the works sometime after the series ends. Unfortunately, well not unfortunately, the people who would be producing the movie are too busy working on the series right now."

2:32 pm - We're told the "SG-1" panel must go to make way for the "Atlantis" panel. As we wait we're shown trailers for "Eureka" and "The Lost Room."

2:35 pm - Gary is back to intro the "Atlantis" panel, which includes Joe Flanigan, Torri Higginson, Rachel Luttrell, Paul McGillion and David Hewlett. Joe Mallozzi and Paul Mullie also return along with Tony Optican (Sci Fi's VP development and current programming).

2:38 pm - David on his character's romantic future: "I think we'll see some kissing in the future." He adds that he's been practicing in the meantime.

2:40 pm - David on his love of "Doctor Who": "For me I grew up with that show. And the idea of being a part of 'Stargate' - which to me is for kids growing up, a kind of 'Doctor Who' for them - that's the big thrill for me." (Don't worry, he says he's watching the new "Doctor Who" series too.)

2:41 pm - Clip time. Another brief promo compilation.

2:42 pm - Nobody has petted Tony yet. Nora is totally more popular.

2:43 pm - Joe Flanigan on why there aren't many crossovers with "SG-1": "You can't do too much crossover. Because then what happens is every time there's a problem, you fall back to SG-1... [and] the self sufficiency of the [Atlantis] team gets eroded."

2:45 pm - Paul McGillion shares an amusing story about how his parents didn't understand what "Stargate" was and for the longest time thought he was on "Star Trek." Stone them!

2:47 pm - Co-star abuse alert: Rachel "accidentally" gave Jason Momoa a black eye and a bloody lip this season.

2:49 pm - David's reaction to learning he was going to be joining "Atlantis" after recurring on "SG-1" - "Wooooooohoooooooo!"

2:51 pm - David on whether he'd leave "Atlantis" to play the next Doctor on "Doctor Who": "I'd say sorry I'm on 'Stargate Atlantis' right now."

2:52 pm - Joe Flanigan says that the cast's initial bonding session involved going to his house, drinking scotch and watching "Galaxy Quest."

2:53 pm - More guest stars: "Battlestar Galactica's" Aaron Douglas! He pours water for some of the cast which Gary notes is actually his job during hiatus.

2:54 pm - A super-geeky question by a fan gets cut off by Gary saying "get a life." Edward James Olmos is totally going to kick his ass in the parking lot later.

2:55 pm - David pimps his indie film "A Dog's Breakfast" which features appearances by most of the "Stargate" cast. We're shown a brief clip.

3:02 pm - Overtime! Apparently Joe Flanigan is a bit of a prankster. He tells a story about gradually putting more rocks in David's backpack during a location shoot.

3:04 pm - A fan suggests that Tori and Mitch Pileggi's character should hook up. Tori's response: "Caldwell?" A "jealous" Joe Flanigan then pulls her in and "kisses" her.

3:06 pm - Another fan asks how big McKay's ego is. David says "you have no idea where I thought you were going with that."

3:07 pm - Joe Mallozzi pulls out his "Atlantis" list of "what not to talk about": "Ronan is forced to become a runner again, do not discuss. The Ancients return to Atlantis, do not reveal. Kolya, Gen. O'Neill, the Replicators, off limits. And number four, the shocker, not even going to go there."

3:09 pm - And it's a wrap! See you shortly for "Veronica Mars."

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