[07/25/09 - 09:48 AM]
Live at the San Diego Comic-Con: "Dollhouse"
By Brian Ford Sullivan (TFC)

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Highlights from the "Dollhouse" press room:

Joss Whedon on if "Epitah One" is a second pilot for the show: "I wouldn't call it a second pilot but it is definitely a different vision and it will contain a lot of things about the characters and who they are, where they're heading that people might not have seen or expected."

Joss Whedon on Echo's specialness in relation to the other Dolls: "You're very right to say I'm projecting on her. A lot of her life, not just because she's a Doll, but also just in general, has to do with the fact that people become obsessive about her but we are going to learn - and starting in this season - that they're not wrong, that there is something truly special about her and that she is going to be a major factor in the Dollhouse of the next years.

Joss Whedon on if previous TV heartbreaks have affected his passion for "Dollhouse": "I have been hurt before so I made the decision early on just to phone it in. And I really feel that's better for me. No, you know what, I'm a little bit wiser and a little bit more removed in terms of how I deal emotionally with the whole business of it. But when I get into the story, that's the only world I live in."

Joss Whedon on getting a second season: "I'd say it came extraordinarily close to being canceled... It came down to some very simple numbers that people worked in a very complicated fashion to fudge. Ultimately the fact that we were DVRed, the fact that my shows have never gone that big but they're marathon runners, they're not sprinters, and the fact that the studio, this is the studio where I do those shows, even when they weren't on the network, they know that, so they fought hard to make it as easy for the network as possible. And so it was really basically the hardcore fan base, as I've said to people who are here, they tipped the scale and that scale was tippy."

Eliza Dushku on her role as producer: "We sort of established that we would do this as a team and when we're on the show and actually in production there's a lot going on, there's a big cast, it's a big show and there's sort of a partnership. And I do feel a responsibility and I have that much more invested in the show because I want to see it go on and I want to see it be great. And when Joss is sort of off doing other things and writing shows, I feel like I am a constant on set and, in a way, try to pull the set down or blow it up. [Laughs.] And so that's a different role for me but it's also something I've grateful to Joss for because it's given me opportunity to also produce other things."

Joss Whedon on what he wants to say with "Dollhouse": "I think with this show I want to say to the people that have felt a connection to me that maybe you want to back away and avoid eye contact. That maybe there's something horribly wrong with me. And this is my very poetical way of expressing that. I think of it as a work that actually frightens me at times in a way that my shows seldom got to. And in time I have that sort of jolly love of everything that's going on, and I have to be reminded sometimes that what I'm doing is reprehensible. So I think it's a mature work in the sense of that I grew up and went insane."

Joss Whedon on the changes for season two: "We had always intended for Paul to find the Dollhouse and for his interaction to change because we didn't want to be like the reporter in the hallway showing up too late [in the last] five minutes every episode. You know, they've been working on him from the outside with November and now his obsession, I mean his alliance, with Echo is something that's going to be really tested because he's going to be in there with her, partially to protect her but also to find out what's really going on. But you can't, you can gaze into the abyss or you can actually live in it. And it's going to affect him. And we're going to see as [Echo] is starting to grow we're going to see everybody else really start to come apart a little."

Joss Whedon on which direction he hopes to take the show: "Well, I think ultimately the thing that fascinates me is morality and personal politics, the politics of the personal, of the person in the moment as opposed to the statement. Yet I would say in terms of the second season, the abuse of power and the different kind of forms it can take is going to become broader and more in fact political than it has been. And we're going to see the Dollhouse in the world a little bit more.

Joss Whedon on if "Dollhouse" will move into comics: "I don't see it happening. I don't care how good an artist is, they're not going to make an Eliza. And ultimately she doesn't fly, she doesn't shoot fire bolts... except for that one episode, it's going to be awesome. So I think its, this belongs exactly where it is: on television and fanfic.

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