[07/26/09 - 11:33 PM]
Live at the San Diego Comic-Con: "Bones"
By Brian Ford Sullivan (TFC)

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Highlights from the "Bones" press room:

Hart Hanson on fan reaction to the finale: "The first response I guess came on the internet. I always get in trouble when I talk about this stuff because the second response were the ratings, which were very good and went up on the half-hour. So that's the real response. I mean I check to see what fans think and I would say the first blizzard of response was negative. And then there was a lash back of positive response. And then I left and let them argue it out. [Laughs.]"

Emily Deschanel on fan reaction to the finale: "We knew that some people would be upset because it's a very different episode [because we're] talking about getting them together and it wasn't in the real world. And at the same time our hands are tied because if we get them together in the real world, it's a tricky thing. They're not really ready. But we wanted to give the audience something. We see the characters together as a couple and that kind of gives people an idea of how they would be even though it's not really them, it's in a different world but it's from one of their brains or both of their brains so it's something. It's giving a taste... because you're not giving a whole meal, you're giving a taste."

Hart Hanson on if the finale was a test to see if the audience would accept Booth and Brennan together: "My initial idea was to say thank you to [our fans]. Here's something [for] you guys [that] was full of inside jokes, it was full of inside references, it was full of echoes and insights I hope. And we're going to carry some of the things we discovered in that alternate world into the real world. It was kind of a bridge thing. So I would say part of it was let's see what it looks like to have Brennan and Booth be in love, be a really strong couple. One of the debates was, do we have their marriage in trouble in the alternate reality. And it was like, 'Nah, that was a bad idea.' Let's see what they look like as a solid married couple, what everyone wants them to be and this is what it would look like. It's just a glimpse of that."

Emily Deschanel on if that's what everyone wants them to be: "People say they want us to get together but then at the panel today it's like, it almost seemed like more people wanted us to not to get together. And I also I think people want us to get together but not, maybe people enjoy getting angry that we're not together. You know what I mean? [Laughs.] I feel like they want us to get together but they don't really want us to give it to them."

Hart Hanson on if he knows when or if they'll get together: "I do know. I'm not going to tell you. I do know if and when it happens, where it might happen in this season. I'm sorry [these seasons], we're picked up for two. I've said this many times, I'm not weaseling, a series is a very organic thing and it finds its own, I've found with 'Bones' you kind of let the series point in the right direction, the whole company. We have a very good company of actors, producers, writers, directors and it has its own force to it. And for me just to say, okay, here's what we're going to do is not a good idea... Can I say it's penciled in?"

Emily Deschanel on if she's been surprised by any of her character's developments: "I remember being surprised in the circus episode last year by how Brennan gets all carried away by the performance and gets so excited to do a performance. I just love that element but I would never predict that for her to love performing for everyone and the attention from the crowd. Brennan is not somebody who gets carried away often so to experience that was a wonderful surprise for me and I loved playing that."

Hart Hanson on the current involvement of Kathy Reichs on the show: "She is a very busy novelist and an actual forensic anthropologist so we don't always get notes from her. But well over half the scripts I'll get notes from her or talk to her on the phone. It's important to her and I think it's crucial to our series that the science be, I don't want to say a percentage but way more accurate than not accurate. Kathy was very concerned not to besmirch any other forensic show but that we be much more accurate than the other forensic show[s]... even the big, big huge ones that kill us in the ratings."

Hart Hanson on if Kathy will write an episode of the show: "We're trying to get her to write a script and she always comes up with ideas like, 'I think we should go to the pyramids!' Or she'll go, 'I want to write the crossover with 'House!'' That's her latest one. Oh, Kathy that's not going to happen. She writes novels, she can do whatever she wants. And she goes, 'Why can't we, we should go to the moon!'"

Hart Hanson on if they'll go on location again after doing London last season: "We came very close this year... there was Monte Carlo, Spain, Madrid and Buenos Aires. We were very close to going to one of those [but] the economy has changed. There's no money [right now]."

Emily Deschanel on upcoming guest stars as well as if her sister Zooey will make an appearance: "We have Cyndi Lauper for the premiere episode. She plays a psychic... she tells us where some bodies are buried and it looks like she might have been involved in it, she has a connection to the bodies that are buried. We have an episode about Amish people that's really heartbreaking actually... We've been trying to get [Zooey] on, we haven't figured that out yet. She's a very busy person. We've actually written parts that she could do and it doesn't work out. She thought she was available and it's like 'yes!' and then it didn't work out so we'll just keep trying."

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