[04/30/10 - 08:48 AM]
Interview: "Kendra" Star Kendra Wilkinson
By Jim Halterman (TFC)

If former Playboy bunny and Hugh Hefner girlfriend Kendra Wilkinson ever worried that the glamorous life beyond Hef's mansion and starring on the popular E series "The Girls Next Door" would be boring, she can leave those concerns behind. When E! spun her off into her own series last year, ratings for the premiere of "Kendra" were the highest the cable network had seen since Anna Nicole Smith's reality show premiered in 2002. In the first season alone, Wilkinson was engaged to and then married football star Hank Baskett and then, as if that wasn't enough, she became pregnant with the couple's first child. Kendra's second season, which is focusing on her marriage with Baskett and new motherhood, recently premiered and the series is averaging a strong 2.3 million viewers a week. To find out how Wilkinson is handling this busy time in her life amidst all the changes, she found the time to answer email questions posed to her by our Jim Halterman.

Jim Halterman: Were you surprised at the huge success of the first season of your show or did you think fans would follow you from 'The Girls Next Door?'

Kendra Wilkinson: No, I was very surprised, 'The Girls Next Door' was a big success but I didn't know being on my own would be as big.

JH: So much has happened in the past year. Can you even believe you're married, have a child and living in Indiana?

KW: I believe it because that's what I've always wanted and this is the one thing in life that I do believe in and that I do see as real.

JH: Has motherhood been what you expected? Easier? Harder?

KW: It's easier and harder. Easier because if you love something so much you'll do anything without thinking about it and harder because I have to balance my job and family life at the same time.

JH: How about Hank? Is he taking on daddy duties like diapers, etc.?

KW: Yes! He does everything a Daddy should be doing and loves doing it. He actually wants to change diapers and sings to the baby at night before he goes to sleep.

JH: How do you like living in Indiana?

KW: Indiana was one of the best places I've ever been because of the people and how nice they were. They made us feel so welcome. It is the best place to be pregnant and give birth to my son.

JH: Do you miss the mansion and your life there with Hef and the other girls?

KW: No, my life is perfect the way it is and I love being a wife and mother. That was one chapter in my life now moving on to the next.

JH: I'm sure you're very used to the cameras following you but is it ever too much?

KW: Yeah, I'm not going to lie. It does get hard sometime but we all know how to work together and get what we need to get for the show and everyone knows what and who comes first and that is being a mother

JH: Besides little Hank, what else are we going to see happening on the new season of 'Kendra?'

KW: Dealing with all the firsts of being a mom and dealing with some emotions that come after having a baby. Seeing our new house in LA and more welcome back parties, dealing with after-baby weight and basically life.

"Kendra" airs every Sunday night at 10:00/9:00c on E!

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