[10/28/05 - 12:00 AM]
ABC Sweeps Into November with Jam-Packed Original Episodes of Some of Television's Biggest Hits (We Find Out What Kate Did on "Lost"!); the American Music Awards; a Kenny Chesney Special; Feature Films Have Their Network Premieres; Barbara Walters Presents Her 10 Most Fascinating People

[via press release from ABC]


Guest Stars Include: Gayle King on �Hot Properties�; Susan Sullivan, Robert Wagner and Johnny Galecki on �Hope & Faith�; Linda Dano, Bob Newhart, Lesley Ann Warren, Larry Miller, Adrian Pasdar and Joely Fisher on �Desperate Housewives�; Samantha Eggar on �Commander In Chief�; Linda Hamilton and Rosalind Chao on �According to Jim�; Richard Lewis on �George Lopez�; Esai Morales on �Freddie�; Ian Somerhalder on �Lost�; Michael McKean, Susan Ruttan, Henry Gibson and Marisa Coughlan on �Boston Legal�

Plus Mark-Paul Gosselaar Joins the Cast of �Commander� and Polly Bergen � Who Once Portrayed the President Herself � Begins a Recurring Role as Mac�s Mom

The ABC Television Network announced highlights of its upcoming movies, specials and regular series programming scheduled to air during the November sweep.

JIMMY KIMMEL LIVE (Monday thru Friday, 12:05 a.m. � 1:05 a.m., ET) � Throughout sweeps Jimmy will host an all-star lineup of guests, including 50 Cent � to talk about his acting debut in �Get Rich or Die Tryin�� � hot �Housewife� Nicollette Sheridan, Pamela Anderson, comedian Dane Cook and Paula Abdul. The lineup of musical acts includes �80s hitmakers Def Leppard, Earth, Wind & Fire and Alanis Morissette. And look for Jimmy�s unique brand of comedy in segments such as �Unnecessary Censorship,� which pokes fun at the FCC�s crackdown on the media by unnecessarily censoring clips from TV news, political speeches, reality TV and nature shows. Jimmy�s hilarious take on R Kelly�s opera will continue, as we add Parts 4-6 of his mock opera, �The Pizza.� Plus there�s another edition of �Make Billy Laugh,� as we attempt yet again to make the adorably, stone-faced three-year-old laugh. And Jimmy will continue to put his family to work with Cousin Sal�s hidden camera pranks, feisty Aunt Chippy on location, and adorably clueless Uncle Frank�s coverage of red-carpet premieres.

�PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: THE CURSE OF THE BLACK PEARL� � NETWORK TELEVISION PREMIERE � THE WONDERFUL WORLD OF DISNEY � THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 3 (8:00-11:00 p.m., ET) � A legendary tale of unscrupulous pirates, unspeakable treasures and an unlikely duo, made up of scalawag pirate Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) and Will Turner, a seemingly common blacksmith (Orlando Bloom), who take on a crew of the world�s most perilous pirates.

SUPERNANNY -- �FACENTE FAMILY� -- FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 4 (8:00-9:00 p.m., ET) -- Supernanny Jo Frost teams with world-renowned autism expert Dr. Lynn Koegel to tackle the parenting issues faced by a family whose three-year-old son is in his own world. Deirdre and Trae Facente don�t know how to integrate their autistic son, Tristin, into their daily life with their twins, Kayla and Marlana (4). Tristin is technically non-verbal, caught up in his own world of spinning, jumping, swinging and, often, taking off his clothes. Enter Dr. Koegel and Supernanny. Together they refine the classic Supernanny methods and teach all the Facentes Dr. Koegel�s inclusion and communication techniques to help engage Tristin. In just a week, Tristin begins using over 20 words in context, bursting with requests to play a favorite game, be tickled or eat a snack. Step-by-step, Jo and Dr. Koegel help the parents keep Tristin from his disruptive behaviors by including him in family chores and activities.

HOPE & FAITH -- �CHARLEY�S SHIRT� � FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 4 (9:00-9:30 p.m., ET) -- When Hope doesn�t have time to pick up her birthday gift for Charley, she asks Faith to pick it up for her. But Faith gets to the store too late, so instead she buys Charlie a sexy, chic and uncharacteristic shirt. Charley is thrilled with the gift, and Hope begins to worry that she has become too predictable. In an attempt to shake up Hope�s comfort zone, Faith takes her self-conscious sister to a strip aerobics class. But when Hope gets ready to shake her booty for Charley, there are knockout results.

HOT PROPERTIES � �DATING UP, DATING DOWN� � FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 4 (9:30-10:00 p.m., ET) � When Charlie informs everyone that he has invested in a hot nightclub so that he can date super models, they analyze the notion of �dating up� or �dating down,� and how the ideal situation lies balanced somewhere in-between. At the club, a young woman flirts with Ava�s husband, and she becomes concerned that his budding acting career may change the balanced dynamic in their marriage; Chloe and Emerson think they�re �dating up,� but are in for a surprise; Sellers tries to find balance by dating Danushka (Adrianne Curry), a gorgeous model with very low self-esteem; and Lola learns that �dating up� is not all about money.

�CATCH ME IF YOU CAN� -- NETWORK TELEVISION PREMIERE � ABC SATURDAY MOVIE OF THE WEEK -- NOVEMBER 5 (8:00-11:08 p.m., ET) -- Starring Tom Hanks, Leonardo DiCaprio, Christopher Walken, Martin Sheen and James Brolin, the film is based on the almost unbelievable but true story of Frank Abagnale Jr. and his life of fraud. After witnessing his perfect family destroyed by bankruptcy, Frank becomes driven by money, with one lie leading to another until he finds himself impersonating a Pan Am pilot, a doctor and even an assistant attorney general. But despite a globetrotting lifestyle, Frank is actually a constant fugitive, lonely and with no real place to call �home.� In a cat-and-mouse game with his principal pursuer, FBI agent Carl Hanratty, Frank repeatedly escapes federal agents and sticky situations through his charisma and keen wits, all while reaping millions in fraudulent checks. ABC�s Jennifer Garner and Ellen Pompeo also appear in this film.

EXTREME MAKEOVER: HOME EDITION -- �TOM FAMILY, PARTS 1 & 2� -- SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 6 (7:00-8:00 & 8:00-9:00 p.m., ET) -- Susan Tom, a single parent of seven adopted children with disabilities from Fairfield, CA, didn�t set out to adopt children with special needs, but somehow they found each other. After her divorce, Susan, a mother of four at the time (two biological, two adopted), became a foster parent and soon fell in love with the children no one else wanted. Now �Extreme Makeover: Home Edition� will give back to a woman who has given so much love to children in need by providing a new home for her family in two special back-to-back episodes. In these special episodes of �Extreme Makeover: Home Edition,� this family will finally find a safe haven to call home. Discriminated against on a daily basis by ignorance and physical challenges, the Tom children deserve to have a home that doesn�t discriminate against them. Susan and the children are thinking of taking in more children with special needs, if their new house could accommodate them. While the design team, contractors and hundreds of workers, volunteers and a local builder, the Sacramento division of John Laing Homes, are building the Tom�s dream home and comfortable living environment, the family will go on vacation at Walt Disney World. In addition, the Backstreet Boys send a special video message to the family while on tour, and country singer Mark Wills performs for the family at Disney World during their vacation. During the construction, champion wrestler/weightlifter Kyle Maynard (author of �No Excuses�), who was born with a rare disorder called Congenital Amputation, inspects the house to make sure it�s disability friendly and gets into a wrestling match with Paul DiMeo.

DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES -- �I WISH I COULD FORGET YOU� -- SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 6 (9:00-10:01 p.m., ET) -- David (Adrian Pasdar) tries to convince Gaby to leave Carlos and run away with him. Bree and George start dating and eventually consummate their relationship. Mike and Susan break up when Mike learns that Susan paid for Zach to go away.

GREY�S ANATOMY � �SOMETHING TO TALK ABOUT� -- SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 6 (10:01-11:00 p.m., ET) � Cristina, Izzie and Meredith aggressively pursue the case of Shane, a male patient who seems to have a hysterical pregnancy, which fascinates them and the entire medical staff; and a sheltered young patient inspires Alex to better express his feelings for Izzie. Guest starring are Kate Walsh as Addison Shepherd, Kate Burton as Ellis Grey.

WIFE SWAP � �HEISS/KESTREL� -- MONDAY, NOVEMBER 7 (8:00-9:00 p.m., ET) -- Susan Heiss, a devoted housewife and mother from a posh neighborhood in Rhode Island, swaps with Sienna Kestrel, an eco-friendly hippie mom from Virginia. Heiss does all the cooking and cleaning for her overindulged teenagers and larger than life husband �Big� Ed in their modern appliance-outfitted home. Kestrel detests materialism, and her family of three shares household chores and works together to keep their meager household afloat. For the Heiss family members, their wishes are Susan�s commands. For the Kestrels, shunning the American dream is a way of life.

ACCORDING TO JIM � �JAMES AND THE ANNOYING PEACH� � TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 8 (8:00-8:30 p.m., ET) -- To teach Jim the value of communication, Cheryl doesn�t speak to him for three days. Guest-starring is Rosalind Chao as Sally.

RODNEY -- �KEITH� -- TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 8 (8:30-9:00 p.m., ET) � Trina�s father is forced to lay her off when the car dealership falls on hard times. Rodney and Barry make a plan to bring some extra food home by buying two slabs of beef, but then the Hamiltons end up with an extra mouth to feed.

COMMANDER IN CHIEF - �FIRST SCANDAL� -- TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 8 (9:00-10:01 p.m., ET) -- When confidential information appears in a tell-all book about Mackenzie Allen, suspicions of those in her closest circle arise. Meanwhile, Mac�s vice presidential nominee, Warren Keaton (Peter Coyote), begins his confirmation hearings, and his nomination is put in jeopardy when events of a sensitive nature from his past come to light. On the home front, Horace is frustrated by his poor performance at school, and things are getting serious with Rebecca and her new boyfriend -- but are they moving too quickly?

BOSTON LEGAL -- �TRULY, MADLY, DEEPLY� -- TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 8 (10:01-11:00 p.m., ET) -- Denny Crane is appalled that he should have to do pro bono work for a non-repentant man who raped and killed a 13-year-old girl, so he goes to extremes to get off the case � an effort that lands him in jail. Meanwhile, Alan Shore and Brad Chase defend a TV station that has fired Zozo the Clown (Joel McKinnon Miller) for talking to his young viewers about environmental issues. During the trial, Brad is surprised to learn that Alan�s childhood fear of clowns prevents him from addressing Zozo in court. And, when a long-time client comes to Shirley Schmidt to stop his wife�s action to annul their 23-year marriage, Schmidt is taken aback when she learns how the man cheated on his wife. Guest starring are Michael McKean as Dwight Biddle, Susan Ruttan as Jeanie Biddle, Henry Gibson as Judge Clark Brown, Marisa Coughlan as Melissa Hughes.

GEORGE LOPEZ -- �GEORGE FINDS THERAPY BENNY-FICIAL� -- WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 9 (8:00-8:30 p.m., ET) � When Max begins having nightmares after witnessing a traumatic incident at school, George reluctantly agrees to take him to a counselor, guest starring actor/comedian Richard Lewis (�Cinderella Man,� �Anything But Love�). So when the good doctor discovers that the real reason for Max�s nightmares is his father�s absence, George is forced to confront his feelings about his childhood. Guest starring is Richard Lewis as Phillip Nickleson.

FREDDIE -- �THE WAR OF THE ROSE� -- WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 9 (8:30-9:00 p.m., ET) -- Freddie finds himself attracted to the beautiful woman (Tamara Braun as Rose) who has opened a bakery down the street -- and who is putting a serious dent into his dessert business. There�s only one problem: Chris asks her out first, and seems to be really falling for her. Meanwhile, Allison decides to send her resume around to drum up job offers, with sorry results.

LOST -- �ABANDONED� � WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 9 (9:00-10:00 p.m., ET) -- Sawyer�s wound becomes life-threatening as he, Michael and Jin make their way through the interior of the island with the tail section survivors. Meanwhile, Shannon is once again haunted by visions of Walt, and Charlie becomes jealous of Locke�s interest in Claire. Guest starring are Malcolm David Kelley as Walt, Sam Anderson as Bernard, Ian Somerhalder as Boone.

INVASION -- �FISH STORY� � NOVEMBER 9 (10:00-11:00 p.m., ET) -- After barely surviving a car crash that has left her injured and the fate of her unborn baby in question, Larkin is picked up by a man whose suspicious actions cause her to question his motives. Meanwhile, Mariel desperately tries to reconnect emotionally with son Jesse.

ALIAS -- �SOLO� � THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 10 (8:00-9:00 p.m., ET) -- Sydney must guide a nervous and pensive Rachel on her first solo mission. Meanwhile, Sloane must decide whether or not to betray the trust he�s recently earned with APO by honoring his agreement with Gordon Dean.

NIGHT STALKER � �THE SOURCE� -- THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 10 (9:00-10:00 p.m., ET) � Agent Fain (guest star John Pyper-Ferguson) reappears on the scene after Kolchak refuses to disclose his source in a seemingly routine story about a drug lord�s death at the hands of a renegade band of bikers, and the subsequent disappearance of a DEA agent � a man who may be able to shed light on who murdered Kolchak�s wife.

SUPERNANNY -- �KEILEN FAMILY� � FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 11 (8:00-9:00 p.m., ET) -- Tami and Shaun Keilen are living the American dream. This former Navy SEAL and his beautiful wife have a successful family business and four gorgeous children. However, this dream becomes a nightmare when the parents return home from work, as four-year-old twin terrors Maile and Malia run roughshod over Shaun and Tami. Well-behaved big sister Haeley (six) and docile baby brother Leighton (one) are lost in the shuffle. Tami devotes much of her home time to compulsively housekeeping, and Shaun, who can face any military challenge, can�t hold his ground to the demanding twins. Even Supernanny concedes that, in this house, if she wants to talk to the head of the family, she�ll turn to Maile. Can Mom and Dad regain control and find harmony with their brood?

HOPE & FAITH -- �FAITH�S THERAPY� � FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 11 (9:00-9:30 p.m., ET) -- When Faith refuses to take her job search seriously, Hope and Charley suggest that she see a therapist � portrayed by Susan Sullivan (beginning a recurring role) -- who can help her straighten out her life. Faith is resistant at first, but soon finds a way to use the doctor�s advice to manipulate her family. However when Hope and Charley see that their plan has backfired, they try to turn the tables on Faith to teach her a lesson and give her a taste of her own medicine. Guest-starring Susan Sullivan as Nancy Lombard, Faith�s therapist.

HOT PROPERTIES -- �WAITING FOR OPRAH� � FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 11 (9:30-10:00 p.m.) -- To celebrate a big real estate sale, Ava surprises the ladies with a dream come true: four hard-to-get tickets to see Oprah Winfrey -- the woman they refer to as �kind of like our God� -- at a television taping in Chicago. Because it�s their first time traveling together, problems arise and friendships and teamwork spirit get compromised. Matters turn worse when one of the priceless tickets goes missing and they�re willing to do whatever it takes to get another one. But things start to look up when they have a chance encounter with Oprah�s best friend, Gayle King. Back at the office, Sellers and Charlie, who don�t understand why their officemates are so smitten with all things Oprah, learn firsthand about her effect on viewers. Guest starring Gayle King as herself.

�OLD SCHOOL� � NETWORK TELEVISION PREMIERE � ABC SATURDAY MOVIE OF THE WEEK � SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 12 (9:00-11:00 p.m., ET) � Mitch Martin (Luke Wilson), Frank Ricard (Will Ferrell) and Bernard �Beanie� Campbell (Vince Vaughn) are feeling a little disillusioned -- Mitch with a relationship that�s recently gone sour, Frank with his new marriage and Beanie with his old comfortable one. Collectively the trio yearn for the wild and crazy days of adolescence, and so, at Beanie�s suggestion, they make the house that Mitch has just moved into the stomping grounds for their newly formed fraternity, consisting of misfit college students. As they try to stay ahead of their nemesis, the vindictive Dean Gordon (Jeremy Piven), and stumble their way through all the partying and hazing, Mitch, Beanie and Frank somehow regain balance in their lives -- rediscovering their glory days but now with a newfound appreciation of adulthood.

AMERICA�S FUNNIEST HOME VIDEOS -- �EPISODE NO. 1604� � SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 13 (7:00-8:00 p.m., ET) -- Close encounters of the animal kind include a monkey who just can�t get enough attention from a little girl scratching its head, a seagull swooping down on someone�s ice cream snack, and a lion taking a swipe at a car in a safari park. Also: A montage of hilarious swingset mishaps.

EXTREME MAKEOVER: HOME EDITION � �GOODALE FAMILY� -- SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 13 (8:00-9:00 p.m., ET) -- Designers and contractors came to the home of Doug Goodale, a veteran lobster fisherman, and his family from Wells Harbor, Maine. Near the end of the lobstering season a few years ago, Doug Goodale made a decision that would change the lives of his family forever. Looking out at the stormy, choppy waters of Wells Harbor that day, he tried to decide whether to go out to sea or not. If he didn�t go, he wouldn�t make any money. Needing to provide for his family, he pushed his boat out into the water at dead low tide. When he reached his first trap and started pulling up his catch, a huge wave hit the boat, creating a slack in the rope which then spooled around the drum. Doug knew to turn off the drum�s motor and untangle the rope, but as he reached in to turn it off, the sleeve of his oilskin got caught in the winch. Within seconds the winch had taken hold of his hand and his arm, breaking every bone as it consumed him. The only way for Doug to free himself from the deadly grip was to cut off his own arm. Thinking about his wife, Rebecca, and his two daughters, Amanda and Tabitha, and about needing to survive for them, Doug grabbed the twine knife he kept near the hauler and began to saw off his right arm. But Doug didn�t let the loss of his dominant arm stop him from picking up the pieces of his life. Though extremely difficult, he somehow taught himself to fish with only one arm and even rebuilt his boat. Unfortunately, due to the diminished wages of a lobster fisherman now operating with one arm, plus lost wages and massive medical bills, Doug is unable to repair his family home. The furnace, windows and chimney are literally falling apart, making it difficult to heat the house -- a significant problem, considering they live in one of the coldest climates in the country.

DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES � �I MUST BE DREAMING� � SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 13 (9:00-10:01 p.m., ET) -- George proposes to a horrified Bree at an engagement party staged by George and his mother, Francine (guest star Linda Dano). The Scavo kids accidentally watch the neighbors homemade porn video. Also guest starring are Bob Newhart, Lesley Ann Warren, Sam Lloyd and Larry Miller.

GREY�S ANATOMY � �LET IT BE� � SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 13 (10:01-11:00 p.m., ET) � Derek and Addison Shepherd�s professional relationship is challenged when their closest friends come to Seattle Grace seeking a radical, preemptive operation to avoid breast and ovarian cancer; George can�t understand why a patient who fell five stories doesn�t seem happy to have survived; an elderly gentleman makes a difficult decision upon learning that his wife has only a few months to live; Cristina and Burke try to have a �normal� date, and Chief Webber is disappointed by Bailey�s fellowship decision until he learns her reasons.

WIFE SWAP � �HODGE/KOLPIN� � MONDAY, NOVEMBER 14 (8:00-9:00 p.m., ET) � Bobbie Hodge, a backwoods, hunting mom from Kentucky whose motto is �Kill it and grill it,� swaps places with Jackie Kolpin, an animal activist mother from Arizona who eats only raw food and has a vegan pet cat that doesn�t eat meat.

ACCORDING TO JIM -- �THE DREAM� � TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 15 (8:00-8:30 p.m., ET) -- Jim tries to blackmail Dana when he finds out she�s having erotic dreams about him. Guest-starring Mitch Rouse as Ryan.

RODNEY -- �RODNEY GETS A LEG UP� -- TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 15 (8:30-9:00 p.m., ET) � Rodney�s manager, Amy, comes on to him, and when Trina pays her a visit, she discovers that Amy is an equal opportunity woman. Meanwhile, Rodney and Trina decide that it�s time for the boys to start earning an allowance by doing chores, so Trina calls Jack�s bluff when he pawns some of his chores off on a friend.

COMMANDER IN CHIEF � �RUBIE DUBIDOUX AND BROWN BOUND EXPRESS� -- TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 15 (9:00-10:01 p.m., ET) -- Mackenzie Allen vows a new direction for her administration � one of action instead of reaction � and, finding few allies and lagging in the polls, turns to her closest advisor, Rod, appointing him to an official West Wing position of strategic planning advisor� which miffs Chief of Staff Jim Gardner who is already in a power struggle with her husband. Meanwhile, when Vince�s random drug test comes back negative for drugs but outs him and his HIV status, Templeton, who has been digging for dirt on Mac and her staff, intends to use this to his own political advantage. At the same time, Mac is presented with damning information about Templeton�s past and struggles with how to handle it. On the home front, Horace is having a hard time at school, and nearly gets into a fight with Rebecca�s boyfriend when he finds out the rumors he�s spreading about her. Guest starring Samantha Eggar as Mrs. Templeton.

BOSTON LEGAL � �THE ASS FAT JUNGLE� � TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 15 (10:01-11:00 p.m., ET) � Alan Shore, suffering from night terrors, asks his new secretary to share his bed and prevent him from sleepwalking into danger. Shirley Schmidt is reluctant to defend the teenaged son of a rich client accused of vehicular manslaughter. Her uncertainty worsens when she must face the reality of cross examining the only eye witness, an elderly woman with Alzheimer�s. Meanwhile, Denise Bauer represents two women suing Boston�s best plastic surgeon for injecting his own butt fat into their lips. Guest starring Marisa Coughlin.

GEORGE LOPEZ � �GEORGE TRIES TO WRITE A WRONG� � WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 16 (8:00-8:30 p.m., ET) � When George takes a sneak peek at a ten-year-old unopened letter from Angie, he discovers some dirty secrets that they both may wish were never revealed.

FREDDIE � �THE ITALIAN JOB� � WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 16 (8:30-9:00 p.m., ET) -- Freddie tries to date Rose, a girl who recently broke up with Chris. But when Chris finds out that Rose wants to get back together with her ex-boyfriend, he seeks fun revenge on Freddie by setting up an embarrassing evening for him which includes cooking and serving the lovey-dovey couple a romantic dinner. And later, Chris and Freddie work together to try and break the couple up. Tamara Braun (�General Hospital�) guest stars.

LOST � �THE OTHER 48 DAYS� � WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 16 (9:00-10:00 p.m., ET) -- The harrowing first 48 days in the lives of the tail section survivors are revealed.

INVASION --- �THE CRADLE� � WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 16 (10:00-11:00 p.m., ET) -- After a baby is abandoned at Russell�s ranger station, the mother � Christina -- is located by Underlay but vehemently denies that the child is hers. But her mother-in-law swears that the baby is her grandchild and that Christina has been acting strange ever since the hurricane hit. Meanwhile, Mariel -- who begins questioning why she has been losing touch with her kids -- makes a shocking discovery in the water, and Dave learns the identity of the owner of the wedding band.

ALIAS � �FAIT ACCOMPLI� � THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 17 (8:00-9:00 p.m., ET) -- Sydney and APO attempt to discover for whom Gordon Dean is working and what their end game is. Meanwhile, when the group claiming to have a cure for daughter Nadia continues to play mind games with him, Sloane struggles for control. Mia Maestro and Amy Acker (�Angel�) guest star.

NIGHT STALKER � �THE SEA� � THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 17 (9:00-10:00 p.m., ET) -- Kolchak and Perri go on the run to protect the one woman who can answer their questions about Agent Caleca -- and perhaps Irene Kolchak�s death -- before the phantom band of bikers strikes again. Along the way, Perri learns one of Kolchak�s darkest secrets. Meanwhile, Agent Fain (guest star John Pyper-Ferguson) puts pressure on Jain to give up his photos and on Vincenzo to reveal what his reporters know about the case.

SUPERNANNY � �BRADBURY-LAMBERT FAMILY� � FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 18 (8:00-9:00 p.m., ET) -- Jo Frost returns to Britain to help kickboxing couple Stuart and Laura with their three children: Matthew, 5, Tegan-Olivia, 2, and baby Diesel, 5 mos. Matthew�s aggressive outbursts leave Laura battered and bruised; he even gives her a bloody lip when he punches her in the mouth! As the stepfather, Stuart is desperate to discipline the karate kid, but Laura won�t allow it; instead, the family is split down the middle, with Stuart taking responsibility for his daughter and Mom fighting to control Matthew. Supernanny takes charge and introduces a �work out your anger� chart and �chill-out chair,� but when Jo Frost leaves, Matthew stages an epic riot, leaving the house looking like a disaster. Can this family be saved?

HOPE & FAITH � �BLOOD IS THICKER THAN DAUGHTER� � FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 18 (9:00-9:30 p.m., ET) -- Hope and Faith are surprised to spot their dad, Jack (Robert Wagner, reprising the role), in town earlier than expected for Thanksgiving. His suspicious behavior with his companion, a young man named Jay (guest star Johnny Galecki) leads the sisters to jump to conclusions. They soon learn their father is harboring a secret about Jay, which has a huge impact on their family ties.

�HARRY POTTER AND THE CHAMBER OF SECRETS� � ABC SATURDAY MOVIE OF THE WEEK -- SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 19 (8:00-11:00 p.m., ET) -- Based on the second of J.K. Rowling�s phenomenally popular children�s novels, the live action family adventure �Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets� continues the magical saga of a boy who, on his 11th birthday, learns that he is the orphaned son of two powerful wizards and possesses unique magical powers of his own. This chapter of Harry�s life finds the young wizard once again trapped in the home of his evil Aunt and Uncle Dursley (Fiona Shaw and Richard Griffiths). Though forewarned by the mysterious house-elf Dobby (Toby Jones) that great danger awaits him if he returns to the Hogwarts School of Wizardry and Witchcraft, Harry is undaunted, determined to escape the clutches of the Dursleys -- which he does with the help of his best friend, Ron Weasley, and a flying car! However, true to Dobby�s warning, when they finally arrive at Hogwarts, they find a community in the grips of a mysterious and sinister terror that has literally �petrified� some of its members.

AMERICA�S FUNNIEST HOME VIDEOS � �EPISODE 1606� � SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 20 (7:00-8:00 p.m., ET) -- Highlights include a hilarious montage of football follies, a food fight between a bride and groom that has serious repercussions for their wedding cake, sneaky animal clips, and a girl on her way to her prom taking a less-than-graceful tumble down the stairs.

EXTREME MAKEOVER: HOME EDITION � �TRIPP JOHNSON FAMILY� � SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 20 (8:00-9:00 p.m., ET) -- Ty and the gang team up with the Boston Red Sox to help build a new and renovated home for Tripp and Heidi Johnson of Medfield, MA, the dedicated parents of Will � a five-year-old with Spinal Muscular Atrophy, and his family. A die-hard Boston Red Sox fan, Will once got the chance to meet his favorite players. Now some of the 2004 World Series Champs -- Curt Schilling, Jason Varitek and Kevin Millar who know a little something about overcoming the odds and making the impossible happen -- want to give back to this deserving young boy. In addition, soccer Olympian Mia Hamm stopped by to lend a helping hand and kicked some ball with the designers.

DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES � �THE SUN WON�T SET� � SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 20 (9:00-10:01 p.m., ET) � All of Wisteria Lane is panicked by a burglar loose in the neighborhood; a neighborhood watch committee is formed; Bree finds out some disturbing information about George; Sophie (guest star Lesley Ann Warren) and Morty (guest star Bob Newhart) get married; at the wedding, Susan learns who her real father is and is determined to find him; and Betty discovers that Matthew is secretly seeing Danielle Van De Camp.

GREY�S ANATOMY � �THANKS FOR THE MEMORIES� � SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 20 (10:01-11:00 p.m., ET) -- The Thanksgiving holiday is more difficult for the interns and residents than any of them is willing to admit, as Izzie plans a big dinner at Meredith�s -- but it remains to be seen who among the invited guests will actually show up. Meanwhile, George endures the O�Malley tradition of hunting turkeys with his less-than-sophisticated family, and Meredith treats a patient who�s been in a vegetative state for 16 years.

WIFE SWAP � �JOHNSON/BLACKBURN� � MONDAY, NOVEMBER 21 (8:00-9:00 p.m., ET) -� Lin Johnson, a fitness crazed, regimented Texan mother who runs her family like a military unit and trains the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders swaps lives with Rebecca Blackburn, a mother from Tennessee who runs her household in a chaotic fashion, enjoys trips to the spa and whose home gym is still in boxes.

�2005 AMERICAN MUSIC AWARDS� -- TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 22 (8:00-11:00 p.m., ET) � On the 33rd annual special, hosted by Cedric �The Entertainer,� awards will be presented to the past year�s elite in contemporary music in the areas of Pop/Rock, Soul/Rhythm & Blues, Country, Rap/Hip-Hop, Alternative Music, Adult Contemporary Music, Latin Music and Contemporary Inspirational Music, as determined by a poll of the American record-buying public. The Rolling Stones will perform live from the Delta Center in Salt Lake City, Utah, where they will be in concert that evening as part of their �A Bigger Bang� world tour. On the special, the Stones join a lineup of performers which includes Mariah Carey, Kenny Chesney, Rob Thomas, Tim McGraw, Rascal Flatts, and Keith Urban. The special will emanate from the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles, California. A total of 21 publicly voted awards will be presented.

�KENNY CHESNEY: SOMEWHERE IN THE SUN� -- WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 23 (8:00-9:00 p.m., ET) -- With both the prestigious Academy of Country Music and the Country Music Association Entertainer of the Year Awards on his mantle and his current �Somewhere in the Sun� concert tour breaking records -- including three stadium shows in Washington, DC, Boston and Pittsburgh � Kenny Chesney sets his eye on a new horizon: an ABC network TV special, which will juxtapose his high-energy, sold-out stage shows with the behind-the-scenes-camaraderie which defines his career and with his lifestyle in the islands of the Caribbean. Anchored by Chesney�s sold-out show at Pittsburgh�s Heinz Stadium, the man who�s sold 17 million albums -- including four million copies of �Greatest Hits,� �No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problems� and the CMA Album of the Year, �When the Sun Goes Down� -- will strive to give viewers a sense of what truly makes him �the superstar next door.� With an emphasis on music, the special includes his hits �When the Sun Goes Down,� �There Goes My Life,� �Old Blue Chair,� �Young� and many of the songs his fans know by heart, all to be given high-impact treatment and with insight into the revved up performances people have come to expect from Chesney. Cameras fly to the Caribbean island where Chesney takes retreat from his life on the road. There, they reveal the private side of Chesney, as he gets away from the spotlight and shows us the beauty of his tropical island life and the activities which he enjoys for kicking back and relaxing.

LOST � �COLLISION� � WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 23 (9:00-10:00 p.m., ET) -- Violence erupts when Ana Lucia and her group stumble upon the other castaways.

INVASION � �THE DREDGE� � WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 23 (10:00-11:00 p.m., ET) � After Russell becomes a prime suspect in a double murder, Larkin learns that her husband has a past criminal record � which leads her to question his integrity and investigate the circumstances surrounding it. Meanwhile, Dave contacts Mariel in an attempt to find out what happened to her the night of the hurricane, and Mariel pleads with Tom to dredge the bay to discover the true identity of the body she claims to have seen.

HOPE & FAITH � �HOPE IN THE MIDDLE� -- FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 25 (9:00-9:30 p.m., ET) -- Faith is set to perform in a local poetry slam, while Charley is set to receive a community award on the same night. But Hope, who's busy preparing for the Great American Bake Sale, must choose which event to attend. Susan Sullivan continues her arc.

EXTREME MAKEOVER: HOME EDITION -- �LEWIS FAMILY, PARTS 1 & 2� -- SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 27 (7:00-8:00 & 8:00-9:00 p.m., ET) -- The entire community of El Segundo, CA will come together to rebuild the home of police officer Bruce Lewis, his cancer stricken wife, Paulita, and their children, airing in two back-to-back episodes. One year ago, like many Americans, the Lewis�s took advantage of the low interest rates and took out a loan to improve and expand their small home. Progress was slow and shoddy. Then the heavy winter rains came, damaging and eventually caving in the roof, which destroyed all of their furniture and personal belongings. When Bruce confronted the contractor, the contractor abandoned the project and left town with $40,000 of the Lewis� money. Bruce, Paulita, Erin and Hunter were left stranded at Bruce�s mother�s apartment -- all four of them living in one tiny bedroom. Bruce is a well-known, well-respected police officer in El Segundo, and the community was eager to help this man and his family. As they struggled to rebuild the house, they received the most horrific news -- Paulita had cancer after discovering a lump in her neck. The Anaheim Mighty Ducks lend a helping hand and play hockey against the design team and builders, while standup comedian Robert Schimmel, also a cancer survivor, makes �em laugh at a fundraiser for the American Cancer Society and ESPN sportscaster John Anderson also drops by.

DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES � �THAT�S GOOD, THAT�S BAD� � SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 27 (9:00-10:01) -- George stalks Bree, despite her efforts to break up with him; Susan tries to begin a relationship with her father; Carlos is paroled from prison and returns a new man -- so new that Gabrielle barely recognizes him; and Betty tries to protect Caleb. Paul Dooley, Joely Fisher and Joyce Van Patten guest star.

GREY�S ANATOMY � �MUCH TOO MUCH� � SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 27 (10:01-11:00 p.m., ET) --- Meredith is mortified when her �one night stand� shows up at the hospital suffering from priapism and needing medical attention; a woman carrying quintuplets is overwhelmed by numerous medical issues as she navigates her high-risk pregnancy; and Alex�s shortcomings frustrate Izzie.

WIFE SWAP � �BIMONTE/HUBBARD� � MONDAY, NOVEMBER 28 (8:00-9:00 p.m., ET) � Lori and Joe Bimonte of New Jersey believe in raising their children without rules. As a result, 12-year-old out of control daughter Nicole rules the roost, graffitying the house, coming and going as she pleases and banging on the floor of her bedroom (which is directly over the kitchen ceiling) until she gets what she wants. Alan and Leikili Hubbard of California raise their two children on structure and discipline, focusing solely on martial arts, which to them is not only a sport but a way of life. In an emotional swap, both families learn from their new moms as Lori takes away martial arts from the Hubbards and forces them to talk about other subjects and grow closer; Leikili brings martial arts and discipline to the Bimontes, who come to enjoy the newfound structure and heal their wounded relationship with Nicole.

ACCORDING TO JIM � �LEAN ON ME� � TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 29 (8:00-8:30 p.m., ET) -- Cheryl encourages Jim to meet a former girlfriend (Linda Hamilton) who wants to discuss business for lunch, and then regrets it when she becomes convinced that the old flame has romantic intentions.

RODNEY -- �RODNEY COMES OUT� � TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 29 (8:30-9:00 p.m., ET) -- Rodney gains some perspective on his own sexuality when he makes some new fans at a gay comedy club.

COMMANDER IN CHIEF � �THE MOM WHO CAME TO DINNER� � TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 29 (9:00-10:00 p.m., ET) � Mac has more than Thanksgiving turkey on her plate. She juggles military base closures in her home town, a death penalty case the Supreme Court will not hear and a visit with Mom (guest star Polly Bergen). Joining her team is a young and savvy media strategist/advisor played by Mark-Paul Gosselaar. (Polly Bergen starred in the 1964 film �Kisses for My President� as the first female U.S. President.) Thanksgiving-themed episode.

�BARBARA WALTERS PRESENTS: THE 10 MOST FASCINATING PEOPLE OF 2005� � TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 29 (10:00-11:00 p.m., ET) -- Hosted by Barbara Walters, this hour-long ABC News special highlights some of the year�s most prominent names in entertainment, politics and sports. The special includes Tom Cruise, �Desperate Housewife� Teri Hatcher, seven-time Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong, hip-hop star Kanye West, Michael Jackson attorney Tom Mesereau and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, among others. The Number One Most Fascinating Person of 2005 will be announced on the program. Now in its 12th season, �Barbara Walters Presents: The 10 Most Fascinating People� has consistently been one of the highest rated specials of the year.

GEORGE LOPEZ � �GEORGE DISCOVERS BENNY�S SILI-CON JOB� � WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 30 (8:00-8:30 p.m., ET) -- Benny takes George�s wisecracks about her age to heart and decides to get ridiculously large breast implants to make herself look younger.

FREDDIE -- �THE COURTSHIP OF FREDDIE�S FATHER� -- WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 30 (8:30-9:00 p.m., ET) -- Freddie and Sofia�s father, whom they haven�t seen in 24 years, comes to visit from Puerto Rico for Grandma�s birthday. Though they�re reluctant to let him back into their lives, Carlos (guest star Esai Morales) charms the family and wants Freddie to consider letting him move to Chicago permanently.

LOST � �WHAT KATE DID� � WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 30 (9:00-10:00 p.m., ET) � As Kate�s backstory continues, her original crime is revealed. Locke and Eko make an interesting discovery about the film, and Michael has a mysterious encounter with the computer.

INVASION � �ORIGIN OF SPECIES� � WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 30 (10:00-11:00 p.m., ET) -- After reading his blog about the strange happenings in Homestead, Dave is abducted by a couple who have a vested interest in learning what he knows about the circumstances surrounding the hurricane�s aftermath. Meanwhile, Underlay and Sirk learn the identity of the dead woman found in the bay, and Sirk gets his first look at one of the orange, luminescent beings.

  [june 2019]  


[06/15/19 - 08:26 AM]
Friday's Broadcast Ratings: NBC Tops Low Key Friday in Demos
"Dateline NBC" and an encore "American Ninja Warrior" lead the evening among adults 18-49.

[06/14/19 - 11:16 AM]
Video: Watch the Official Trailer for the Hulu Revival of "Veronica Mars"
"Veronica Mars" will premiere all episodes on Friday, July 26, only on Hulu.

[06/14/19 - 10:31 AM]
"L.A.'s Finest" Picked Up for Second Season by Spectrum Originals
The announcement was made today by series stars and executive producers Gabrielle Union and Jessica Alba at Opening Night of the 59th Monte Carlo Television Festival.

[06/14/19 - 10:27 AM]
Hallmark Channel's "Good Witch" Kicks Off Fifth Season as #1 Original Scripted Series on Cable
The Hallmark Channel further spins the numbers for the week of June 3-9.

[06/14/19 - 10:00 AM]
Netflix Orders "Prank Encounters," Hidden-Camera Prank Show Hosted by Gaten Matarazzo
Each episode of this terrifying and hilarious prank show takes two complete strangers who each think they're starting their first day at a new job.

[06/14/19 - 09:00 AM]
TBS' "Conan" Heads to Ghana for All-New International Primetime Special
On this adventure, O'Brien will be accompanied by actor and comedian Sam Richardson whose family hails from the African nation.

[06/14/19 - 08:30 AM]
Mario Lopez Surprises Families With Outrageously Fun Backyards in HGTV's "Supersize My Pool"
During the series, Mario will surprise families in need of a backyard upgrade with stunning news: their lackluster pools will be transformed into spectacular resort-style oases.

[06/14/19 - 08:21 AM]
Thursday's Broadcast Ratings: NBA Finals Wrap on Top for ABC
The Toronto Raptors' Game 6 victory easily leads the night in total viewers and adults 18-49.

[06/14/19 - 08:03 AM]
Oxygen Presents New Series "Injustice with Nancy Grace" Premiering Saturday, July 13 at 6PM ET/PT
Television's most respected legal analyst, Nancy Grace gets to the bottom of some of the most challenging and multi-layered true crime stories.

[06/14/19 - 07:57 AM]
"Tales" Returns to BET for Season 2 Featuring an Exclusive, Soon-to-Be-Released Song, "Brothers" by Kanye West Feat. Charlie Wilson, Produced by "Tales" Creator, Producer and Writer Irv "Gotti" Lorenzo and Seven
Fans can tune-in to BET and MTV channels globally and on VH1's international channels on Tuesday, July 2.

[06/14/19 - 06:15 AM]
Michael Strahan to Serve as Host and Erin Andrews as Co-Host of Death-Defying "Highwire Live in Times Square with Nik Wallenda," Sunday, June 23 on ABC
"So many factors are involved in an event of this magnitude, but it will all come down to the moment when Nik and Lijana step onto the highwire and we're covering every second live," said Strahan.

[06/14/19 - 06:00 AM]
ABC Will Announce the Cast of "Bachelor in Paradise" Season 6 on ABC's "Good Morning America" and During the Premiere of ABC's Sizzling New Drama, "Grand Hotel," on Monday, June 17
"Bachelor in Paradise" returns for Season 6 on a newly announced premiere date: Monday, August 5.

[06/14/19 - 05:04 AM]
Bravo's "Project Runway" Crowns Season Winner
Additionally, production for the next season of Bravo's "Project Runway" will commence this summer in New York City.

[06/13/19 - 03:01 PM]
Derek Hough and Ciara to Co-Host NBC's Annual "Macy's Fourth of July Fireworks(R) Spectacular"
Luke Bryan, Khalid from his Free Spirit World Tour, Maren Morris and Brad Paisley will also perform before the fireworks begin.

[06/13/19 - 02:30 PM]
CBS Announces Fall 2019-2020 Primetime Premiere Dates
The network will roll out the bulk of its lineup during the traditional premiere week of September 23-29.