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'Parkers' to End as UPN Sets May Sweeps Plans
By The Futon Critic Staff (TFC)

CHICAGO (thefutoncritic.com) -- The end of "The Parkers," a new "America's Next Top Model" special and the usual mix of special guest stars, season finales and movies are set to be part of UPN's May sweeps schedule, the network announced today.

Here's a complete breakdown of the netlet's schedule, taken from its press release touting the news:

Please note that episode descriptions may contain spoilers for future storylines.


UPN Airs Surprising, Emotional One-Hour Season Finales of �Eve,� �Girlfriends� and �One on One�

Shannon Elizabeth, Jenny McCarthy, Nicole Richie, Nicole Ari Parker, Tamia, Musiq, Billy Dee Williams, Lou Gossett, Jr., Supermodel Amber Valletta, Meredith Baxter, Martin Mull, Survivor Alicia Calaway, Traci Bingham, R&B Star Marques Houston, Casper Van Dien, Nikki Zeiring, Julie Hagerty, The Time�s Morris Day & Jerome Benton and Antonio Fargas Guest Star on UPN�s Comedies in May

�I�m Still Alive� Continues to Feature Extraordinary, True Survivors

�Star Trek: Enterprise� Counts Down to an Explosive, Shocking Season Finale on Wednesday, May 26

This May Sweep, UPN says farewell to THE PARKERS, ending a popular, funny, five-year run with an emotional series finale as Stevie and T graduate from college and wedding bells ring for Nikki, Monday, May 10 (8:00-8:30PM, ET/PT) on UPN. Plus, UPN�s hit comedies will feature surprising character arcs, life-changing events and more than 25 guest stars from music, film, television and sports all month, culminating in special one-hour season finales of EVE, GIRLFRIENDS and ONE ON ONE.

On Tuesday, May 11 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT), UPN presents AMERICA�S NEXT TOP MODEL: THE RUNWAY AHEAD, an original one-hour special updating viewers on what life is like now for the hit series� second-cycle winner Yoanna House and her eleven beautiful competitors. The special will feature all-new interviews with the participants and their families and friends, plus winner Yoanna�s first real-life photo shoots, behind the scenes of her high-profile publicity appearances and her introduction to the most competitive runways, top models, top designers and top fashion gurus during L.A. Fashion Week.

On UPN�s hit Monday night line-up, The Time�s Morris Day & Jerome Benton, Antonio Fargas (TV�s �Starsky & Hutch�) and The Arch Bishop Don Magic Juan make guest appearances on EVE. On GIRLFRIENDS, guest star Cindy Williams (�Laverne & Shirley�) appears as Lynn�s birth mother, while Traci Bingham, Rockmond Dunbar (�Soul Food�) and Julie Hagerty (�Airplane!�) guest star. Singer/songwriter Musiq, Billy Dee Williams, Meredith Baxter, Martin Mull, Lou Gossett, Jr., Alicia Calaway (�Survivor: All Stars�) and Kiko Ellsworth (�Port Charles�) guest star on HALF & HALF.

UPN�s Tuesday night comedy ONE ON ONE will feature guest star appearances by R&B star Marques Houston as Flex�s brother, along with Shannon Elizabeth (�American Pie�) and Jenny McCarthy (�Scary Movie 3�), while Nicole Ari Parker (�Soul Food�) and Michael DeLorenzo (�Resurrection Boulevard�) guest star on ALL OF US.

Dramatic, compelling and extraordinary stories about people who have survived incredible, harrowing situations, against all odds will continue to be revealed in I�M STILL ALIVE, UPN�s newest reality series on Wednesday (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT).

With each action-packed original episode in May, STAR TREK: ENTERPRISE�s season-long Xindi vs. Human arc will come closer to its explosive, shocking season finale on Wednesday, May 26 (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT).

The following are highlights from UPN�s May 2004 Sweep series:

Thursday, April 29

8:00/7:00c - "WWE Smackdown"

Friday, April 30

8:00/7:00c - "Movie: Driven" (Broadcast Network Premiere)
Retired Grand Prix champ Joe Tanto (Sylvester Stallone) is asked by his former boss (Burt Reynolds) to help turn rookie Jimmy Bly (Kip Pardue), a talented but unfocused race car driver, into a true winner.

Monday, May 3

8:00/7:00c - "The Parkers: A Little Change Never Hurt Anybody"
When Nikki and Johnnie�s relationship starts to get serious, Johnnie gets offered a job in New York, but instead of leaving Nikki behind, he asks her to marry him. Meanwhile, Kim, unable to graduate because she doesn�t have enough credits, enlists Stevie�s help to start her own design business instead.

Synopsis: (Part 2 of 3) Andell talks Nikki out of her guilt over "cheating" on the Prof. and gets Nikki to pursue her thing with Johnnie, who is smitten with Nikki. The two continue to hit it off, which leads eventually to Johnnie proposing and Nikki accepting. Also, the Prof. gets the job at Weatherly, and when Nikki applies to enroll there, he does some conniving to try to keep her out. Kim decides to set up her own fashion design business and enlists Stevie's help. T gets accepted into Berkeley school of music in Boston.

8:30/7:30c - "Eve: Ride or Die Chick"
Shelly jumps into J.T.�s bar fight and, with one punch, puts an end to it before it even starts, causing J.T. to feel his masculinity has been undermined. Meanwhile, Donovan breaks up with his latest girlfriend and cons his friends into thinking she dumped him so he can milk the situation for as much sympathy as possible.

Synopsis: Shelly steps into JT's bar fight causing JT to feel his masculinity has been undermined. Also, Donovan allows Rita and Janie to think his latest girlfriend dumped him (instead of the other way around) in order to avoid the girls' ire and take advantage of their sympathy.

9:00/8:00c - "Girlfriends: A Partnerless Partner"
After flaunting his floozy date (guest star Traci Bingham) at the office party to celebrate his promotion, William realizes that having a voluptuous woman on his arm cannot replace the relationship he has with Joan. Meanwhile, when Toni tells her girlfriends about a massage therapist�s extra satisfying massages, Maya, Lynn and even Joan make appointments to experience it for themselves.

Synopsis: William makes senior partner but feels dissatisfied since he has no one to share it with, which leads him to weigh his true feelings for Joan. Also, Toni has a massage so intense she thinks she may have inadvertently cheated on Todd and asks the girls to see the masseur so they can judge for themselves. Special Guest Star: Traci Bingham as Candy

9:30/8:30c - "Half & Half: The Big Mother of a Mother's Day Rides Again Episode"
When Dee Dee and Mona attempt to win over each other�s moms on Mother�s Day, they inadvertently compete to see who can give the best gift, but both lose out when the special day is overshadowed by their materialistic gestures. Meanwhile, Charles and Spencer watch baby Drew, but spend the entire afternoon watching football rather than changing the baby�s diapers.

Synopsis: For Mother's Day, Mona gives Big Dee Dee a free set of designer luggage she got at Delicious, which makes Dee Dee try to one up her, so she gives Phyllis a tennis bracelet. Meanwhile, Spencer and Charles bond by watching the game.

Tuesday, May 4

8:00/7:00c - "One on One: No More Wire Hangers"
In order to escape his mother Cheryl�s drinking, Arnaz hides out in Breanna�s room, but after Arnaz turns to Flex for support, his mother physically abuses him, forcing Flex to convince Cheryl to get some help for her problem.

Synopsis: Flex discovers that Arnaz has been secretly staying at his house with Breanna's help ever since Arnaz's mom's alcohol problem has escalated. Flex intervenes in the family drama in an effort to get Arnaz and his mom reconciled.

8:30/7:30c - "All of Us: Thirty Candles"
Robert doesn�t realize he has completely forgotten Tia�s birthday until Neesee and Bobby arrive with a present, so he enlists Neesee�s help to cater and pull together a party that�s a surprise for everyone involved. Sure that Robert hasn�t forgotten her birthday, Tia anticipates his surprise, but certainly doesn�t expect getting stuck in the car while Robert reports on a stuntman-union strike.

Synopsis: Robert forgets about Tia's birthday and then has to enlist Neesee's help in throwing together a party at the last minute.

9:00/8:00c - "Rock Me Baby: Love at First Flight"
While in flight and heading to a vacation with Carl and Pam, Jimmy and Beth are reminded of their first encounter and recollect how they first fell in love. Guest stars Casper Van Dien and Nikki Ziring.

Synopsis: Beth and Jimmy flash back to when they first met. They take Otis on his first plane ride. Special Guest Stars: Casper Van Dien, Nikki Zeiring

9:30/8:30c - "Girlfriends: Inherit the Lynn" (Repeat)

Wednesday, May 5

8:00/7:00c - "Star Trek: Enterprise: E 2"
While on the way to speak before the Xindi Council, Archer and the crew encounter a future Enterprise ship piloted by their direct descendants who warn them that the wormhole shortcut they intend to take to the planned meeting will throw them 100 years into the past and ensure Earth�s destruction.

Synopsis: Enterprise encounters an Enterprise ship and crew from the future who are the direct decedents of the current Enterprise crew. It's revealed that this crew had entered a wormhole Archer himself is about to enter, only to find themselves transported 100 years in the past. Now, they have intercepted Archer and his crew to warn them not to make the same mistake, but that decision may jeopardize Archer's mission.

9:00/8:00c - "I'm Still Alive!"
Riveting, never-before-seen video, along with gripping and inspiring stories of people who have survived incredible, harrowing situations against all odds. Through replays and state-of-the-art animated recreations, I�M STILL ALIVE reveals the mystery behind these miracles � just how it is that these people survived.

Thursday, May 6

8:00/7:00c - "WWE Smackdown"

Friday, May 7

8:00/7:00c - "Movie: Shaft" (Repeat)
New York City police detective John Shaft (Samuel L. Jackson), nephew of the original 1970s detective (Richard Roundtree), goes on a personal mission to make sure the son (Christian Bale) of a real estate tycoon is brought to justice after a racially-motivated murder.

Monday, May 10

8:00/7:00c - "The Parkers: At Last" (Series Finale)
While the plans are underway for Nikki�s wedding to Johnnie, the Professor finally realizes he is in love with Nikki and is determined to stop the wedding, until Andell stops him first. Meanwhile, Stevie and T finally graduate from school.

Synopsis: (Part 3 of 3 - finale) Graduation occurs at college for Stevie and T, everyone's happy for Nikki and Johnnie, and plans progress quickly for the wedding, which is to take place at Andell's bar. The Prof. eventually reveals to Andell that he actually loves Nikki and wants her for himself, so in order to prevent him from screwing up what Andell sees as a good thing for Nikki and Johnnie, she locks the Prof. up so the wedding can go on without interference. But during the ceremony, Andell's conscious takes over and she objects on the Prof's behalf, and just then the Prof. bursts in and declares his love for Nikki. Nikki runs into his arms and the two of them wed each other.

8:30/7:30c - "Eve: Pimps Up, DivaStyle Down"
When Shelly refuses to do business with pimp Rodney P (guest star Morris Day), he calls in his lawyers Sugar-Free (guest star Jerome Benton) and Comfort (The Arch Bishop Don Magic Juan), as his fellow pimps take his �discrimination� fight to the streets by picketing DivaStyle. Antonio Fargas guest stars as Shelly�s Uncle Jerry, a fellow pimp.

Synopsis: The girls at DivaStyle have their hands full when they accidentally take on a client who turns out to be a pimp. When they then refuse him service, the pimp takes his "discrimination" fight to the people and demonstrates outside the store. Special Guest Stars: Morris Day and Jerome (from The Time ), Antonio Fargas (Huggy Bear from the original "Starsky & Hutch")

9:00/8:00c - "Girlfriends: Just the Three of Us"
After another round of intense therapy with Dr. Miller (guest star Julie Hagerty), Toni finds that she is more capable of expressing her love for her friends than her husband, leaving Todd frustrated and possibly seeking comfort elsewhere. Meanwhile, Maya tries to hide her now-completed book from Joan because she fears that Joan�s pretentiousness will not allow her to relate to its subject matter.

Synopsis: Toni attempts in her own way to show she cares for her husband, but Todd's friendship with a beautiful colleague sparks new conflict between them. Also, Joan tries avoiding Maya after reading and not liking Maya's newly finished book, "Oh Hell Yes!" Special Guest Star: Julie Hagerty as Dr. Miller

9:30/8:30c - "Half & Half: The Big Fetish What You Started Episode"
When Dee Dee rekindles a flame for her ex-boyfriend Clay (guest star Kiko Ellsworth), who she once dumped due to his foot fetish, she wonders if he can now appreciate her for more than her Jimmy Choos. Meanwhile, Spencer is desperate to convince an old-school music artist (guest star Billy Dee Williams) to sign a new contract so Delicious Records can sample his music. Musiq guest stars as himself.

Synopsis: Big Dee Dee and Mona convince Dee Dee to give Clay, the shoe-fetish guy another chance. Spencer must convince Otis Wright to sign off on the copyright of a song. Special Guest Star: Musiq as himself, Kiko Ellsworth as Clay, Billy Dee Williams as Otis

Tuesday, May 11

8:00/7:00c - "One on One: The Prodigal Brother"
When his career as �hairdresser to the rap stars� ends abruptly, Flex�s younger brother Kevin (guest star Marques Houston) returns home hoping to take over the family barbershop, but after Flex sells it out from under him, he agrees to let Kevin stay on as manager. Later, Flex and Kevin team up to confront Kevin�s former employer, a gangster rapper, in order to get the money he owes Kevin.

Synopsis: No other details have been released.

8:30/7:30c - "All of Us: Playdate"
When Robert and Neesee learn that Bobby doesn�t socialize with the other kids in his school, they immediately book a playdate for Bobby with the most popular kid in class, Sammy, but things get awkward when Sammy�s mom Traci (guest star Nicole Ari Parker) comes on strong to Robert right in his own house. Meanwhile, after discovering that Bobby�s shyness stems from a fight with Alex�s son, Neesee and Alex attempt to reconcile the boys� friendship, but end up arguing over whose son should apologize first.

Synopsis: In scheduling more play dates for Bobby with new friends, Robert deals with being hit on by the attractive mom of one of the boys. Special Guest Stars: Nicole Ari Parker as Traci

9:00/8:00c - "America's Next Top Model: The Runway Ahead"
This one-hour original special will update viewers on what life is now like for the hit series� second-cycle winner Yoanna House and her eleven beautiful competitors. The special will feature all-new interviews with the participants and their families and friends, plus winner Yoanna�s first real- life photo shoots, behind the scenes of her high-profile publicity appearances and her introduction to the most competitive runways, top models, top designers and top fashion gurus during L.A. Fashion Week.

Wednesday, May 12

8:00/7:00c - "Star Trek: Enterprise: The Council"
T�Pol and Reed lead a team on a harrowing mission to obtain vital information about the network of spheres inhabiting the Expanse, as Archer and Hoshi stand before the Xindi council, hoping that diplomacy can stop the launch of the superweapon aimed at Earth. Meanwhile, with Enterprise unraveling their future plans for conquest, the mysterious alien Sphere Builders reveal themselves to key members of the Xindi council, urging them to undertake drastic measures to stop the Earthlings.

Synopsis: Archer goes face-to-face with the Xindi council in a last attempt to use diplomacy to prevent their species' war. Meanwhile, T'Pol leads a crew on a harrowing mission to obtain the final clue needed to destroy the network of spheres inhabiting the Expanse.

9:00/8:00c - "America's Next Top Model: The Runway Ahead" (Repeat)
This one-hour original special will update viewers on what life is now like for the hit series� second-cycle winner Yoanna House and her eleven beautiful competitors. The special will feature all-new interviews with the participants and their families and friends, plus winner Yoanna�s first real- life photo shoots, behind the scenes of her high-profile publicity appearances and her introduction to the most competitive runways, top models, top designers and top fashion gurus during L.A. Fashion Week.

Thursday, May 13

8:00/7:00c - "WWE Smackdown"

Friday, May 14

8:00/7:00c - "Movie: Angel Eyes" (Broadcast Network Premiere)
After meeting under extraordinary life-and-death circumstances, a Chicago police officer (Jennifer Lopez) and a lost soul named Catch (Jim Caviezel) fall in love. While uncovering the truth about Catch, she is forced to deal with the secrets of her own past.

Monday, May 17

8:00/7:00c - "Eve: For Love and Money" (New Episode - Special Time)
After accidentally catching her car on fire, Shelly asks J.T. to borrow money for a down payment on a new automobile, but when he refuses, it causes her to question their relationship. Meanwhile, stuck with an extra ticket to a charity ball, Rita asks Donovan to escort her to the event and the two friends share a surprising kiss at the end of the evening.

Synopsis: When Shelly asks JT to borrow money for a down payment on a car and he refuses, it causes her to question their relationship. Also, Donovan and Rita share a kiss.

8:30/7:30c - "Half & Half: The Big Rules of Engagement Episode" (New Episode - Special Time)
Despite going to great lengths to impress Nick�s parents (guest stars Meredith Baxter and Martin Mull), Mona discovers they made racist comments about interracial relationships, but when she attempts to confront Nick about it, she�s stopped short by his marriage proposal. Meanwhile, Phylis fears her relationships may be jinxed and hides her new boyfriend from family and friends.

Synopsis: Nick proposes to Mona despite his parents' racist leanings. Spencer realizes he still has feelings for Mona. Phyllis tells everyone she has a boyfriend. Special Guest Stars: Meredith Baxter, Martin Mull as Nick's parents

9:00/8:00c - "Girlfriends: Love Thy Neighbor"
After Maya rejects advances from her handsome neighbor Jalen (guest star Rockmund Dunbar), he gets passionately close to Lynn, until Maya erroneously finds reasons to interrupt their date. Meanwhile, Todd tells Toni that he has accepted a job in New York and wants a separation.

Synopsis: When Lynn tries to date Jalen, Maya finally realizes she has feelings for him and sets about trying to keep them apart. Also, William sponsors a Guatemalan boy and uses his letters to him to hash out his feelings for Joan. Special Guest Star: Rockmond Dunbar as Jalen

9:30/8:30c - "Half & Half: The Big My Lover, My Brother Episode" (Season Finale)
Dee Dee�s overzealous attempts to help Mona bounce back from her recent heartbreak unintentionally drive Mona into Spencer�s passionate arms. Later, after running into Dee Dee and Mona, Phylis is forced to bring her new boyfriend Ray (guest star Lou Gossett, Jr.) to a family dinner where a few questions by Spencer reveal his shocking history. Alicia Calaway guest stars as a trainer.

Synopsis: When Mona seeks solace in Spencer after her break-up from Nick, things heat up between them. Dee Dee tries to occupy Mona's time to get her mind off things. Spencer learns Phyllis' new man is his father. Special Guest Star: Lou Gossett Jr. as Spencer's dad, Alicia Calaway as the trainer

Tuesday, May 18

8:00/7:00c - "One on One: Phatheadz"
When hair-care mogul Jack Sherwood buys the family barbershop from Flex, Kevin (guest star Marques Houston) is forced to co- manage the place with the new owner�s spoiled daughter Tiffany (guest star Shannon Elizabeth), but they immediately butt heads over their different views of how the salon should be run. Later, Kevin and Tiffany agree to incorporate both of their ideas under one roof, making the shop a place where men can hang out, watch sports and have a beer all while getting a haircut, and at the same time be an urban oasis for women and men; where they can offer massages, highlights and lattes made to order.

Synopsis: Flex and Kevin are surprised to discover that the barbershop is now owned by a large conglomerate and will be run by the CEO's spoiled socialite daughter. Kevin, in charge of the transition, spars with the girl over how the place should be run. Special Guest Stars: Marques Houston as Kevin , Shannon Elizabeth

8:30/7:30c - "All of Us: It Takes Three to Tango" (Season Finale)
Close to the wedding date, Robert and Tia start having vivid nightmares involving Neesee, making Tia realize that spending the rest of her life with Robert also means spending the rest of her life with Neesee, causing her to re-examine her relationship with Robert. Tensions at home affect the tired couple, putting them out of sync at the gang�s tango lessons, taught by Antonio (guest star Michael DeLorenzo).

Synopsis: With the wedding approaching, Robert begins to have unsettling sexual dreams involving Neesee, which leads Tia to wonder that maybe the wedding should be put on hold. Also, the gang all takes Tango classes. Special Guest Stars: Michael DeLorenzo as Antonio

9:00/8:00c - "Rock Me Baby: Kiss and Don't Tell"
Jimmy�s younger brother Mark comes into town, but a misunderstanding from the past leads to friction between him and Beth, until the truth is revealed and the person behind the miscommunication is exposed. Meanwhile, Otis� babysitter Amanda (guest star Nicole Richie) and Mark take a liking to one another, but someone gets in the middle of their love connection.

Synopsis: Beth tries to prevent Jimmy's brother, who is visiting, from hitting on their favorite babysitter because she still harbors resentment toward him for hitting on her when she and Jimmy first started dating. When she finds out Jimmy put him up to it, Jimmy thinks she is behind the babysitter hitting on him. Special Guest Star: Nicole Richie as the babysitter

9:30/8:30c - "Rock Me Baby: Two's Company, Three's a Crowd" (New Episode - Special Time)
Tired of being a foursome, Jimmy and Beth try to �break up� with Carl and Pam, but since they are afraid of confrontation, they stage a fake fight with each other so that Carl and Pam will get the hint and let them have some alone time. Supermodel Amber Valetta guest stars as Summer, the Yoga instructor.

Synopsis: Carl and Pam will not leave Beth and Jimmy, because Carl and Pam are having trouble getting along when they are alone. Kevin looks for a second job to pay for his mail order bride. Special Guest Star: Amber Valletta

Wednesday, May 19

8:00/7:00c - "Star Trek: Enterprise: Countdown"
Archer and his new Xindi allies must launch a full-scale assault on the superweapon speeding towards Earth and its thieving escorts, the rebellious Reptilian and Insectoid Xindi, before a kidnapped and brainwashed Hoshi can decrypt the weapon�s encoded arming mechanism and unleash its devastating power. Meanwhile, T�Pol and Trip hatch a plan to destroy a key Sphere in the Expanse network, bringing the other-dimensional Sphere Builders, responsible for the Xindi- Human conflict, directly into the fray.

Synopsis: Archer goes face-to-face with the Xindi council in an urgent attempt to use diplomacy to prevent their species' war. After winning what seems to be some partial support, a Reptilian double-cross destroys their fragile agreement and war again seems imminent. Meanwhile, T'Pol leads a crew on a harrowing mission to obtain the final clue needed to destroy the network of spheres inhabiting the Expanse.

9:00/8:00c - "I'm Still Alive!" (Season Finale)
Riveting, never-before-seen video, along with gripping and inspiring stories of people who have survived incredible, harrowing situations against all odds. Through replays and state-of-the-art animated recreations, I�M STILL ALIVE reveals the mystery behind these miracles � just how it is that these people survived.

Thursday, May 20

8:00/7:00c - "WWE Smackdown"

Friday, May 21

8:00/7:00c - "Movie: The Best Man" (Repeat)
Harper Stewart (Taye Diggs ) is a young novelist who returns home with his girlfriend, Robin (Sanaa Lathan), to be the best man in his best friend Lance�s (Morris Chestnut) wedding, where he reconnects with his gang of old buddies and discovers that Lance�s bride-to-be Jordan (Nia Long) is also Harper�s former almost girlfriend and looking for a second chance at love.

Monday, May 24

8:00/7:00c - "Eve: They've Come Undone - Part One & Two" (One-Hour Season Finale - Special Time)
A humiliated J.T. has to admit to Shelly that he has doubts that she�s the type of girl he could marry after he and his parents see her and the girls drunk and topless in a new commercial for a racy reality video. With Janie �grounded� by her husband Marty (guest star Reggie Gaskins) for her behavior in the video, Donovan and Rita valiantly attempt to not discuss their recent kiss, while Nick can�t deal with the fact his new girlfriend Dani (guest star Jazsmin Lewis) has an ex�s name tattooed on her.

Synopsis: An old friend from Nikki�s wild days visits who is now the new Rev. at Nikki�s church. Her promiscuous past causes turmoil in the church, which forces Nikki into the role of peacemaker. Also, the Professor gets Kim to coach him for a singing audition with the chorale group so he can join them on an exotic trip to Spain. Special Guest Stars: Yolanda Adams (gospel singer) as Karla the Rev.

9:00/8:00c - "Girlfriends: New York Bound & New York Unbound" (One-Hour Season Finale)
Maya arrives in New York to meet a publisher with a book deal offer, only to find that she must fight to maintain the integrity of her novel. Meanwhile, instead of addressing William�s impromptu kiss and declaration of love, Joan flees to New York with Toni, who�s there to track down Todd and save their marriage. Fearing her new lover may be a half-brother, Lynn seeks the truth from his mother (guest star Cindy Williams) and goes to New York in search of her real father.

Synopsis: "Bound": Lynn fears her newfound love connection may actually be a long lost half-brother. Toni tries keeping Todd's leaving a secret from everyone. Maya's self-published book gets the attention of a NY publisher, and William finally shows his love for Joan, but her response is not what he'd hoped. "Unbound": Maya arrives in NYC, but discovers her publishing team seems to want to yank the "black" out of the book. Joan travels to NY with Toni partly to avoid confronting William, who is pursuing Joan in order to gauge her feelings, and partly to support Toni, who's there to get Todd back. And Lynn learns from her real mother who her real father is and travels to NY to be with the girls and decide whether she should go meet him or not. Special Guest Star: Cindy Williams as Lisa, Lynn's boyfriend's mom

Tuesday, May 25

8:00/7:00c - "One on One: The Play's the Thing" (Season Finale, Part 1)
When �Flex Files� has a chance of going national, their producer Geraldine convinces Flex and his co-host Holly (guest star Jenny McCarthy) to fake a romance in order to generate publicity and secure syndication, but things get complicated when Holly starts to have real feelings for Flex. Meanwhile, after learning that Arnaz has decided to move to New York, a devastated Breanna uses her broken heart to deliver an emotional performance that lands her the lead in her high-school play.

Synopsis: Flex and Holly fake a romance to drum up publicity, but things get complicated when Holly's feelings become real. Also, Breanna must deal with the news that Arnaz has decided to move to NYC while she is auditioning for the role of her life. Special Guest Star: Jenny McCarthy as Holly

8:30/7:30c - "One on One: Bright Lights, Big City" (Season Finale, Part 2 - Special Time)
When Holly (guest star Jenny McCarthy) finds out that Flex is not in love with her, she decides to get even by sabotaging their chances of getting syndicated, but after they make fools out of each other at the broadcast awards dinner, her plan backfires as they are offered a deal to go national. Meanwhile, when Flex chooses to attend the awards dinner instead of Breanna�s play, she decides to follow her dreams and run away with Arnaz to New York.

Synopsis: Flex wants to put an end to his phony, publicity-stunt romance with Holly, but is urged by the general manager to keep it up until the sports awards banquet is over and they've locked up their syndication deal. Flex reluctantly agrees, only to have Holly, who overheard his conversation, quit the show - live on "The Flex Files." Meanwhile, Breanna stars in a stage production at school while struggling over Arnaz's decision to move to NYC. Ultimately, she decides to go join him. Special Guest Star: Jenny McCarthy as Holly

9:00/8:00c - "Rock Me Baby: Go Otis! It's Your Birthday"
Beth and Jimmy become so obsessed with having the perfect birthday party for Otis that they end up ruining it. Meanwhile, Pam and Carl decide to call it quits on their relationship. Tennessee Titans running back Eddie George guest stars as himself.

Synopsis: Beth and Jimmy become so obsessed with having the perfect birthday party for Otis that they end up ruining it. Pam and Carl break up. Special Guest Star: Eddie George as Pam's date

9:30/8:30c - "Rock Me Baby: Singing for Your Supper" (Season Finale - Special Time)
Beth encourages Pam not to give up on her dream of pursuing a singing career and acts as her manager, but gets personally attached and hurt when Pam is approached by a real manager. R&B singer Tamia guest stars as herself.

Synopsis: Beth encourages Pam not to give up on her dream of pursuing a singing career, and acts as her manager, but gets personally attached and hurt when Pam is approached by a real manager. Special Guest Star: Tamia as herself

Wednesday, May 26

8:00/7:00c - "Star Trek: Enterprise: Zero Hour" (Season Finale)
With Earth in sight, Archer, Hoshi, Reed and a small team race to intercept the charging superweapon, sneak past the Xindi Reptilian onboard and disarm it from within, but while the gambit could save humanity, it may cost Archer his life. Back in the Delphic Expanse, T�Pol and Enterprise attempt to obliterate a key Sphere in the region before the furious Sphere Builders tear the ship apart and the region�s degenerative effects kill the crew.

Synopsis: As the weapon races toward Earth, Archer enacts a plan that will have him infiltrate the weapon in order to disarm it, but it may cost him his life. Meanwhile, T'Pol, Trip and the crew embark on a mission to destroy the network of spheres, but the region's effects on the crew are degenerative and life threatening.

9:00/8:00c - (To Be Announced)

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The Spring League Football Makes Broadcast Television Debut Saturday, May 8 on FOX
For the first time ever, TSL football will air on broadcast television, with six regular season games as well as its championship matchup airing on FOX.

[04/14/21 - 11:26 AM]
MTV's "Catfish: The TV Show" Returns with All-New Episodes Kicking Off Tuesday, May 4 at 9pm ET/PT
Executive producer and host Nev Schulman and co-host Kamie Crawford are back to track down online impersonators who have been taking advantage of people just looking for someone to cuff up with.

[04/14/21 - 10:59 AM]
"Warrior" Season Three Comes to HBO Max
The first two seasons, which premiered on Cinemax, are now streaming on HBO Max via HBO platforms.

[04/14/21 - 10:30 AM]
CBS Renews "Tough as Nails," The Competition Series Celebrating Hardworking, Everyday Heroes, for Seasons Three and Four
The series is created by Emmy Award-winning producer Phil Keoghan and his producing partner Louise Keoghan, who are also executive producers.

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Tuesday's Broadcast Ratings: "This Is Us" Leads Demo Race for NBC
An all-repeat CBS however is the most-watched network last night.

[04/14/21 - 10:01 AM]
Showtime(R) Documentary Films Acquires Worldwide Rights to "Cusp" from Sundance Award Winning Filmmakers Parker Hill and Isabel Bethencourt
Set in a small military town in Texas, the film chases three wild-spirited teenage girls as they live out a fever-dream summer, when the strictures of adolescence clash with the growing desire for personal agency.

[04/14/21 - 10:01 AM]
Video: "Dance of the 41" - Official Trailer - Netflix
A secretly gay congressman marries the Mexican president's daughter, but is then found cavorting with a young man at a private party. And then scandal hits.

[04/14/21 - 09:22 AM]
Peacock Builds Original Kids and Family Programming with Two Unscripted Design Series, "Backyard Blowout" and "Create the Escape"
Focusing on DIY design, creation and home renovations, the series will mark Peacock's first venture into kids and family unscripted programming.

[04/14/21 - 09:02 AM]
"Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen" A-MAY-Zing Bravo Party Week Begins Monday, May 3 at 10PM ET/PT
In each episode, Andy will serve up spicy surprises, nostalgic memories and candid conversations with Bravolebrities you know and love.

[04/14/21 - 09:01 AM]
Video: "Headspace Guide to Sleep" - Official Trailer - Netflix
Each episode unpacks misconceptions, offers friendly tips and concludes with a guided wind-down.

[04/14/21 - 09:00 AM]
Apple Original Films and Skydance Animation Announce Exquisite Animated Short Film "Blush"
"Blush" follows the journey of a stranded horticulturist-astronaut's chances for survival after he crash lands on a desolate dwarf planet.

[04/14/21 - 09:00 AM]
First Lady Jill Biden, UNHCR Special Envoy Angelina Jolie, Dr. Sanjay Gupta, John Oliver and Rosie Perez Join the Star-Studded Roster for ABC's "Sesame Street: 50 Years of Sunny Days"
Stevie Wonder, known for his iconic performances of "123 Sesame Street" and "Superstition" on the beloved series, will perform his re-imagined version of "Sesame Street" classic "Sunny Days" for the documentary.

[04/14/21 - 08:01 AM]
HGTV Filming New Competition Series "Battle on the Beach" with Network Stars Mentoring Teams of Up-and-Coming Flippers to a $50,000 Win
The competition will play out over the course of six hour-long episodes premiering in the summer of 2021.

[04/14/21 - 08:00 AM]
TLC Celebrates Family with the Return of Three Beloved Series This Spring
"Doubling Down with the Derricos," "Little People, Big World" and "7 Little Johnstons" are all due back.

[04/14/21 - 07:02 AM]
CBS Sports Reveals All-Star Announce Team for Superstar Racing Experience Inaugural Season
The brand-new racing series will run on six consecutive Saturday nights in primetime beginning Saturday, June 12.