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CBS Is America's Most Watched Network for the Second Consecutive Week of the New Season

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CBS Posts Year-to-Year Increases in Viewers and All Key Demographics

CBS Places a Competitive Second in Adults 18-49 and Adults 25-54

Network Has Five of the Top 10 Programs in Viewers and Four off the Top 10 in Adults 18-49 and Adults 25-54

"CSI" Is The Most Watched Show for the Second Straight Week

The Season Premiere of "Without a Trace" Attracts More Than 20 Million and Tops "ER" By Its Largest Margin Ever in Viewers and Adults 25-54

"Cold Case" Lands in The Top 10 With Its Most Watched Episode Since April and Highest Rated in Adults 18-49 Since March

"How I Met Your Mother" Places First in Viewers and Key Demographics

"Criminal Minds" Places Second in Viewers and Adults 18-49 In Difficult Time Period

"Ghost Whisperer," "Threshold" and "Numb3rs" Dominate Friday For the Second Consecutive Week

"The Amazing Race" Off to An Amazing Start

CBS was America's most watched network for the second consecutive week while placing a competitive second in key demographics against several highly promoted premieres on the competition in the week ending Oct. 2, the second week of the 2005-2006 television season.

CBS was up over the same week last year in viewers, adults 18-49, adults 18-34 and adults 25-54 with five of the top 10 programs in viewers and four of the top 10 in adults 18-49 and adults 25-54.

Compared to the same week last year, CBS was up +2% in viewers, +4% in adults 25-54, +3% in adults 18-49 and +8% in adults 18-34 (2.7/08 from 2.5/08).

CSI was the most watched program for the second straight week as CBS dominated the competition on Thursday that also included week-to-increases for SURVIVOR: GUATEMALA and the season premiere of WITHOUT A TRACE which topped "ER" by its largest margin ever.

For the week in viewers, CBS (12.63m) beat ABC (11.14m), NBC (9.11m) and FOX (7.48m). Season-to-date, CBS (12.74m) leads ABC (11.70m), NBC (9.50m) and FOX (6.98m).

For the week in households, CBS (8.3/13) enjoyed a +15% advantage over ABC (7.2/12), +34% over NBC (6.2/10) and +73% over FOX (4.8/08). Season-to-date, CBS is first in households (8.3/13), outpacing ABC by +9% (7.6/12), NBC by +30% (6.4/10) and FOX by +89% (4.4/07).

For the week in key demographics, CBS was second in adults 25-54 (4.8/12, -0.1 or -55,000 adults 25-54 behind ABC) and adults 18-49 (3.8/10).

� THE KING OF QUEENS was first in households (7.0/11), viewers (10.65m), adults 25-54 (4.3/11) and adults 18-49 (3.5/10).

� HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER was first in households (6.9/10), viewers (10.40m), adults 25-54 (4.5/10), adults 18-49 (3.7/10) and tied for first in adults 18-34 (2.7/08, with ABC). HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER improved its THE KING OF QUEENS lead-in among adults 18-49 by +6%, adults 18-34 by +17% and retained 100% of KING's adults 25-54 performance.

� TWO AND A HALF MEN was first in households (9.7/14), viewers (14.37m), adults 25-54 (5.9/13) and second in adults 18-49 (4.8/11, -0.2 behind ABC).

� CSI: MIAMI was first in households (11.4/18), viewers (17.38m), adults 25-54 (7.0/16) and second in adults 18-49 (5.7/14, -0.2 behind football on ABC). CSI: MIAMI was the top rated program of the night in adults 18-49 and adults 25-54 and Monday's most watched program for the second time this season.

� NCIS was first in households (9.8/15), viewers (15.09m), adults 25-54 (4.8/12) and adults 18-49 (3.4/10) for the second consecutive week.

� THE AMAZING RACE 8: FAMILY EDITION (P) (6.6/10, 10.64m) was second in adults 18-49 (4.4/11), adults 18-34 (3.7/10), tied for second in adults 25-54 (5.2/11, with ABC). From 9:00-10:00PM, THE AMAZING RACE 8 tied "Commander-in-Chief" and NBC's sitcoms in adults 18-49 (4.3/11 for each network).

� STILL STANDING was second in households (5.7/09), viewers (8.58m), adults 25-54 (3.2/09) and tied for second in adults 18-49 (2.7/08, with FOX). STILL STANDING posted double-digit gains week to week in households (5.7/09 from 4.7/08, +21%), viewers (8.58m from 6.91m, +24%), adults 18-49 (2.7/08 from 2.2/07, +23%) and adults 25-54 (3.2/09 from 2.6/07, +23%).

� YES DEAR was second in households (5.8/09), viewers (8.74m), adults 25-54 (3.4/08) and tied for second in adults 18-49 (2.9/08, with FOX). YES DEAR was up +18% in households (5.8/09 from 4.9/08), +22% in viewers (8.74m from 7.20m), +16% in adults 18-49 (2.9/08 from 2.5/07) and +17% in adults 25-54 (3.4/08 from 2.9/07) from last week's premiere.

� CRIMINAL MINDS (P) was second in households (7.1/11), viewers (10.57m), adults 25-54 (4.1/09) and adults 18-49 (3.3/08). CRIMINAL MINDS topped NBC's "E-Ring" by +34% in households (vs. 5.3/08), +38% in viewers (vs. 7.69m), +57% in adults 18-49 (vs. 2.1/05) and +52% in adults 25-54 (from 2.7/06).

� SURVIVOR GUATEMALA: THE MAYA EMPIRE won its time period in households (10.6/17), viewers (17.29m), adults 25-54 (7.2/18) and adults 18-49 (5.7/16). Despite increased competition from the premieres of "Alias," "Smallville" and a live season premiere broadcast of "Will & Grace," SURVIVOR: GUATEMALA built on last week's audience by +310,000 viewers (from 16.98m).

� CSI: CRIME SCENE INVESTIGATION was first in households (17.4/26), viewers (28.00m), adults 25-54 (11.5/26), adults 18-49 (9.4/23) and adults 18-34 (7.3/20). CSI was the night's most watched and top rated program in households, adults 18-34, adults 18-49 and adults 25-54. CSI beat NBC, ABC and FOX combined in households (vs. 14.8/22, +18%), viewers (vs. 22.10, +27%) and adults 25-54 (vs. 10.4/23, +11%) and in a virtual tie in adults 18-49 (vs 9.7/24 for three networks).

� WITHOUT A TRACE was first in households (13.8/22), viewers (20.98m), adults 25-54 (7.9/19), second in adults 18-49 (6.4/17, -0.2 behind NBC) and adults 18-34 (4.6/14). This is the largest margin of victory ever for a first run episode of WITHOUT A TRACE against a first run "ER" in viewers. In adults 25-54, this is also the largest margin of victory ever and only the second time WITHOUT A TRACE has topped "ER" in this demographic. It was also the smallest difference, -0.2, between first run episodes of WITHOUT A TRACE and "ER" in adults 18-49.

� For the second week this season, CBS was first on Friday in households (7.0/12), viewers (10.35m), adults 25-54 (4.0/12) and adults 18-49 (2.8/09). CBS enjoyed a +37% lead over second place ABC in households (vs. 5.1/09), +42% in viewers (vs. 7.27m), +43% in adults 25-54 (vs. 2.8/08) and +27% in adults 18-49 (vs. 2.2/07). CBS won all six half-hours in viewers and five of six half-hours in adults 18-49 and adults 25-54.

� GHOST WHISPERER won its time period in households (7.5/14), viewers (10.87m), adults 25-54 (4.0/13) and adults 18-49 (2.7/10).

� THRESHOLD was first in households (5.5/10), viewers (8.34m), adults 25-54 (3.3/09) and tied for first in adults 18-49 (2.3/07, with ABC). Compared to last week's time period premiere, THRESHOLD was up +2% in households and retained 97% of both its viewers and adults 25-54 and 92% of its adults 18-49 delivery.

� NUMB3RS was first in households (7.9/14), viewers (11.83m), adults 25-54 (4.6/13) and adults 18-49 (3.4/11). NUMB3RS was up from its premiere week delivery: +10% in households (from 7.2/12), +12% in adults 25-54 (from 4.1/11), +13% in adults 18-49 (from 3.0/09) and +6% in viewers (from 11.18m).

� COLD CASE was first in households (10.9/17), viewers (16.67m) and second in adults 25-54 (5.2/12). Compared to last week's season premiere (which was delayed 53 minutes by football), COLD CASE was up +22% in households, +18% in adults 25-54 and +25% in adults 18-49. This is COLD CASE's best households and adults 18-49 delivery since 3/20/05 and best viewers and adults 25-54 delivery since 4/24/05.

� CBS top programs of the week: #1 CSI: CRIME SCENE INVESTIGATION (an average of 28.00m viewers), #4 WITHOUT A TRACE (P) (20.98m), #6 CSI: MIAMI (17.38m), #7 SURVIVOR: GUATEMALA: THE MAYA EMPIRE (17.29m), #8 COLD CASE (16.67m), #11 NCIS (15.09m), #15 TWO AND A HALF MEN (14.37m), #18 CSI: NY (P) (13.30m), #26 NUMB3RS (11.83m), #28 OUT OF PRACTICE (11.51m) and #30 GHOST WHISPERER (10.87m).

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