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Development Update: Thursday, February 22
By The Futon Critic Staff (TFC)

LOS ANGELES (thefutoncritic.com) -- The latest development news, culled from recent wire reports:

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THE APOSTLES (FOX) - Yara Martinez ("Vanished") is the latest addition to the drama pilot, about cops in their off-duty time. She'll play an L.A.P.D. cop married to another cop, with whom she has a baby.

Commitment: Ordered to pilot
Cast: Keith Robinson, Shawn Hatosy, Yara Martinez
Writer: Charles Pratt, Jr.
Director: TBA
Executive Producers: Charles Pratt, Jr.
Studio: 20th Century Fox Television

THE CALL (ABC) - Jodi Lyn O'Keefe ("The Evidence") has joined the cast of the comedy pilot, about two best friends, talented but unorthodox L.A. paramedics, who save people's lives while screwing up each other's. She's set as Jenna "Kinky" Kincaid, who's detailed in the casting notice as: "27-35. She is a kick-ass paramedic employed by the same company that employs Nick, Ian and Tom. Totally capable and utterly fearless, Kinky is hot in that Karen-Allen-in- "Raiders Of The Lost Ark" kinda way. Kinky's competence and "screw it" attitude give her courage and the latitude to (lovingly) bust Nick's balls. He respects and competes with her, and when the two of them are together, they bristle with attitude - and sexual tension. Although Kinky is incredibly frank and has zero boundaries, there is a chewy caramel center beneath her hard candy shell. She has one Achilles heel: she can't keep a partner (they never last more than a week - kinda like the drummers in "Spinal Tap.") Accordingly, raise the subject of "Kinky's curse" and she'll get a little teary - then kick you in the onions."

Commitment: Ordered to pilot
Cast: Jodi Lyn O'Keefe (Jenna "Kinky" Kincaid), John Francis Daley (Tom Timlin)
Writer: Dave Hemingson
Director: Michael Spiller
Executive Producers: Bob Cochran (Real Time Productions), Dave Hemingson, Howard Gordon (Real Time Productions), Joel Surnow (Real Time Productions)
Studio: 20th Century Fox Television

THE CAPTAIN (CBS) - "Reba" alum JoAnna Garcia has scored a role on the comedy pilot, about a young writer whose life changes when he moves into a legendary old Hollywood apartment building. No details were given about her character.

Commitment: Ordered to pilot
Cast: Fran Kranz (Josh), JoAnna Garcia
Writer: John Hamburg
Director: John Hamburg
Executive Producers: John Hamburg
Studio: CBS Paramount Network Television

CARPOOLERS (ABC) - Allison Munn ("What I Like About You") is the first to be cast in the comedy pilot, about four guys who carpool to work together. She'll play Cindy, an unspecified character.

Commitment: Ordered to pilot
Cast: Allison Munn (Cindy)
Writer: Bruce McCulloch
Directors: Anthony Russo, Joe Russo
Executive Producers: Bruce McCulloch, Darryl Frank (DreamWorks Television), David Miner (3 Arts Entertainment), Justin Falvey (DreamWorks Television)
Studio: ABC Television Studio

THE CURE (FOX) - Oded Fehr, late of "Sleeper Cell," is the latest addition to the drama pilot, about a pharmaceutical executive who quits his job to join a small organization that cuts corners to find medical cures. Details about his character were not released.

Commitment: Ordered to pilot
Cast: Anson Mount (Darren Elliot), Esai Morales (Jorge), Garcelle Beauvais-Nilon (Trudie Ericson), Oded Fehr
Writer: John Zinman, Patrick Massett
Director: Danny Cannon
Executive Producers: Akiva Goldsman (Weed Road Pictures), Danny Cannon, John Zinman, Patrick Massett
Co-Executive Producers: Brittany Lovett, Stephanie Koff
Studio: Warner Bros. Television

DIRTY SEXY MONEY (ABC) - Samaire Armstrong ("The O.C.") and Zoe McLellan ("J.A.G.") have both landed roles in the drama pilot, about an idealistic lawyer (Peter Krause) who represents the Darlings, a rich and powerful family. The former will play Juliet Darling, who's detailed in the casting notice as: "20s. This "plucky debutante with a heart." She seems like a petulant, spoiled girl who longs to be taken seriously as an actress. She is devastated to learn she only got the Audrey Hepburn role in the play "Wait Until Dark" because her father, Tripp Darling, was bankrolling the production. Her favorite comeback is, "You're poor!" which she snaps at anyone who upsets her (taxi drivers, etc.) She attempts to kill herself by overdosing on Ambien, but upon her recovery she reveals a new strength and determination to live her own life separate of her family." McLellan then is set as Lisa George, a role that's listed as recurring. Her character is described as: "Nick's sexy, sensible wife, and the mother of 7 year old Kiki. She's a patient partner in parenting and gets a kick out of the Darling's lavish parties but senses that Nick is drifting away from her, specifically in the direction of the alluring Karen Darling."

Commitment: Ordered to pilot
Cast: Glenn Fitzgerald (Brian Darling), Jill Clayburgh (Letitia Darling), Natalie Zea (Karen Darling), Peter Krause (Nick George), Samaire Armstrong (Juliet Darling), Seth Gabel (Jeremy Darling), Zoe McLellan (Lisa George)
Writer: Craig Wright
Director: Peter Horton
Executive Producers: Craig Wright, Greg Berlanti (Berlanti Television)
Studio: ABC Television Studio

FOOTBALL WIVES (ABC) - Ving Rhames ("Kojak") has been cast in the drama pilot, about the wives of professional football players. He's set as the GM of a football team.

Commitment: Ordered to pilot
Cast: Brian White (Kyle), Gabrielle Union (Chardonnay Lane), Kiele Sanchez, Lucy Lawless (Tanya), Ving Rhames
Writer: Marco Pennette
Director: Bryan Singer
Executive Producers: Ann McManus (Shed Productions), Bert Salke (Brancato-Salke Productions), Bryan Singer (Bad Hat Harry Productions), Chris Brancato (Brancato-Salke Productions), Eileen Gallagher (Shed Productions), Marco Pennette, Maureen Chadwicke (Shed Productions)
Studio: ABC Television Studio

GRAVITY (The CW) - Ryan Merriman ("Final Destination 3") has scored a role in the drama pilot, about rookie cops and their training officers in Los Angeles. He'll play an unspecified character.

Commitment: Ordered to pilot (14-20 minute presentation)
Cast: Brooke Nevin, Ryan Merriman
Writer: Caleb Kane
Directors: Jonas Pate, Josh Pate
Executive Producers: Darryl Frank (DreamWorks Television), Justin Falvey (DreamWorks Television)
Co-Executive Producer: Caleb Kane
Consulting Producer: Charles Segars
Studio: CBS Paramount Network Television

HACKETT (FOX) - Feature helmer Barry Sonnenfeld ("RV") has added the comedy pilot, about a bad-boy literary luminary who escapes his disgraced career teaching at Yale only to find himself among the ultra-PC ranks of teachers at an Ohio public high school, to his 2007-08 season directing roster. Sonnenfeld is also helming the ABC drama pilot "Pushing Daisies."

Commitment: Ordered to pilot (7-10 minute presentation)
Cast: TBA
Writer: Denise Moss
Director: Barry Sonnenfeld
Executive Producers: Carl Beverly (25C Productions), Denise Moss, Sarah Timberman (25C Productions)
Studio: Sony Pictures Television

JUDY'S GOT A GUN (ABC) - Bailee Madison ("Bridge to Terabithia") is the latest addition to the drama pilot, about a detective (Louise Lombard) who struggles to balance her personal life as a single mother with her job investigating the unusual crimes that take place in suburbia. She'll play Brenna Lemen, the woman's daughter. She's further detailed in the casting notice as: "7-9. Judy's daughter, age 7 sometimes going on 30, she's a good-natured, bright little girl who plays on a softball team and has playdates with her friends. She seems a little sad about the defection of her dad, but on the whole she seems to be happy and loving with her mom."

Commitment: Ordered to pilot
Cast: Bailee Madison (Brenna Lemen), Colm Feore (Captain Ruttgauer), Keith Powell (Brad Wilkes), Louise Lombard (Judy Lemen), Margo Harshman (Maya Spektor), Matt Lanter (Isaac Prentice), Michael Michele (Pamela Coates), Steve Sandvoss (Patrick)
Writers: Michelle King, Robert King
Director: Sheree Folkson
Executive Producers: Michelle King, Robert King, Stu Bloomberg (Cabloom!)
Studio: ABC Television Studio

LIFE (NBC) - "Deadwood" alum Robin Weigert has been added to the cast of the drama pilot, about a cop (Damien Lewis) who's wrongly imprisoned and adopts a Zen-like approach to capture criminals after he's released. She'll play the boss of Lewis' character, Lt. Davis.

Commitment: Ordered to pilot
Cast: Adam Arkin (Ted), Damien Lewis (Billy Crews), Melissa Sagemiller (Constance), Robin Weigert (Lt. Davis), Sarah Shahi (Dani Reese)
Writer: Rand Ravich
Director: David Semel
Executive Producers: David Semel, Far Shariat, Rand Ravich
Studio: NBC Universal Television Studio

LOS DUQUES (CBS) - Nestor Carbonell ("Smokin' Aces") is the latest addition to the drama pilot, about a man (Jimmy Smits) who is given the reins of a powerful Latin American family that works in the rum business. He'll play one of the sons who believes he is the rightful heir.

Commitment: Ordered to pilot
Cast: Jimmy Smits (Alex Vega), Nestor Carbonell
Writer: Cynthia Cidre
Director: TBA
Executive Producers: Cynthia Cidre, Jimmy Iovine (Interscope Records), Jimmy Smits (El Sendero Productions), Jonathan Prince, Polly Anthony (Interscope Records)
Studios: ABC Television Studio, CBS Paramount Network Television

THE MASTERSONS OF MANHATTAN (NBC) - "SNL" alum Molly Shannon has been tapped for one of the lead roles in the comedy pilot, a serialized soap revolving around two socialite sisters (Shannon, Natasha Richardson). She'll play Amanda Masterson, a New York socialite who's on trial for murder.

Commitment: Ordered to pilot
Cast: Jonathan Cake (Roger/Marshall), Molly Shannon (Amanda Masterson), Natasha Richardson (Victoria Masterson)
Writer: Gary Janetti
Director: James Burrows
Executive Producers: Gary Janetti
Studio: NBC Universal Television Studio

NICE GIRLS DON'T GET THE CORNER OFFICE (ABC) - Jayma Mays ("Heroes") has scored the lead role in the comedy pilot, about the struggles of a "nice girl" (Mays) trying to make it in the corporate world.

Commitment: Ordered to pilot
Cast: Jayma Mays
Writers: Jeff Ventimilia, Josh Sternin
Director: Gail Mancuso
Executive Producers: Brian Grazer (Imagine Television), David Nevins (Imagine Television), Jeff Ventimilia, Josh Sternin
Producers: Julie Richardson, Lois Frankel
Studio: 20th Century Fox Television

PH.D. (ABC Family, New!) - Newcomer M. Scott Veach is developing a new drama at the cable channel described as "C.S.I." in college. Taye Diggs and Abe Hoch's ABC Television Studio-based O'Taye Productions is behind the hour, which they'll executive produce alongside Veach. The duo recently reupped their overall deal with the studio in conjunction with Diggs' casting on ABC's potential "Grey's Anatomy" spin-off.

Commitment: Script
Cast: TBA
Writer: M. Scott Veach
Director: TBA
Executive Producers: Abe Hoch (O'Taye Productions), M. Scott Veach, Taye Diggs (O'Taye Productions)
Studio: ABC Television Studio

PHILADELPHIA GENERAL (FOX) - Gregory Harrison ("Joey"), Melinda Page Hamilton ("Desperate Housewives") and newcomer Brett Dalton have all joined the cast of the drama pilot, about the lives and loves of a team of nurses in a big-city hospital. Harrison will play Dr. Richard Miller, who's detailed via the casting notice as: "48-55. Caucasian, attractive. Imposing, well-respected, unpredictable. The Chief Administrator of the hospital and Eve's father, he's a brilliant but intimidating MD/MBA. When he was widowed years ago, he quickly remarried and started a new family; as a result, he and Eve have a very strained relationship. Miller makes it clear that he's expecting Eve to screw things up on her new job, like she has so often in the past. However, when Eve sets out to prove him wrong, Miller is secretly pleased by his daughter's apparent turnaround - although he'd never admit that fact."

Hamilton then is set as Margo MacDonald - "Early-Mid 30s. Attractive. Our Charge Nurse, she's nosy, and tightly wound, the anal-retentive high-school cheerleading captain (think Tracey Flick) grown up. She's very into her responsibilities but acts like it's a burden. Margo has a private, wilder side and is having an affair with Chief Miller. An "equal opportunity bitch," she seems indifferent when she's excluded from various social events - but she may care more than she's letting on." - with Dalton as Dr. Kurt Taylor - "28-32. Gorgeous. He's the golden boy. Eve's step-brother, the rising-star doctor and favorite son with the smugness to match. He's arrogant and has cultivated his golden-boy image well, but in actuality Kurt is a somewhat smarmy operator who is not the plaster saint he makes out to be. He taunts his "screw-up" step-sibling at every opportunity, but Eve usually has the last word, and she knows too much about Kurt's own screw-ups for him to have the upper hand for long."

Commitment: Ordered to pilot
Cast: Brett Dalton (Dr. Kurt Taylor), Gregory Harrison (Dr. Richard Miller), Katheryn Winnick (Eve Miller), Melinda Page Hamilton (Margo MacDonald), Ramon Rodriguez (Patrick Quinn), Sara Rue (Chris Korenek)
Writers: Andy Stern, Samantha Goodman
Director: P.J. Hogan
Executive Producers: Ann McManus (Shed Productions), Barry Josephson (Josephson Entertainment), Eileen Gallagher (Shed Productions), P.J. Hogan
Co-Executive Producers: Andy Stern, Samantha Goodman
Studio: 20th Century Fox Television

PUSHING DAISIES (ABC) - "The Nine" alum Chi McBride has joined the cast of the drama pilot, about a man (Lee Pace) who can touch the dead and bring them back to life. He's set as Emerson Cod, who's described in the casting notice as follows: "Late 30s-Mid 50s, African-American. Emerson's a private investigator who, after accidentally witnessing Ned's odd gift, has gone into business with him, where Ned brings a murder victim back to life, finds out who killed him/her, and then ends their life again, after which Emerson brings in the killer and collects the reward, which he splits with Ned. A pragmatic gumshoe, Emerson becomes suspicious when Ned wants to hang around for the memorial service of Charlotte "Chuck" Charles, their latest project, and later seems stunned when Chuck shows up for breakfast. Emerson's okay with Chuck's proposal to go after her murderer and the reward."

Commitment: Ordered to pilot
Cast: Chi McBride (Emerson Cod), Lee Pace (Ned)
Writer: Bryan Fuller
Director: Barry Sonnenfeld
Executive Producers: Bruce Cohen (The Jinks-Cohen Company), Bryan Fuller, Dan Jinks (The Jinks-Cohen Company)
Studio: Warner Bros. Television

THE RULES OF STARTING OVER (FOX) - Johnny Sneed ("House") and Shaun Majumder ("24") have both landed roles in the comedy pilot, about a new divorcee (Craig Bierko) who hits the dating scene with his pals. They'll play Tommy and Dr. Bill respectively, two unspecified characters.

Commitment: Ordered to pilot
Cast: Craig Bierko (Gator), Johnny Sneed (Tommy), Rashida Jones (Kate), Shaun Majumder (Dr. Bill)
Writers: Chris Pappas, Mike Bernier
Director: Bobby Farrelly
Executive Producers: Bobby Farrelly (Conundrum Entertainment), Brad Johnson (Watson Pond Productions), Bradley Thomas (Conundrum Entertainment), Peter Farrelly (Conundrum Entertainment)
Co-Executive Producers: Chris Pappas, Mike Bernier
Producers: Katy McCaffrey, Kevin Barnett
Studio: 20th Century Fox Television

SAM I AM (ABC) - Jennifer Esposito ("Related") is the first to be cast in the comedy pilot, about a woman with amnesia who must rediscover her life. She'll play Angela, the woman's best friend.

Commitment: Ordered to pilot
Cast: Jennifer Esposito (Angela)
Writers: Cecelia Ahern, Don Todd
Director: Robert Duncan McNeil
Executive Producers: Don Todd, Peter Traugott (Brillstein-Grey Television)
Producer: Cecelia Ahern
Studio: ABC Television Studio

TRAVELING IN PACKS (ABC) - Virginia Williams ("Monarch Cove") likewise is the first to be cast in the comedy pilot, about three thirtysomething single women who find living together has more benefits, and is more fun, than living alone. No details were given about her character.

Commitment: Ordered to pilot
Cast: Virginia Williams
Writer: Jhoni Marchinko
Director: James Burrows
Executive Producers: Jhoni Marchinko
Studio: Warner Bros. Television

UNTITLED LARRY MCMURTRY/DIANA OSSANA PROJECT (FOX, New!) - Oscar-winning writers Larry McMurtry and Diana Ossana ("Brokeback Mountain") are developing a new drama at the network, full details of which are being kept under wraps. The untitled hour, which the pair will write and executive produce, is said to examine urban and rural life. 20th Century Fox Television is behind the hour with the Firm's Adam Shulman also attached as an executive producer.

Commitment: Script
Cast: TBA
Writers: Diana Ossana, Larry McMurtry
Director: TBA
Executive Producers: Adam Shulman (The Firm), Diana Ossana, Larry McMurtry
Studio: 20th Century Fox Television

UNTITLED SHONDA RHIMES PROJECT (ABC) - Production the drama pilot, about the lives of four female journalists, has been pushed to a summer production start.

Commitment: Ordered to pilot
Cast: Jeffrey Dean Morgan
Writer: Shonda Rhimes
Director: Peter Horton
Executive Producers: Betsy Beers (Shondaland Productions), Julie Lynn, Mark Gordon (The Mark Gordon Company), Peter Horton, Shonda Rhimes (Shondaland Productions)
Studio: ABC Television Studio

THE WORLD ACCORDING TO BARNES (The CW) - Ryan Devlin ("Veronica Mars") and Hank Harris ("The Lyon's Den") have both been cast in the drama pilot, about two geeky Princeton University students who use their inventive skills to help solve crimes. No specifics were given about their characters.

Commitment: Ordered to pilot (14-20 minute presentation)
Cast: Hank Harris, Ryan Devlin
Writer: Tom Wheeler
Director: Jason Ensler
Executive Producers: Andrew Plotkin (Class IV Productions), Steve Pearlman (Class IV Productions), Tom Wheeler
Studio: Warner Bros. Television

Sources: Variety, The Hollywood Reporter, Reuters

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