[03/30/10 - 12:23 PM]
We TV Unveils Robust 2010-2011 Original Programming Slate, Featuring Seven New Original Series
Plus: the network has acquired the full eight-season library of "Charmed," starring Alyssa Milano, Holly Marie Combs, Shannen Doherty and Rose McGowan.

[via press release from WE: Women's Entertainment]

WE tv Unveils Robust 2010-2011 Original Programming Slate, Featuring Seven New Original Series

Line-Up Includes "Mother Knows Best," Featuring Joan Rivers in a Weekly Showdown with Daughter Melissa

Network Announces Proprietary "Resetter" Research, Revealing Women's Attitudes on the Economy

New York, NY - March 30, 2010 - On the heels of its best year ever, WE tv (www.WEtv.com) today announced a robust line-up of original series in production and development as well as a key series acquisition. From profiling the "Melrose Place" of retirement homes in the new original series SUNSET DAZE, to exploring the impacts of the economy on a modern family in DOWNSIZED, the slate reflects WE tv's mission of providing viewers with entertaining, timely stories about topics the modern woman cares most about - her children, her partner, her aging parents, the economy...and, of course, fashion.

"WE tv had a tremendous 2009, finishing the year with its highest ever primetime HH rating and W25-54 delivery, as well as the network's strongest year ever for its Sunday night bridal line-up," said Kim Martin, President & General Manager of WE tv and Wedding Central. "We have more viewers than ever before in our history and we're excited to bring them a new slate packed with conflict, drama and humor that addresses the issues that are most relevant to their lives."

WE tv's line-up features seven all new original series, including a pair of shows that examine mother-daughter relationships. MOTHER KNOWS BEST is an up-close-and-personal look at the lives of comedian Joan Rivers and daughter Melissa, as the vibrant mother moves to Los Angeles and into her daughter's home and life. In YOU'RE WEARING THAT?!? mothers and daughters share how they really feel about the other's wardrobe as they work with NY stylist Luciene Salomone to make some much-needed changes.

In FIX MY FAMILY, Dr. Tara Fields helps families begin to mend their broken relationships, while the Masche family returns to WE tv for a second season of RAISING SEXTUPLETS.

WE tv will also add to its already robust line-up of wedding programming with the new original series, GIRL MEETS GOWN. The one-hour series steps inside the two busiest bridal shops in the U.S. as brides-to-be shop for their perfect wedding gown.

In addition to original series, WE tv has acquired the full eight-season library of CHARMED, starring Alyssa Milano, Holly Marie Combs, Shannen Doherty and Rose McGowan. The series features 178 one-hour episodes. CHARMED will make its WE tv debut on Monday, June 21 at 5 pm. Back-to-back episodes will air weekdays from 5-7 pm.

"This new slate underscores an important programming evolution for WE tv, expanding from its authoritative wedding niche to telling a wide range of stories about the various life stages of the modern woman," said John Miller, Senior Vice President of Original Productions & Development. "Women are craving this type of fresh content - entertaining stories that are resonant and that take them on a journey of emotions - and we're proud to be the network to give it to them."

WE tv commissioned a research study from the Insight Research Group to gauge the impact of the recession on women and how their spending behaviors have changed as a result. WE tv's "Resetter" study identifies that WE tv's viewers have "hit the reset button" with regard to finances. Despite indications that the recession may have ended, the women polled do not believe the recession is over, and they have made substantive changes to address new economic realities. Forty seven percent of women feel the recession has resulted in their becoming smarter about how they spend their money and one-third of women are now explaining the importance of financial responsibility to their children. A key finding of the study is that women actually feel empowered by the recession and have thrived in adversity by taking even more control over their family's finances. In fact, across almost every purchase category, women are more likely to make the final purchase decision now than they were before the recession started.

For the WE tv viewer, the recession has resulted in changed habits which appear to be sticking, even as the economy improves. For example, the findings indicate WE tv viewers are more willing to "trade-up" and spend more on an item if they feel it's of higher quality and has more long-term value. In addition, since the recession began, these women have become the chief finance managers of their households and have become motivated to be much more strategic and thoughtful about spending across all categories.

Source: WE tv's 2010 Resetter Study

Added Martin: "WE tv knows that today's woman is a complex leader who is driven by emotions, finances and desires. Our recent 'Resetter' study shows that 25% of women are making more decisions about how to spend money than their partners. So, whether she's running a Fortune 500 business or a home, she is the family CFO and the key influencer on spending - and we recognize her authority."

The 2010-2011 WE tv programming slate follows:

Original Series in Production


Premieres Sunday, April 25 at 10 PM ET/PT

GIRL MEETS GOWN showcases the hustle and bustle involved in running two of the nation's most popular bridal boutiques, Stardust Celebration in Dallas, Texas and The Stardust Salon in Plano, Texas. The new reality series takes a look at a number of soon-to-be brides as they work with the salon stylists to plan their wedding and find the dress of their dreams. The stylists face a huge variety of challenges - from overbearing mothers to fitting 10 differently-sized bridesmaids into a bride's restrictive dress choice. Each episode follows 3-4 brides and their devoted stylists on their emotional journey to find the perfect gown for the most important day of their lives.

Produced by WE tv and AMSs. Executive Producer for WE tv: Annabelle McDonald.


Premiering Wednesday, April 28 at 10 PM ET/PT

Picture a retirement complex where the residents party like it's Spring Break, every day! In its newest reality series, WE tv pulls back the curtain on a group of outgoing, party-loving men and women who are all over 60 years old and living "La Vida Loca" in Surprise Arizona's Sun City, one of the country's largest retirement communities. From an ex-nun who skydives for fun, to a widow ready to break onto the dating scene with the help of her boozy flock of friends, the residents of Sun City are out to truly live the life they have left. SUNSET DAZE captures this Disneyland for the retirement set, where there are no jobs or children to get in the way of having fun.

Produced by WE tv and Washington Square. Executive Producers for WE tv: John Miller and Monica Ramone.


Premieres Friday, May 14 at 10 PM ET/PT

What happens when you ask a seriously fashion-challenged mother and her equally style-less daughter to make each other over? Total Drama! YOU'RE WEARING THAT?!? is WE tv's eye-opening new series where a mother and daughter duo get to vent about what's NOT working in the other's wardrobe. Throughout the process, series host and NY stylist Luciene Salomone provides expert advice on how each woman can freshen up her style while addressing some of the women's underlying relationship issues as well. Among the mothers/daughters featured are "American Idol" contestant Kimberley Locke, professional poker player Annie Duke, and actress Charlene Tilton. Throughout YOU'RE WEARING THAT?!?, the mother and daughter duo are transformed and by the end of the journey, they have undoubtedly strengthened the bond they share.

Produced by WE tv and Authentic. Executive Producer for WE tv: Annabelle McDonald.


Premieres Wednesday, June 30 at 10 PM ET/PT

In the first season of RAISING SEXTUPLETS, WE tv viewers met Jenny and Bryan Masche who were just coming to terms with the demands of raising toddler sextuplets. The new season opens as the Masche family's lives are turned upside down when Bryan decides to move the family to Florida to pursue a job in finance. The situation becomes critical as Bryan's job falls through and the Masches - now isolated from their family in Arizona - are forced to care for the children and survive on Jenny's nursing salary. Despite the stress, the Masches' optimism and the love of their children helps them to navigate through their rough times together.

Produced by WE tv and Eric Schiff Productions. Executive Producer for WE tv: Annabelle McDonald.


Premieres 4Q 2010

Melissa Rivers is experiencing Los Angeles domestic bliss - she has a sweet young son, a great live-in boyfriend and her infamous mother, Joan Rivers lives on the opposite side of the country. In WE tv's brand-new series MOTHER KNOWS BEST?, Melissa's world is rocked when her mother Joan sets out to switch coasts, change her lifestyle and infiltrate Melissa's home. When Joan moves in and takes over her daughter's life, chaos ensues. At times loving and at times tumultuous, this ultimate mother/daughter showdown will address the question plaguing daughters since the beginning of time: does mother really know best?

Produced by WE tv and Zoo Productions. Executive Producer for WE tv: Monica Ramone.


Premieres 4Q 2010

The Bruce's are today's Brady Bunch, though this nine-member family is trying to survive difficult economic times. Laura had five kids, Todd had two. A few years after a blind date, they married and things were great until, just like a million other American families, the recession hit and the bottom dropped out of their lives. As they face the reality of having both of their homes in foreclosure, DOWNSIZED follows the family as they are forced to make radical lifestyle changes and begin living by extremely limited means, including making clothes and growing food themselves. DOWNSIZED captures this family navigating these changes with innovation and determination, challenging even their own notions of what they could never do, together.

Produced by WE tv and Pie Town Productions. Executive Producer for WE tv: John Miller and Monica Ramone.


Premieres 1Q 2011

Facing everyday problems is doable when you have the support of your family and a predictable day-to-day life. But, for some families problems grow when overlooked, sometimes becoming insurmountable. That's when Dr. Tara Fields, a take-no-baloney psychiatrist, moves in with the family for a week to help them repair their relationship. Rolling up her sleeves, she unravels sometimes the cobwebs of miscommunication and histories gone toxic. She descends into the day-to-day drama and at the end of the week leaves the families with stronger bonds and a brighter outlook on the future.

Produced by WE tv and ISH. Executive Producer for WE tv: Annabelle McDonald.

Series Acquisition

CHARMED - 178x60

Premieres Monday, June 21 at 5 PM ET/PT

The fascinating and mystical women of CHARMED arrive on WE tv this June. Executive produced by Aaron Spelling, the series stars Alyssa Milano, Holly Marie Combs, Shannen Doherty, and later Rose McGowan, as the Halliwell sisters who discover they are descendents of a line of female witches. Along with their gifts comes the daunting responsibility of keeping the peace in the ongoing war of good vs. evil. The sisters have to learn how to live and love in their daily lives while fighting demons, warlocks and unexpected dangers along the way.

Original Series in Development

WAYNE'S WORLD (working title)

Merv Griffin once said: "Las Vegas without Wayne Newton is like Disneyland without Mickey Mouse." WAYNE'S WORLD focuses on the many women of the Newton family who essentially run the entertainer's on and off-stage life. The cameras capture how the Newton family manages to function in the very non-traditional city of Las Vegas - somehow making life work under the strangest of circumstances. It's an exclusive look at the life and people behind the legendary entertainer, who try to stay grounded in the most artificial city in the world.

WAYNE'S WORLD is being developed by Ping Pong Productions.

WILD FLOWERS (working title)

Following the women of Enchanted Florist in Las Vegas, this series showcases the employees fulfilling one "mission impossible" after another, while battling desert heat and dealing with their own fragile creations. WILD SERIES also captures the women's struggles to balance a tough work load with their personal lives.

WILD FLOWERS is being developed by Leftfield Productions.

STATEN ISLAND CAKES (working title)

A Staten Island family comes together to make the dreams of one of its own come true. The day-to-day operations and emotions of STATEN ISLAND CAKES takes center stage as Vinny, a 19-year old pastry prodigy runs one of New York City's most sought-after cake shops with the help of his very Italian and very opinionated family.

STATEN ISLAND CAKES is being developed by Nancy Glass Productions.

DR. HALLIGAN PROJECT (working title)

Karen "Doc" Halligan is one of the most renowned and beloved veterinarians in the country. She is devoted to her practice, animals and their families. The DR. HALLIGAN PROJECT focuses on this extremely busy career woman as she tries to find and keep a romantic relationship while balancing the demands of her career.

DR. HALLIGAN PROJECT is being developed by by PB&J Productions.

About WE tv

WE tv (http://www.wetv.com), a subsidiary of Rainbow Media Holdings LLC, is the premier source for women looking to satisfy their curiosity with fascinating, real-life stories and entertaining, fresh content that is relevant to key stages of their lives. Available in over 76 million homes, WE tv's programming offers viewers compelling perspectives on women's lives ranging from the ordinary to the extraordinary, presented in a non-judgmental voice. The network's popular original series include the signature show Bridezillas; critically acclaimed, viewer favorite The Locator (the network's most-watched-series ever), Amazing Wedding Cakes, My Fair Wedding with David Tutera and Raising Sextuplets. WE tv is available in HD and WE tv On Demand is available in more than 30 million homes.

WE tv's public affairs initiative, WE Empowers Women, is dedicated to creating programs that foster and celebrate women's strength, confidence and diversity. The network's newest initiative, WE Volunteer (http://www.wevolunteer.tv), celebrates the idea that one full day - just 24 hours - of community service can make a difference in someone else's life. The initiative is a call-to-action for women to become more involved in their communities by connecting them with local causes they are passionate about while encouraging them to volunteer.

About Rainbow Media Holdings LLC

Rainbow Media Holdings LLC is a subsidiary of Cablevision Systems Corporation (NYSE: CVC). Rainbow Media owns and operates some of the world's most popular and award-winning entertainment brands, including AMC, IFC, Sundance Channel, WE tv, Wedding Central and IFC Entertainment (IFC Center, IFC Festival Direct, IFC Films, IFC In Theaters and IFC Productions). Additional information about Rainbow Media's multiplatform brands is available at www.rainbow-media.com.

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[10/22/18 - 02:23 PM]
Donna Gigliotti to Produce the 91st Oscars, and Glenn Weiss to Co-Produce and Direct "The Oscars"
"Donna and Glenn will infuse new energy and vision into this 91st awards presentation, and we are excited about a broad-based creative relationship with these two artists," said John Bailey.

[10/22/18 - 01:40 PM]
Monumental Documentary Series "Surviving R. Kelly" Set to Debut as a Special Three-Night Event Beginning January 3
Celebrated as one of the greatest R&B singers of all time, R. Kelly's genre defining career and playboy lifestyle has been riddled with rumors of abuse, predatory behavior, and pedophilia.

[10/22/18 - 01:32 PM]
Video: Come Visit Orphelin Bay - "Tidelands" Launches December 14
The Netflix series follows Cal McTeer, played by Charlotte Best, a young woman who returns home to the small fishing village of Orphelin Bay after 10 years in juvenile detention then jail.

[10/22/18 - 01:30 PM]
Freeform Pilot "Party of Five" Finds Its Leading Four
Brandon Larracuente, Emily Tosta, Niko Guardado and Elle Paris Legaspi will star in the modern reimagining of the groundbreaking original series.

[10/22/18 - 01:05 PM]
"The Price of Everything," A Revealing Look at the Contemporary Art Market, Debuts Nov. 12 on HBO
The film takes a deep dive into the contemporary art world, examining the role of art and artistic passion in today's money-driven, consumer-based society, and spotlighting collectors, dealers, auctioneers and a rich range of artists.

[10/22/18 - 12:43 PM]
TV One's "Rickey Smiley for Real" Returns for a Fifth Season, Premiering on Tuesday, October 30 at 8 P.M. ET/7C
This season the show captures Rickey Smiley navigating the ups and downs of his professional demands while adapting to new additions in his household, and juggling the growing pains of his young adult children.

[10/22/18 - 10:24 AM]
National Geographic Documentary Films Announces New Four-Part Series "Inside North Korea's Dynasty"
A year in production, the project premieres with back-to-back episodes on Sunday, November 11, and Sunday, November 18, on National Geographic in the US and globally in 171 countries and 43 languages.

[10/22/18 - 09:02 AM]
"Heathers" - The Five Night Binge-a-thon Begins on Thursday, October 25th at 10 PM ET/PT
All nine episodes will be available to stream on ParamountNetwork.com and the app starting Monday, October 22.

[10/22/18 - 08:31 AM]
Guillermo del Toro to Make His Animated Feature Film Directorial Debut at Netflix with His Lifelong Passion Project "Pinocchio"
Del Toro has set his retelling of the classic tale of Pinocchio in Italy during the 1930s.

[10/22/18 - 08:21 AM]
Sunday's Broadcast Ratings: Another Sunday, Another NFL Win for NBC
The Peacock takes home the top spot in both total viewers and adults 18-49.

[10/22/18 - 08:16 AM]
Nickelodeon Serves Up Brand-New Animated Preschool Series, "Butterbean's Cafe," Premiering Monday, Nov. 12, at 1 P.M. (ET/PT)
The series will feature guest voice appearances by top celebrity chefs and culinary experts: Richard Blais, Alton Brown, Carla Hall, Padma Lakshmi, Giada De Laurentiis and Rachael Ray.

[10/22/18 - 07:34 AM]
Video: "Disenchantment" - Announcement: New Episodes Coming Soon - Netflix
Look for new episodes coming in 2019, 2020 and 2021.

[10/22/18 - 07:21 AM]
Investigation Discovery Greenlights Sophomore Season of "Breaking Homicide"
Season two is slated to premiere Summer 2019, exclusively on ID.

[10/22/18 - 07:09 AM]
Video: Second Official Trailer - Amazon Prime Video's "Homecoming" Starring Julia Roberts
Heidi Bergman (Roberts) is a caseworker at the Homecoming Transitional Support Center, a Geist Group facility helping soldiers transition back to civilian life.

[10/22/18 - 07:03 AM]
Alfonso Cuaron's "Roma" - Official Key Art Debut
The film will be available in theaters and on Netflix in December, produced by Esperanto Filmoj and Participant Media.