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History(Tm) Builds on Foundation of Success

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Growth in Key Demos Draws Advertisers in New Categories

NEW YORK, May 4, 2010 - HISTORY(TM), which finished 2009 as one of the top 10 networks in adults 25-54 in all of cable television, and currently ranks the number one non-fiction network 2010 to date, today announced it will add 15 new original series and 10 tent pole specials to its roster. The announcement was made by Nancy Dubuc, President and General Manager for HISTORY. The network is increasing its investment in programming as it commits to moving into the top 5 in key demos during the 2010-11 season.

HISTORY's programming slate for 2010-11 features a robust line-up of captivating content at an epic scope, drawing on some of the top producers in all of television to bring an entertaining perspective and reinforce the network's status as the preeminent destination for all things history.

Already a leader in attracting hard-to-reach male viewers, the network's new programming slate continues to create unique destinations for viewers. HISTORY recently announced its first scripted show looking at America's most fascinating family in THE KENNEDYS, with talent signed to the project including Oscar� nominated and Emmy Award-winning (TM) Greg Kinnear (As Good As it Gets, Little Miss Sunshine), Emmy and Golden Globe nominated Canadian actor Barry Pepper (Saving Private Ryan, Flags of Our Fathers,) acclaimed actress Katie Holmes (Batman Begins, The Ice Storm) and Oscar nominated and Emmy award-winning actor Tom Wilkinson (In The Bedroom; John Adams).

THE KENNEDYS comes to HISTORY from Joel Surnow (Co-creator, Writer and Executive Producer), Steve Kronish (Writer, Co-Executive Producer) and Jon Cassar (Director and Executive Producer) who all worked together and played crucial roles in the success of the groundbreaking Emmy and Golden Globe winning series "24."

Additional series to premiere in the coming year include a competition series featuring legendary tales of amazing marksmanship in TOP SHOT; an archeology series which will follow legendary archeologist Dr. Zahi Hawass in CHASING MUMMIES; and an American version of the celebrated U.K. show TOP GEAR, which will be chock-full of high-adrenaline action entertainment as it tracks the colorful history of the automobile as well as the eccentric adventures of its hosts.

"We are honored to be in business with such talent as Joel Surnow, Steve Kronish, Jon Cassar, Thom Beers, Craig Piligian, LeftField Pictures, Cineflix Productions, and with the famous Egyptologist Dr. Zahi Hawass," Dubuc added. "We are also excited at the challenge to take the long-running hit BBC series TOP GEAR and make it our own. Together, we continue to partner on innovative and game-changing programming. It's what makes our work here at HISTORY so rewarding.

"We always appreciate and seek out new and unique stories, because history is not the story of millions - it's a million stories," Dubuc said. "We challenge ourselves each and every day to push the envelope, to take HISTORY to places none of us, or our viewers, have ever been. We are fortunate because history gives us the greatest stories of all time."


For the past three years, HISTORY has delivered on its promise to increase its viewing audience, even as the network's median age of viewers continues to get younger. In 2009 HISTORY had its best year ever with adults 25 to 54, adults 18 to 49, men 25 to 54 and men 18-49.

Entering the upfront market, the network has established a history of keeping its promises to advertisers, showing consistent growth for three consecutive years. In the first quarter HISTORY rose to No. 6 among adults 25 to 54. It has also been attracting younger viewers and was No. 7 among adults 18 to 49 in the quarter.

"We've had an amazing year, with groundbreaking, trend-setting programming, from AMERICA THE STORY OF US and WWII in HD to PAWN STARS and AMERICAN PICKERS. This year we have been consistently top ten in all key demos and in 2010-2011 our goal is to be top five in adults 25 to 54," Dubuc said. "We continue to grow and to resonate with our passionate viewers and in the media landscape because we truly represent and are extremely proud of the fact that we are making history every day. In 2010-11, we are taking our network and the HISTORY brand, which has become one of the most recognized brands of today's popular culture, to new places and new heights."

HISTORY also attracts a larger proportion of men than any non-sports channel. So far this year, it is in the top five among men 25 to 54 and men 18 to 49, and ranks sixth with men 18 to 34. In fact, during the month of March, HISTORY's Monday night lineup was No. 1 in all of cable against Men 18 to 34 and tied for first place with Men 18 to 49, as HISTORY also outperformed several broadcast networks.

As HISTORY's audience has grown, it has also become younger. The average age of its viewers 2010 to date is 48, down four years from 2006. This remarkable performance has attracted new advertisers in a variety of categories who crave younger viewers.

HISTORY has gotten off to a fast start in 2010, emerging as the top factual entertainment network across most key demos. The network is up 25% year to date compared to a year ago among adults 25 to 54, up 24% among adults 18 to 49 and men 25-54 and up 22% among men 18 to 49.

2010 to-date, HISTORY was among the top five networks in cable in adults 25 to 54, adults 18 to 49, men 25 to 54 and men 18 to 49.

In addition to its popularity with men, the network is one of the most upscale in cable. In 2009, HISTORY finished among the Top 10 networks in adults 25 to 54 in households with annual income of $100,000 or more.

HISTORY's series are among the most viewed shows in cable. April was HISTORY's best month ever, driven by the success of AMERICA THE STORY OF US, which was the most watched and highest rated special in network history. As well, PAWN STARS is cable's No. 1 non-sports program averaging 2.5 million adult viewers 25 to 54.

AMERICAN PICKERS is the No. 4 ranked show with 2.0 million adult viewers 25 to 54. It is also the No. 3 non-fiction cable series and No. 1 new cable series. (note: through 4/18; excludes programs with less than 4 telecasts)

AX MEN is tied for No. 9 in cable with 1.5 million adults 25 to 54 tuning in. It is the No. 5 non-fiction cable series. The programs are also among the tops with adults 18 to 49 and PAWN STARS ranked No. 2, AMERICAN PICKERS tied at No. 6 and AX MEN tied for No. 16.


Advertisers have responded to HISTORY as enthusiastically as viewers have. The network has been fortunate to retain its previous advertising categories, while bringing in new clients eager to reach our growing male-oriented, younger upscale audience and to be associated with the hit series and specials across all content platforms.

According to Mel Berning, EVP of Ad Sales for AETN, "The balance in our schedule allows us to bring a unique and diverse template of advertisers from different categories to the network. HISTORY has retained its core advertisers, while at the same time bringing in new advertisers - from the financial to the quick service restaurants, automotive, insurance companies, to gaming companies and movie studios."

Key traditional advertisers including Bank of America, Ford, GM, Toyota, Geico, AT&T, Verizon, DirecTV, Microsoft, P&G and Pfizer have been joined by newer sponsors including Popeye's, Kia, Warner Brothers, McDonald's, Harley Davidson, Denny's, Electronic Arts, Dominos, MillerCoors and Warner Brothers.

The HISTORY brand is also thriving and one with which sponsors should want to be identified. According to the 2010 Equitrend study, HISTORY moved into second place in quality among 76 TV networks measured. HISTORY has been ranked third since 2005. Among the 1,149 brands studies, HISTORY ranked No. 46, ahead of Sony, Tropicana, Disney World and Kraft.

In the most recent Beta Brand identity study, HISTORY ranked No. 1 among all respondents for being valuable and informative and tied for No. 1 on being distinctive, for being high quality and being a favorite channel. Among the men surveyed, HISTORY was No. 1 for being informative, distinctive, high quality, valuable and for being a "favorite channel."

Also recently re-launched is History.com, the leading online resource for all things history. The site has been revamped with a topics-based approach that is scalable to support a breadth of content for history enthusiasts, casual information seekers, students and educators. History.com features more than 15,000 topics addressing the history of eras, events, people, dates and more, and differentiates itself from any other site in this genre with a rich multimedia offering of more than 4,000 videos, 2,500 photos, 550 audio clips, and 50 interactive features at launch. The content offering will grow each month with the addition of new topics and supporting multimedia. The redesigned site offers new opportunities for sponsors who have already benefited from the network's custom solutions, which create true partnerships and meaningful integrations that work for brands on multiple levels.


In addition to previously announced new series for 2010-2011, HISTORY will unveil its new slate of programming with the following:



In this groundbreaking new series, all forms of transportation will be celebrated as our adventure-seeking hosts battle each other, as well as the elements, in a go-for-broke race around the globe. The catch? The two rivals will have to use 80 uniquely different modes of transportation throughout the race, along the way giving a unique glimpse at how far transportation has come as well as where it's headed. The competitors, armed only with their wits, survival skills and gear-'know how' - race from city-to-city, country-to-country and continent-to-continent utilizing any and all forms of transportation- whether it be as simple as the unicycle or as sophisticated as the B1 Bomber. No form can be used more than once and only one of them will be crowned the champion. 10 Episodes; Produced for History by Original Productions. Premiering 2Q 2011.


Our lives are steeped in hidden codes and symbols. We encounter them daily, but they're so familiar to us that we no longer notice. What are their origins? Do these ordinary objects and fixtures contain a mysterious meaning? BRAD MELTZER'S DECODED will reveal that the many of the things we see daily contain secret messages. These thrilling ideas and theories come directly from the mind of best-selling author Brad Meltzer who uncovered them during his research. Now History has given Brad the ability to pose these questions to a group of elite researchers, who will travel far and wide to examine the clues and decode the hidden meaning behind these seemingly innocuous origins. 10 Episodes; Produced for HISTORY by Go-Go Luckey and Berman/Braun. Premiering 4Q 2010.


The series follows legendary archeologist Dr. Zahi Hawass as he pursues one of the most challenging and exciting jobs in the world: discovering new archeological finds while managing 250 digs throughout Egypt. The cameras will be right there as he and his team unearth new treasures, ranging from incredibly preserved mummies to, perhaps, Cleopatra's tomb. This unique series shows archeology as never seen before: unfiltered and transparent, revealing and amusing, exasperating and dangerous. Viewers will see not only the whirlwind, international life led by Dr. Hawass but also the hardships and very real risks facing the teams and camera crews as they work in Egypt's scorching deserts and valleys. 10 Episodes; Produced for HISTORY by BoutiqueTV; Premiering 3Q 2010.


Throughout history, humans have evolved through genetic "mistakes" that produced physical changes and abilities which advanced our species over time. It's a process that's still happening today, as viewers will discover in the fascinating world of STAN LEE'S SUPERHUMANS. Co-hosted by Stan Lee, the legendary creator of the fictional X-Men, and Daniel Browning Smith, dubbed the most flexible man in the world, the series travels the world in search of the real life counterparts of Lee's characters - people with remarkable powers because they are genetically different. 8 Episodes; Produced for HISTORY by Off the Fence; Premiering 3Q 2010.


In the farthest corner of Louisiana lies the nation's largest swamp - a hidden world where nature rules... and man fights back. The Cajuns that live in this forbidding environment follow traditions dating back three hundred years, to the earliest pioneers. They are SWAMP PEOPLE, inheritors of a tradition of self reliance and fierce independence that makes them true American originals. HISTORY follows these swampers through the most important time of their year - the thirty day alligator hunting season. At its core, this is a story of the American spirit - the lost art of doing things the right way and the fierce desire to preserve a dying way of life from the encroaching modern world.10 Episodes; Produced for HISTORY by Original Media; Premiering 3Q 2010.


Engineer Timothy Galarnick has been inspecting America's infrastructure for decades. In VIGILANTE INSPECTOR, he and his partner Chad Houseknecht inspect the nation's quickly decaying infrastructure - everything from bridges, levees, and highways to that pesky pothole in front of your house. Viewers are introduced to the earliest engineering principles used in our country as well as the technology that made it all possible and how their use has affected today's structures. 10 Episodes; Produced for HISTORY by Original Productions; Premiering 4Q 2010.



The 10-episode series premiering in summer 2010 breaks new ground for HISTORY as the network's first competition show; pitting skilled marksmen against one other in team and elimination challenges inspired by real events in history - from Wild West shootouts to modern-day sniper missions. One contestant will emerge with a $100,000 prize package and the title of "Top Shot." 10 Episodes; Produced for HISTORY by Pilgrim Films & Television; Premiering Sunday, June 6 at 10pm.


Premiering in fall 2010, the 10-episode series is based on the award-winning UK series that showcases super-cars with extreme stunts and driving challenges, assessing the performance of vehicles of all makes and models, all shapes and sizes. The U.S. version will be chock-full of high-adrenaline action entertainment as it tracks the colorful history of the automobile as well as the eccentric adventures of its hosts with Top Gear's customary wit and humor. 10 episodes; Co-production between HISTORY and BBC Worldwide; Premiering 4Q 2010.


In the new 13-episode series of ONLY IN AMERICA WITH LARRY THE CABLE GUY, Larry will visit various sites across the country revealing bits of real history while immersing himself in new and different lifestyles, jobs and hobbies that celebrate the American experience. The result: an informative new approach to history that will be as memorable as it is quirky. 10 episodes; Produced for HISTORY by Pilgrim Films & Television and Parallel Entertainment; Premiering 4Q 2010.


The eight-hour miniseries, HISTORY's first foray into scripted series, premieres in 2011. Produced for HISTORY by Muse Entertainment in association with Asylum Entertainment, the creative team behind THE KENNEDYS includes Joel Surnow (co-creator), Steve Kronish (writer) and Jon Cassar (director).


AMERICAN PICKERS - produced by Cineflix

AX MEN - produced by Original Productions.

ICE ROAD TRUCKERS - produced by Original Productions

MODERN MARVELS - produced by Actuality Productions

PAWN STARS - produced by LeftField Pictures

THE UNIVERSE - produced by Flight 33 Productions



Did you know that 1% of the white noise you see on old televisions is background radiation from The Big Bang? That the gold on a wedding ring comes from a star that exploded 5 billion years ago? And, that we're connected to the salt water of the first oceans through the water in our bodies? Our human story is actually 14 billion years old and the clues are all around us. This CGI-driven special will tell the history of our world in two hours, an ambitious story that will give surprising connections to our daily lives. From the formation of the earth and the emergence of life, to the advance of man and the growth of civilization, it's a rapid-fire view of our unforgettable story. Produced for HISTORY by Flight 33 Productions; Premiering 3Q 2010.


In this two-hour special, HISTORY will embrace and celebrate Thomas Jefferson's complicated life and legacy. He is the most researched, most written about, most referenced, and most quoted of our Founding Fathers. And yet, somehow, he remains the most stubbornly inscrutable. His life is a seemingly impenetrable thicket of contradictions. Produced for HISTORY by Left/Right; Premiering 3Q 2010.


Moments after the President of the United States is sworn in, he takes possession of the "football," a briefcase that contains the most important top-secret information in the world: America's nuclear launch codes. Well known to the public, the "football" is a high profile national secret, but it's only the first piece of classified information that the President will collect as he takes on the role of Commander in Chief. What other secrets are available to the President, and what information is so highly classified that even the President's security clearance is not enough to gain access? Produced for HISTORY by Prometheus Entertainment; Premiering 4Q 2010.


We know America's 40th President's politics, his policies, and his oratorical prowess. But as we approach the centennial of Ronald Reagan's birth in 2011, the totality of the man is still eclipsed by the myth. One thing is for certain, he made history. But what made him? This is the larger-than-life story of an unforgettable man who, against all odds, rose to the pinnacle of power. Produced for HISTORY by Boom Pictures; Premiering 1Q 2011.


At 8.46am on September 11th 2001, American Flight 11 crashed into the North Tower of the World Trade Center. Within minutes a deluge of telephone calls flooded into the outside world. This film is about those calls, and the stories behind those who made them. For the first time, HISTORY presents a film that, while acknowledging the compelling narrative of those 102 minutes, uses the power of filmmaking to portray the extraordinary lives behind just a few of those who fought for life, sought to understand the chaos and then, in many cases, calmly accepted death. Produced for HISTORY by Darlow Smithson Productions; Premiering 3Q 2010.


Controversy and questions haunt our history. Did other explorers discover America decades, even centuries, before Columbus? Modern day science and archeology reveal how this nation may have been discovered - and rediscovered again and again - by Japanese, Chinese, Welsh, British, Hebrew, Celtic, Norse and Polynesian tribes. Surprising evidence and dramatic recreations augment the story of these amazing journeys. Produced for HISTORY by Committee Films, Premiering 2Q 2010.

HISTORY(TM) and HISTORY HD(TM) are the leading destinations for revealing, award-winning original non-fiction series and event-driven specials that connect history with viewers in an informative, immersive and entertaining manner across multiple platforms. Programming covers a diverse variety of historical genres ranging from military history to contemporary history, technology to natural history, as well as science, archaeology and pop culture. Among the network's program offerings are hit series such as American Pickers, Ax Men, Battle 360, How The Earth Was Made, Ice Road Truckers, Pawn Stars and The Universe, as well as acclaimed specials including 102 Minutes That Changed America, 1968 with Tom Brokaw, King, Life After People, Nostradamus: 2012, Star Wars: The Legacy Revealed and WWII in HD. HISTORY has earned four Peabody Awards, seven Primetime Emmy� Awards, 12 News & Documentary Emmy� Awards and received the prestigious Governor's Award from the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences for the network's Save Our History� campaign dedicated to historic preservation and history education. Take a Veteran to School Day is the network's latest initiative connecting America's schools and communities with veterans from all wars. The HISTORY web site, located at www.history.com, is the definitive historical online source that delivers entertaining and informative content featuring broadband video, interactive timelines, maps, games and more.

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