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Travel Channel January 2012 Programming Highlights
New additions include "Amazing Eats" alongside the previously announced "Bizarre Foods America."

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All times ET/PT unless otherwise noted. All programs are rated TV G unless otherwise noted. The marking "(wt)" designates a working title and may be subject to change.



Premiering Sunday January 1 at 9:00PM

When it comes to travel, few people are more in the know than Johnny Jet, the freewheeling travel expert and blogger who has unparalleled access to the most exciting and outrageous destinations in the world. In this fast-paced one-hour special, Johnny takes you to the places you must see in 2012--London, where they'll be celebrating the Olympics, Queen Elizabeth's Diamond Jubilee and the opening of the Harry Potter Studio Tour; Belize, where many believe the end of the Maya calendar also means the end of the world; the British Virgin Islands where Richard Branson's private island will cost you more than $50,000 per night; New Zealand, where thrill seekers and adrenaline junkies are continually testing the limits; and Spaceport America, where the first paying customers will be blasted into space. Whether you're a passport-wielding travel junkie or an armchair traveler with a thirst for adventure, this show providesviewers with the inside scoop on what's new, hot or about to make a splash in 2012.


Premiering Wednesday, January 18 at 8:00PM

Americans flock to state fairs every year and concessioners go crazy trying to create the zaniest, most delicious, most carb-loaded, over-the-top edible concoctions. Colorado wows them with maggot melts and belly buster burgers, while Minnesotans eat everything on a stick from ostrich to alligator to casserole. Wisconsinites brag about their cream puffs and deep fried cheese creations, while the Arizona state fair dares you to try the spiciest pizza in the world. And don't miss Iowa's sinful sweets from chocolate dipped tiramisu to red velvet funnel cakes. But the batter-ist food is in Texas, a fair that prides itself on being the fry-dynasty of the state fair circuit by holding a competition to come up with the craziest new food inventions like deep fried bubble gum and fried spicy chicken flapjacks on a stick. Don't tell your cardiologist about any of it!


Premiering Wednesday January 25 at 8:00PM


Premiering Wednesday, January 25 at 10:00PM

JoincomedianBert Kresicher as he hosts this series entirely devoted to the BEST of the WORST vacation moments - all caught on tape. In the spirit of "America's Funniest Home Videos," we're choosing to embrace all those Oops! Wrong Way!andWhere the heck are we?! moments that inevitably happen when far from the comforts of home. Laugh along with Bert at home videos of wild packing strategies gone wrong, sprinting tourists, endless lines to nowhere and overcrowded beaches.


Premiering Sunday, January 29 at 9:00PM, 10:00PM & 11:00PM

Because millions of Americans hit the road each year in RVs, it takes more than cool paint, custom interiors, audio/video systems, patio extensions and other bells and whistles to keep up with the Joneses at the campground. "Extreme RVs" features rolling million-dollar, mega-mansions with incredible themed designs and luxurious interiors that put most real homes to shame. In each episode, we'll go inside three incredible shops, grab a wrench and a welder, and jump in on some one-of-a-kind extreme RV builds. From design drawings and computer renderings to fabrication and interior build outs, we'll follow every piece of metal cut, every bolt turned and every gallon of paint sprayed as these outrageous rolling mansions, vintage restorations and crazy camping vehicles come to life. As with every custom vehicle build, the drama will be in keeping the budget in line and finishing the project on time. And we'll be right in the middle of each stressful moment with our builders as they race to the finish line.



Premiere episodes on Wednesdays at 9:00PM

We've seen more than our fair share of sizzling cheeseburgers, monster pizza slices and intimidatingly thick and juicy steaks over the years. But of all the down-home and delicious chow-down joints Adam Richman visited from coast to coast, there are the proud and the few so finger-licking good, they're simply unforgettable. In each themed 30-minute episode of "Amazing Eats," we're celebrating America's most delicious, biggest and best of the best. From the most massive of meals served at a single table, to the tallest standing sandwiches in history, we're embracing it all. Each episode takes on yet another subject of the people's choices of chow - the meatiest, the most fried, the spiciest and the sweetest.

Wednesday, January 11 9:00PM Pork-a-palooza

Wednesday, January 18 9:00PM Beefy Burgers

Wednesday, January 25 9:00PM Cheesy Goodness



Premiering Monday, January 23 at 10:00PM

Pulled guinea pig, roasted alligator and lamb tongue, OH MY! Andrew Zimmern, the James Beard Award-winning TV personality, chef, food writer and teacher, is back, and this time he's ditching his passport for the good old U.S.A. "Bizarre Foods America" marks the first time an entire season is dedicated to taking viewers to the backyards of America while exploring the bizarre melting pot of exotic and familiar cultures our nation has to offer. And, who better to discover this red, white and unusual smorgasbord than Andrew Zimmern?

Monday, January 23 10:00PM Twin Cities They say there's no place like home, and that's especially true for Andrew when it comes to the food scene in the Twin Cities. In Minneapolis and St. Paul, old fashioned comfort foods are being combined with modern innovation to serve up foods that are a mix of past and present. From casseroles made with organ meats to a restaurant that serves up duck testicles as an appetizer, Andrew reveals that when it comes to food, there's a lot more to eat in Minnesota than grandma's tater tot hot dish!

Monday, January 30 9:00PM New Orleans Andrew makes a trip to the Big Easy where the food and the culture are a mix of Southern tradition and modern influence. From the bayous to Bourbon Street, New Orleans is a unique food city with a variety of flavors that pull from classic recipes to new twists on old favorites. So whether it's classic Cajun comfort foods like stuffed pig stomach, frog sauce picante, or smoked raccoon served with a side of live jazz, Andrew is ready to experience all the sights, sounds, and tastes that make New Orleans a city like no other!



Premiere episodes onMondays at 9:00PM

Anthony Bourdain is a seasoned traveler who's hit up all corners of the globe many times over. More often than not, while passing through, he has time to kill in some of the world's biggest hubs. So instead of sitting at the airport hotel, he sets out to explore each city in the short amount of time he has there. "The Layover" is a caffeinated, high-test, quick drill, "No Reservations."Constantly on the move, and only in town for a mere number of hours, Bourdain, and friends he connects with along the way, unleash an unpredictable story about a place, a people and their food.

Monday, January 2 9:00PM Amsterdam On this episode of "The Layover," Tony finds himself in Amsterdam. The city is well known for its red light district, but Tony wants to survey what else Amsterdam has to offer. On the journey he finds himself riding down canals, climbing into 18th century buildings and eating microwaved meat sticks out of giant glowing yellow boxes. Tony realizes that a layover in Amsterdam is guaranteed to lead to the unexpected.

Monday, January 9 9:00PM San Francisco Layover Tony finds himself in San Francisco. The city is known for being a crunchy, vegan haven for tree hugging grass eaters. Tony discovers with help from chef friends Danny Bowien and Chris Consentino that San Francisco is actually a "bare knuckled two fisted drinking town," where you can get a great meal of raw juicy meat for less than $20.

Monday, January 16 9:00PM London Tony travels to London, England to catch up with old chef friends Marco Pierre White and Fergus Henderson. Along the way he picks up a taxidermy treat from a very curious shop, visits his favourite hidden dive bar known only to its eccentric members and wakes up covered in last night's street food. Tony is no stranger to London, but he successfully finds the stranger parts of the city in his short Layover.

Monday, January 23 9:00PM Los Angeles It's always an awkward moment when people ask, "What's your favorite restaurant in Los Angeles?" In this episode of "The Layover," Tony has 48 hours to answer that question and find the best that LA has to offer. A huge city with ethnic enclaves spread out over 468 square miles, Tony's prepared to do a lot of driving . . . First, he treks to Atwater Village for a killer breakfast burrito, then goes to the heart of Koreatown for "hangover food" with Roy Choi. Later, the guys from Animal treat Tony to chicken hearts, rabbit legs and pigtails. When it's finally time to "hide out and hole up," it's off to his favorite hotel in the world, the Chateau Marmont.


Premiere episodes onTuesdays at 9:00PM

Gleaming high-rises, glamorous shopping, gourmet restaurants, if that's all you see of a place, Seattle's the same as Shanghai. Cities are more than brick and concrete. They're made of stories. And the best stories are usually about the worst people. Thriller novelist Marcus Sakey knows good stories and bad behavior. To research his bestselling books, he's traveled the country with cops and killers alike. Now Marcus goes from city to city to identify three crimes or criminals that reveal the real character of the place. As Marcus travels, he's packing his preconceived notions, his attitude and his willingness to be unimpressed. He'll walk the streets, meet the characters and take a few bruises, all to get the stories that reveal the "Hidden City."

Tuesday, January 3 9:00PM New York Marcus Sakey discovers that if ever there were a city that's everything to everyone, it's New York. Frenetic, dense, claustrophobic, it's a constant pulse of life, the beating heart of America. It's a city that has changed decade to decade, and rather than wrap our arms around the entire New York experience, we're going to focus on one period - the Manhattan of the late seventies, the Taxi Driver era, when the city was going bankrupt and crime was out of control. In this episode, Marcus features three unique tales of New York: Son of Sam, the story of David Berkowitz - mailman by day, murderer by night; Sid Vicious and Nancy Spungen, the infamous punk duo whose one drugged-out evening of partying at the Chelsea Hotel ended in Nancy's murder; and Nicky Barnes, Harlem's biggest drug dealer.

Tuesday, January 10 9:00PM San Francisco Maybe the most liberal city in the country, San Francisco is a place where anything goes, where you can forget the past and remake yourself according to your own ideals. It was founded in a gold rush, and that independent, entrepreneurial spirit remains part of the city's character. Marcus Sakey investigates three crimes in San Francisco's history: The Committee of Vigilance, a militia formed during the gold rush to combat the lawlessness and violence that grew along with the city; The Zodiac Killer, a mysterious killer who taunted the police with his elaborate codes that he claimed would reveal his identity; The Murder of Harvey Milk, Harvey Milk was one of the first openly gay politicians elected in San Francisco who was shot to death by a fellow politician.

Tuesday, January 179:00PM New Orleans Arguably the most unique city in America, New Orleans is a complicated place, a steamy, seamy world of colliding cultures and festering corruption. Despite disasters both natural and manmade, it's a living place, rich in tastes, smells and textures; the birthplace of jazz, the home of Voodoo, and host to the biggest annual party in the country. Join Marcus Sakey as he investigates three of New Orleans' sinister stories: Marie DelphineLaLaurie, a prominent New Orleans socialite responsible for the torture and murder of dozens of her slaves; Danziger Bridge, after Hurricane Katrina struck, overwhelmed police fought to wrestle widespread anarchy resulting in an elaborate cover up and officers indicted for murder; The New Orleans Sniper, disgruntled US Navy veteran Mark Essex went on a week-long killing spree that targeted only whites.

Tuesday, January 249:00PM The Florida Keys Fifteen miles south of Miami, an archipelago of 4,500 islands extends in a gentle arc to the southwest. It's a world of soft breezes and startling sunsets, of sweet ocean air and rustling palm trees. It's paradise, a place to fall off the map - and plenty of people have done just that. Marcus Sakey focuses on three tales from The Florida Keys: Black Caesar, one of Blackbeard's former lieutenants who amassed a fortune in stolen loot; Edgar Watson, a wealthy and powerful businessman whose hired hands mysteriously had a way of vanishing come payday and those who crossed him were often found dead; The Big Pine 29, cops raided an isolated lagoon where armed smugglers were unloading their boat, arresting 29 people and seizing 25,000 pounds of marijuana.

Tuesday, January 319:00PM Austin A center for technology and business, Austin is also home to a legendary live music festival, a number of universities, and a large gay community. Nestled in the heart of conservative Texas, it's an unlikely place, an eclectic, liberal community that boasts the motto "Keep Austin Weird." Marcus Sakey explores three of Austin's stories: In For Love or Money, Celeste Beard and her lesbian lover, Tracey Tarlton, have Steven Beard killed and end up in prison; The Most Hated Woman in America, Madalyn Murray O'Hair made many enemies when she led a landmark case which ended prayer in public schools and founded the American Athiests; and The University of Texas Tower, former Marine Charles Whitman barricaded the doors of UT's tower and started shooting at people below, killing 16 and wounding 32.


Premiere episodes onThursdays at 8:00PM

You spend years planning for dream vacations to exotic, breathtaking locations all around the world. Then something you never expected happens, and in a split second your vacation of a lifetime turns into a trip you will never be able to forget. Hear first-hand accounts of these unforgettable stories caught on tape, from the very people who lived to tell them.

Sunday, January 1 8:00PM A vacation of a lifetime for two childhood friends who dreamed of running with the bulls in Pamplona turns tragic when one of them slips and is gored. Then, aparaglider pilot is soaring over Idaho when the winds shift and he comes crashing down, and a helpless calf is stuck on thin ice when a helicopter races to the rescue.

Thursday, January 5 8:00PM Jasen Magic, an escape artistperforming for hundreds of vacationers, is trying to wiggle his way out of a strait jacket while dangling from a burning rope 30 feet above a river when the release clip snags, and he goes up in flames. Then, a family vacation in Honduras turns to terror when a monkey goes mad and sinks his teeth into a teenaged boy, and two brothers on a dream fishing vacation suddenly find themselves clinging to a life raft in icy water as they watch their boat and its captain slowly sink into the deep.

Thursday, January 12 8:00PM A snowboarder with a helmet camera falls face first in a tree-well 20 feet deep, and now he's upside down, slowly being suffocated by the snow. Then, a day of summer fun on a rope swing flips a young man's life upside down when his foot snags in the rope, and he smashes into the rocks headfirst. And a family fishing turns tragic when a giant marlin jumps the boat and stabs a fisherman's son in the throat.

Thursday, January 19 8:00PM A couple vacationing in Hawaii is taking in the breathtaking beauty when a huge wave hits and wipes them out. Hugh Alexander is washed into a whirlpool of powerful tides, battered into the jagged rocks and then sucked into a cave that no one has ever come out of alive. Then,a tanker truck carrying propane has overturned on the freeway, and a young woman is stuck in her car with her doors melted shut in blinding black smoke. Finally, a skydiver's parachute malfunctions, and she smashes into a parking lot face first as her husband watches helplessly; and she's pregnant.

Thursday, January 26 8:00PM A small plane loses its only engine and plummets into a small lake in Michigan full of people on vacation. Then a monster truck competition turns to tragedy when one of the trucks flips and traps the driver, and a killer wave breaks a surfer's back while he's 100 yards from shore with no help in sight.

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[06/22/18 - 12:59 PM]
E!'s "Total Bellas" Hits Another Series High Pulling in Over 1.2 Million Total Viewers and 11% Increase Among W18-49
E! further spins the numbers for Sunday, June 17.

[06/22/18 - 11:56 AM]
Snoop Dogg, Ledisi, Marsha Ambrosius, Sly Pyper, Tye Tribbett to Perform and John Legend, Tyra Banks, Terry Crews, Anderson.Paak, Lakeith Stanfield to Present at "BET Awards" 2018 with Appearances by DJ Khaled, Wale and More
Hosted by Jamie Foxx, the "BET Awards" 2018 will air live on Sunday, June 24 at 8 pm ET from the Microsoft Theatre in Los Angeles, CA on BET.

[06/22/18 - 11:00 AM]
All-New Special "iHeartCountry Festival," Celebrating the Best in Country Music, To Air Sunday, August 5, on FOX
Filmed at the Frank Erwin Center in Austin, the event will feature performances by Luke Bryan, Keith Urban, Sugarland, Dustin Lynch, Cole Swindell, Maren Morris, Luke Combs, Billy Currington, Dan + Shay and Mason Ramsey, among others.

[06/22/18 - 10:08 AM]
Carlos Saldanha and Netflix Will Unveil "Invisible Cities," New Brazilian Original Series
In the series, there is an underground world inhabited by mythical creatures evolved from a deep lineage of Brazilian folklore.

[06/22/18 - 08:25 AM]
Thursday's Broadcast Ratings: CBS Repeats Top Original Competition
The Eye wins the night in total viewers, shares the adults 18-49 crown with FOX.

[06/22/18 - 08:14 AM]
NBC Cancels "Timeless," Eyes Wrap Up Movie
Executive producer Shawn Ryan confirmed both developments this morning.

[06/22/18 - 08:00 AM]
Video: Trailer for Netflix Film "How It Ends" - Starring Theo James, Forest Whitaker and Kat Graham
As a mysterious apocalypse causes the spread of misinformation and violence, a man and his estranged father-in-law race across a chaotic and fractured country to save his pregnant wife.

[06/22/18 - 06:08 AM]
"The Terror," AMC's First Anthology Series, Renewed for a Second Season
The next iteration of "The Terror" anthology will be set during World War II and center on an uncanny specter that menaces a Japanese-American community from its home in Southern California to the internment camps to the war in the Pacific.

[06/21/18 - 06:03 PM]
A Message from The Order of X - "Dear White People" Vol. 3 Renewal
"Dear White People" is a send-up of the now post "post-racial" America that weaves together a universal story of finding one's own identity and forging a wholly unique path.

[06/21/18 - 05:30 PM]
ABC Picks Up "The Conners" (Working Title) Straight to Series to Premiere This Fall
The series, featuring John Goodman, Laurie Metcalf, Sara Gilbert, Lecy Goranson and Michael Fishman as their beloved Conner characters, is set to air Tuesdays (8:00-8:30 p.m.).

[06/21/18 - 03:04 PM]
Marco Pigossi Comes to Netflix
Pigossi joins the main cast of "Tidelands," a supernatural crime drama, and the first Australian Netflix original series.

[06/21/18 - 02:49 PM]
Felicity Huffman Joins Angela Bassett and Patricia Arquette in "Otherhood" for Netflix
Cindy Chupack is directing the film, which is based on William Sutcliffe's novel "Whatever Makes You Happy."

[06/21/18 - 02:09 PM]
Netflix Makes Overall Deal with Steven S. DeKnight
Most recently, he was the writer and director on his first feature film "Pacific Rim Uprising."

[06/21/18 - 02:02 PM]
New Season of Travel Channel's "Ghost Adventures" Kicks Off with Record-Setting Ratings
Travel Channel further spins the numbers for Saturday, June 16.

[06/21/18 - 11:31 AM]
Lifetime Greenlights Trio of Movies from Global Best-Selling Author Jane Green for 2019 Movie Event
The first film in the series, "Tempting Fate," will star Alyssa Milano and begins production today in Vancouver.