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36 Women Will Compete to Find True Love on the New NBC Relationship Series "Ready for Love," Premiering March 26 Following "The Voice" (9-11 p.m. ET)
As previously announced, the series will regularly air Sundays at 8:00/7:00c on the Peacock.

[via press release from NBC]


Following the Premiere on March 26, "Ready for Love" Moves to Its Regular Day and Time Slot with Its 2nd Episode Airing Sunday, March 31 (8-10 p.m. ET)

UNIVERSAL CITY, Calif. - March 4, 2013 -- NBC announced today that its new relationship show "Ready for Love" has revealed the 36 women who will have the opportunity to compete for true love. The women have a chance to find romance with three successful and handsome men, hand-selected by executive producer Eva Longoria ("Desperate Housewives"). The series, from Longoria's UnbeliEVAble Entertainment, Renegade 83 and Universal Television, focuses on three extraordinary men -- Ben Patton, an international financier from Dallas, Texas; Tim Lopez, a member of the popular music group Plain White T's from Austin, Texas, and Ernesto Arguello, an entrepreneur with a social vision from Miami, Fla. -- who are committed to finding their soul mate.

Giuliana and Bill Rancic will host the series where preeminent matchmaker Amber Kelleher-Andrews, relationship author Tracy McMillan and professional dating coach Matthew Hussey will help the men find their perfect matches. The series will premiere on Tuesday, March 26 (9-11 p.m. ET) and will move to its regular day and time slot with its 2nd episode airing Sunday, March 31 (8-10 p.m. ET).

Listed below are the women vying for the men's affections:


ALLIE WAGNER (Age: 26) - Resides in Cincinnati, Ohio -- Wagner can brighten up any room with her smile. She is the opposite of shy, she loves the spotlight and she and her twin sister, Mandy, grew up in Kentucky competing in numerous beauty pageants. She currently works as an event coordinator. Wagner thinks her love of family makes her the perfect match for family-oriented Ben.

ANGELA ZATOPEK (Age: 24) - Resides in Houston, Texas -- Zatopek is a sassy, savvy, communications executive. Zatopek devotes a lot of her time to philanthropy and even helped build a school in Uganda. She values her faith, and therefore has made the decision to save herself for marriage. Zatopek believes her Christian upbringing has shaped her attitudes towards love and marriage and believes it will make her a perfect match for Ben.

BETH RICHMAN (Age: 30) - Resides in Charlotte, N.C. -- Richman studied business management and human resources at Ohio State and now works for a medical device company in Charlotte. She loves to travel and believes Ben is the perfect mate with whom to tackle new adventures.

JADE DHIR (Age: 24) - Resides in Austin, Texas -- Dhir is an independent and outgoing woman who is dedicated to spending a lot of time with her family. She considers herself to be very driven and believes her over-achieving nature will make her a great match for career-oriented Ben.

KARI KRAKOWSKI (Age: 27) - Resides in Dallas, Texas -- Krakowski thinks that Patton is the perfect man for her. They met when she first moved to Dallas and soon began dating. Due to their busy schedules, they ended it and decided it would be best to remain friends. She is now ready to take a leap of faith and fight for true love. Krakowski thinks her previous personal connection with Ben will reignite their flame.

KATIE COYLE (Age: 34) - Resides in Pella, Iowa -- Coyle is a mother to two wonderful children. She lives by the philosophy that life is too short not to be happy. In 2011, she had a health scare in which she made a full recovery, but decided to never again take life for granted. In her spare time, she enjoys running, Pilates, yoga and boxing. Coyle thinks her energetic lifestyle makes her the perfect match for Ben.

KRISTINA ZAPATA (Age: 26) - Resides in Los Angeles -- Zapata is dedicated to her family and her education. She studied broadcast journalism at the Universidad Catolica de Colombia to work towards her dream of becoming a Spanish news broadcaster. Zapata is very dedicated to her career, but also makes sure she has plenty of time to relax. She thinks her balance of career and free time are a perfect match for Ben's life plans.

LYNSEE GONZALES (Age: 26) - Resides in Portland, Ore. -- Gonzales is a small-town girl that turned her dreams of becoming an international model into a reality. She has traveled around the world to pursue her career, modeling for print publications and working the runway. She recently ended her relationship with her adulterous fiancé, but is looking forward to a fresh start. Gonzales thinks it is time to focus on love and be the wife of Ben's dreams.

RACHEL BRIESE (Age: 26) - Resides in Schaumberg, Ill. -- Briese is a fun-loving girl with a quirky personality. She is a self-proclaimed video-game junkie who is also obsessed with sci-fi movies and "Star Wars." Briese loves being different, and won't change her seemingly nerdy ways for anyone. She believes that if she stays true to herself, then a genuine, great guy like Ben will love her for who she is.

RENAE VIRATA (Age: 31) - Resides in Houston, Texas -- Virata is a go-getter. After earning a Bachelor of Science degree from Vanderbilt, she worked as a marketing consultant. Virata then took a risk, and chose to quit her high-paying job to begin her own Internet start-up company. Virata believes her enthusiastic lifestyle would be the perfect match because she emulates Ben's ambitious work ethic.

SENECA BERNIARD (Age: 34) - Resides in Los Angeles -- Berniard is a woman that uses her intellect to be a positive contribution to the world. After receiving her undergraduate degree from UCLA, she went on to study law at Loyola Law School and the Keller Graduate School of Management. She currently works at a non-profit with her mother, teaching etiquette to under-privileged women. She also offers her legal assistance to those that cannot afford it while also handling legal affairs for a large coffee corporation. Berniard believes her level of success will make her a great half to a power couple with Ben.

TARYNN FRANCO (Age: 26) - Resides in San Francisco -- Franco has a love for traveling, learning about different cultures and trying new things. Her appetite for adventure and exploration has led her to a career in the private aviation industry. Franco appreciates a night on the town with her best friends, but currently longs for a man that gives her a good reason to stay home. She believes her desire for adventure will be a perfect match for Ben's love of travel.


ALEXIS RODRIGUEZ (Age: 23) - Resides in Scottsdale, Az. -- Rodriguez is a recent college graduate. She currently enjoys her time working as a local radio personality in Arizona, but can't wait to start her career. Rodriguez believes that her fun nature and closeness with her family is the perfect match for Tim, who shares similar family values.

CHRISTINA RIGAUD (Age: 25) - Resides in New Orleans, La. -- Rigaud is a classically trained pianist who graduated from the University of Arizona with a degree in English. The avid cook and gardener started a non-profit organization helping others learn how to raise fish and grow vegetables in a sustainable environment. She is looking for a man that is as passionate about life as she is. Rigaud believes she and Tim will bond through their shared music backgrounds.

DANIELLE DUFF (Age: 27) - Resides in Tucson, Az. -- Duff is a committed and loyal woman. After being married for nine-and-one-half years, Duff and her ex-husband realized they were not meant for each other and divorced. She believes that her overall readiness for love and experiencing the same loss as Tim makes their duo a perfect match.

HAILEY CLARK (Age: 31) - Resides in Indialantic, Fla. -- Clark is an elementary school art teacher by day and an expressionist painter by night. In fact, her paintings have been featured in several local art shows. Clark believes that her compassion for others and quirky sense of humor will be a perfect match for Tim's open personality.

JENNA REEVES (Age: 23) - Resides in Austin, Texas -- Reeves is young, but wise beyond her years. Unlike most of her peers, Reeves is ready to settle down and find her husband right away. She loves her life and prides herself on her determination in becoming the first in her family to finish college. Reeves believes her open-minded and free-spirited personality reflects Tim's same attitude towards life.

LANA SEARS (Age: 26) - Resides in Kansas City, Mo. -- Sears is the girl next-door that most guys want to take home to introduce to their parents. The self-described tomboy grew up in a small farm town, has never had a problem dating and usually finds herself in a serious relationship. Although fond of committed relationships, Sears is very independent and likes for her partner to be the same. She believes that her independent mindset would be a perfect match with Tim's rock-star lifestyle.

LEAH TROGAN (Age: 27) - Resides in Austin, Texas -- Trogan is a close friend of Tim. She is a makeup artist, but her biggest accomplishment is raising her son, Ryder, as a single mother. Trogan has known Tim for seven years and is looking forward to finally sharing her true feelings for him. She thinks that friendship makes for the best relationships.

LISA CONLON (Age: 32) - Resides in Vernon, Conn.--Conlon has her hands full with her music career and is studying to receive her doctorate in music. She insists that music keeps her balanced in a relationship. When her mother was diagnosed with cancer, Conlon transferred schools to act as her mother's caretaker. Conlon believes that her dedication to both music and her loved ones would make her a perfect match for Tim.

SARA LAVAGNINO (Age: 30) - Resides in Franklin, Tenn. -- Lavagnino is characterized as a strong and determined woman. She and her identical twin sister are very close and have a singing group called the Lava Girls, but she also works as a licensed real estate agent. She has faced adversity with the loss of her fiancé to cancer, but credits that experience to making her a good partner and continues to search for love. Lavagnino believes both she and Tim are ready to find love again after persevering through painful loss.

SARA MOORE (Age: 28) - Resides in Charlotte, N.C. -- Moore is a self-described "girly girl." She is currently working on obtaining a Master's degree in teaching. She is a laid-back Southern belle who loves to laugh, watch sports and believes Sundays should be devoted to God and football. Moore believes her Southern roots will wrangle in the Texas part of Tim's personality.

SIHAM BENGOUA (Age: 25) - Resides in Philadelphia, Penn -- Bengoua is a self-sufficient woman who created her own hair-care business to finance her studies at Temple University, where she studied marketing. A few years ago, she lost her sister, and although she describes it as the worst time of her life, she knows it made her stronger. Bengoua believes that her dedication to loved ones will make her the perfect wife for Tim.

TAONAYA FLEURY (Age: 31) - Resides in Miramar, Fla. -- Fleury wants to make a difference in this world and is looking to earn a Master's degree in marriage and family counseling. In addition, Fleury and her cousin are looking to start a charity for sickle cell disease. Fleury believes that her deep-rooted understanding of commitment reflects Tim's belief that love is eternal.


ALBA REYES (Age: 30) - Resides in Houston, Texas -- The perfect combination of beauty and brains, Reyes has it all. She graduated from law school, and currently works in health law while she postpones taking the bar. In addition, Reyes was crowned Miss Puerto Rico in 2004 and the second runner-up for Miss Universe. Reyes believes she is more ready than ever to find true love and felt a spark when she saw Ernesto's video.

ELIZABETH CAPELA (Age: 30) - Resides in Dallas, Texas -- Capela is dependable, honest, and an overall giving person. As a fifth-grade English teacher, Capela thrives on putting her heart into her lessons and helping her pupils grow. Her role in helping educate the youth will mesh nicely with Ernesto's charitable role in helping the less fortunate.

ERICA LARSON (Age: 25) - Resides in Addison, Texas -- Larson is a recent graduate of Texas State University with a degree in fashion merchandising and currently works in the fashion industry. She enjoys dancing, cheerleading, swimming, reading and traveling. After watching her parents happily married for 38 years, she believes in true love and is ready for someone who will love her unconditionally. Larson believes Ernesto's similar upbringing will make for a long-lasting relationship.

KATIE CROSBY (Age: 26) - Resides in Chicago, Ill. -- Crosby has lived with a "live life to the fullest" attitude since the tragic passing of her brother. While she misses him dearly, her relationship with her family has remained strong. Crosby has spent the past few years focusing solely on work, but now wants to put her attention on love. Ernesto's giving nature left her inspired and she would love to partner in his philanthropic endeavors.

KRISTEN SIKORSKI (Age: 25) - Resides in Austin, Texas -- Sikorski is a no-nonsense Texas woman who was raised on a ranch by her father and mother. Although she is an elementary school teacher, she majored in history and enjoys war movies and military facts. Sikorski was wowed when she saw Ernesto's video and knows she is ready to take on the full-time role as wife for a family man such as Ernesto.

LISA MARIE HALL (Age: 30) - Resides in Covina, Calif. -- Hall's friends describe her as funny, sweet and giving. While working as a children's theme park performer in America and Japan for the past 10 years, she prides herself on making others happy. In her free time she likes to stay active by dancing, skating and biking. Hall is looking for a man that can keep up with her on new adventures, and she believes Ernesto is that guy.

MANDY WAGNER (Age: 26) - Resides in Studio City, Calif. -- Wagner is the State Director of Pure American Girl Pageants that aims at making its participants humble and genuine, as well as competitive. Wagner's twin sister, Allie, is also a participant on the show and their parents are excited for them to find the right guy. Wagner believes her down-to-earth family and genuine nature makes her and Ernesto the perfect match.

OLIVIA MATTI (Age: 26) - Resides in Sterling Heights, Mich. -- Matti is energetic, fearless, and fierce. She claims that her tough love attitude gives her a charm that other women lack. Matti needs someone that can match her energy and give her the passionate relationship that she desires. Matti, like Ernesto, has never been in love and believes they'll bond over waiting to share those special three words with the right person.

SHANDI FINNESSEY (Age: 33) - Resides in Los Angeles -- Finnessey is a driven woman, who isn't afraid to break boundaries. In fact, she became the first woman from Missouri to win the Miss USA title in 2004. She's currently a TV host on an entertainment Web series and has modeled in numerous magazines. Finnessey values family and religion and she believes Ernesto's similar upbringing will make them the perfect match.

SONIA LETTIG (Age: 31) - Resides in Miramar, Fla. -- Lettig graduated magna cum laude from college and then went to receive her Master's degree from Pepperdine University. She is currently a human resources manager, which allows fulfilling her passion of organizing community service events and giving back. Lettig thinks her charitable nature makes her a great match for Ernesto since he's always giving back to his community.

SUMMER BURNS (Age: 31) - Resides in Austin, Texas -- Already a loving mother to a three-year-old son, Burns is ready to complete her family portrait with a husband. As a single mother, she has developed the perfect combination of strength and compassion. She would like her son to have a father figure and, based on his video, she believes Ernesto is the right fit for her family.

VICTORIA MORA (Age: 24) - Resides in Chicago, Ill. -- Mora has a free-spirit attitude, but is grounded and humbled by her tight-knit Mexican family. She wants to be with a man that is confident and willing to take on anything by her side. According to Mora, love is a two-way street and she will be the most loving and supportive partner as long as she receives the same respect. Mora believes Ernesto's confidence is the perfect match for her challenging nature.

"Ready for Love" is produced by UnbeliEVAble Entertainment, Renegade 83, and Universal Television. Longoria ("Desperate Housewives"), Jason Ehrlich ("The Bachelor," "The Bachelorette"), Greg Goldman ("Secret Millionaire," "Don't Forget the Lyrics!"), David Garfinkle ("Blind Date," "The 5th Wheel") and Jay Renfroe ("Blind Date," "The 5th Wheel") serve as executive producers.

About NBC Entertainment:

NBC Entertainment develops and schedules programming for the network's primetime, late-night, and daytime schedules. NBC's quality programs and balanced lineup have earned the network critical acclaim, numerous awards, and ratings success. NBC has earned more Emmy Awards than any network in television history. NBC's roster of popular scripted series includes the Emmy Award-winning comedy "The Office" as well as the critically acclaimed "Parks and Recreation" and "Community," and new popular comedies "The New Normal," "Go On" and "Guys with Kids." NBC's drama slate is highlighted by the buzz-worthy new series "Revolution" and "Chicago Fire," veteran award-winning shows "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit" and "Parenthood," and the acclaimed recent additions "Smash" and "Grimm." Unscripted series for NBC include the vocal competition hit "The Voice" as well as "The Biggest Loser," "The Celebrity Apprentice" and the perennial #1 most-watched summer series, "America's Got Talent."

In late-night, NBC regularly delivers #1 broadcast results with "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno," "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon," "Last Call with Carson Daly" and "Saturday Night Live." NBC Daytime's "Days of our Lives" consistently ranks among daytime's top programs in the valuable women 18-34 category. The five-time, Emmy Award-winning NBC.com streams full episodes and provides original content for NBC entertainment shows online and through apps for mobile and tablet devices. NBC recently launched NBC Kids, a new Saturday morning programming block designed specifically to address the developmental needs of preschool-aged children. Programmed by the kids' experts at Sprout, the nation's first 24-hour preschool television channel, this new three-hour block will feature educational series that promote active, healthy lifestyles for younger children.

About Renegade 83:

Since its inception in 1994, Renegade 83 has been one of Hollywood's most prolific television production companies. Founded by executive producers David Garfinkle and Jay Renfroe, Renegade 83 successfully re-wrote the rules of television storytelling with the 1999 smash-hit "Blind Date." As the momentum of success continued with such hits as "The 5th Wheel" and "Rendez-View," the New York Post listed Renegade 83 in its top twelve 'Kings of Reality,' the power list for reality television. Other celebrated hits produced by Renegade include "The Surreal Life," "Gone Country," "Outsider's Inn," "Miracle Workers," "Ultimate Relationship Test," NBC's "The Law Firm" and "Let's Make a Deal." As well as "Construction Intervention," "One Man Army," "Man Woman Wild," and USA's Emmy-nominated scripted series, "The 4400."

About UnbeliEVAble Entertainment:

Longoria created UnbeliEVAble Entertainment, her own production company, which develops films, and television shows, that have been sold to NBC, ABC, CW, ABC Family, and VH1. Additionally, UnbeliEVAble Entertainment produces The NCLR Alma Awards on NBC.

For embeddable clips and full episodes from NBC shows, please visit NBC.com's official show site: http://www.nbc.com/readyforlove.

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