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discovery+ and ID Highlights - Weeks of September 13, September 20 and September 27
New additions include "Secrets, Lies and Private Eyes" and "Curse of the Chippendales"

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Weeks of September 13, September 20 and September 27

**All Airdates Subject to Change

discovery+, the newly launched global streaming service, brings together all of Discovery's brands and non-fiction content in one place to offer fans unlimited access to the largest collection of real-life entertainment in the world. Featuring a wide range of exclusive series across popular genres, discovery+ offers passion verticals for genre fans, from Animals to Paranormal, Food and Home. In the True Crime category alone, discovery+ contains an unprecedented 5,500 hours of the best mystery and suspense, boasting the largest library of true crime of any streaming service.



Three Episodes Begin Streaming Wednesday, September 15, with Episodes Dropping Weekly on Wednesdays

Now more than ever, ordinary people are choosing unconventional paths to justice. With police departments in turmoil and the role of law enforcement in question, citizens are hiring private investigators to find the answers they need. Missing persons, infidelities, cold cases and fraud fill their notebooks. SECRETS, LIES AND PRIVATE EYES follows four teams of PIs as they tackle these cases. Their role is exacting and yet deeply fulfilling. Their clients are desperate, troubled, and sometimes wacky, but their purpose is clear - to find the truth whatever it takes. Cops are no longer the only way to separate right from wrong. The PI is back.

· The Accused and the Lover Begins Streaming Wednesday, September 15

Heather Cohen might not look like your standard PI - the bright red hair and tattoos certainly turn heads but when faced with a potentially innocent man in jail she makes it her mission to help prove her client Justin Williams's innocence. He was arrested after an altercation on a beach led to shots being fired. Will a new discovery about his past derail her investigation before it's gained traction? Meantime, elsewhere in Tennessee, an all-female team led by Nashville native Renee Brewer are tailing a suspected cheater. A high-octane chase leads them to a new address. Not long after, they have their mark cornered at an out-of-town hotel as revelations about what he's up to become clear.

· The Killer and the Cure Begins Streaming Wednesday, September 15

In Tennessee, as questions emerge about the standard of police work in Heather's murder case, she turns to forensics to try and prove her client's innocence. But with other charges on the table and witnesses that won't speak, can Heather do enough to convince the DA? Meanwhile, in Georgia, an alleged thief has turned up on Sheila McPhilamy's radar. Her client claims she's owed payback but without an address, the case stalls. Then Sheila stumbles upon his unusual side hustle and goes undercover with her team in the hope of following him home.

· The Watcher and the Horseman Begins Streaming Wednesday, September 15

Georgia Bounty hunters Alex Haynes and Jon Dalman start their new life as private investigators tracking down a man alleged to have stalked bar manager Lauren. As their case widens, they uncover further revelations about their mark that leave their client reeling. Back in Nashville, a meeting with friends lands a cold case for Renee Brewer and her daughter Amy. They head to a rural town in search of Rachel Conger, who has been missing since 2008. Rumors and accusations are rife, and all eyes look toward a connection to a man acting strangely on horseback.

· The Secret and the Missing Begins Streaming Wednesday, September 22

In Paris, Tennessee, Renee Brewer and her daughter Amy are piecing together the last known movements of a missing woman, Rachel Conger. Revelations about her relationship provide new focus and a discovery leaves everyone wondering what's buried in the cornfield next door. Further south, Heather Cohen is hunting for a woman who's due back in jail. Tracking her fugitive to a house in a neighboring county, there's a tense standoff. Can Heather bargain her way inside or is she too late?

· The Bullet and the Bounty Begins Streaming Wednesday September 29

In Georgia, a grieving mother asks Alex Haynes and Jon Dalman for help. Seven years on from her daughter's murder, the police investigation has stalled. Unless Alex and Jon can persuade one of their suspects to talk, their case too could go cold. But revelations from an out-of-town stranger might just yield the breakthrough they need. Elsewhere, Heather Cohen hunts a fugitive in Alabama. A promising lead gives her the run-around until a woodland chase steers the case in another direction.


Four-Part Series Begins Streaming Friday, September 24 on discovery+

Curse of the Chippendales tells the story of how the famous dance troupe took the LA nightclub scene by storm and ended with international fame, untold wealth, bizarre murder plots and multiple deaths trapped in their legacy. Their brand became a multi-million-dollar global venture, successful beyond their wildest dreams. But of three unlikely dreamers who were there at the beginning, only one would make it out alive. Driven by extensive video and photo archive, including never-before-seen footage and a nostalgia-filled soundtrack, viewers will be directly transported back to the '80s, into one of the most unexpected true crime stories of the decade. And all fueled by one thing: greed.

· Take It Off Begins Streaming Friday, September 24

In late '70s Los Angeles, the parties are wild, disco is king, and a struggling club is looking for the next big thing. Enter the Chippendales and the rookie businessmen behind it. Their motley crew of male dancers flipped the Playboy dream for women into a raunchy male strip show. Witness the birth of a cultural phenomenon, riding a wave of social liberation to become an overnight hit with seemingly endless possibilities for fame and fortune. But runaway early success brings sleazy characters who taint the magic with murder and set the tone for decades of deception.

· Engulfed In Men Begins Streaming Friday, September 24

The Chippendales business booms as hot bodies and risqué routines propel the brand into the mainstream. The troupe takes New York with a sold-out show, and the stars become the darlings of talk shows, movies, and a hugely successful tour. Millions of dollars roll in from merchandise, with six-packs and biceps adorning calendars in women's bedrooms across the nation. But a moral backlash is brewing in the increasingly conservative 1980s America. And as the Chippendales bank balance swells, the protests intensify, and a dark power struggle ensues.

· Money After Money Begins Streaming Friday, September 24

The driving force behind Chippendales lies dead. With no evidence and no leads, the NYPD's case goes cold. But the show goes on, and women worldwide can't get enough, packing out arenas across continents. As the key players spiral into addiction and paranoia, global growth can't mask the problems shaking the business at its core. Lawsuits in the show's hometown threaten the Los Angeles club where it all started. And as copycat dance troupes multiply, a serious rival emerges for the first time, and a deadly plot surfaces once again.

· Showtime Begins Streaming Friday, September 24

With imitators circling and lawsuits mounting, the Chippendales fight to stay number one...but a poisonous plan is in motion. A shadowy informant comes forward with an unlikely story and the FBI launches an international sting operation. Undercover agents close in on suspects and dancers across continents, and cold cases are reignited. As the net tightens, it seems the masterminds will stop at nothing to cover up their crimes.


New Episodes Streaming Mondays on discovery+

PRISONER OF LOVE follows Chelsea Holmes, the self-proclaimed "prison matchmaker," as she dedicates her time to helping men and women living free lives find love with prisoners behind bars. And Chelsea isn't simply a matchmaker, she is also looking for love with someone on the inside. PRISONER OF LOVE documents couples as they navigate the unique struggle of dating someone in prison. Chelsea does all she can to give these singles the tools to make their relationships successful beyond prison walls, but are these matches built to last?

· Lightweight Taken Begins Streaming on Monday, September 13

Michael agrees to help Chelsea with her social media, but his flirty behavior with future pen pals leaves Chelsea feeling "lightweight" anxious. The long-distance lovebirds struggle to stay connected as Michael combats temptations on the outside. Then, with wedding costs piling up, Bryce surprises Aluntra with his plan to make more money and fast. Aluntra is blindsided and an explosive argument sends Bryce MIA. After four long years, Aluntra begins to question her walk down the aisle. Finally, Isa's worst fears are realized when Chelsea tells her that Devin wants to be put back on her matchmaking site. With Devin's release just months away, Isa's forced to have some tough conversations.

· Will You Wait For Me? Streaming on Monday, September 20

Following a fight, Michael goes MIA so Chelsea flies out to Ohio to confront him face-to-face about the state of their relationship once and for all. Then, while prepping for their wedding, Aluntra and Bryce go to a dinner hosted by Bryce's family where they learn their true feelings about the impending marriage. After being stood up by Yolanda, a concerned Dexter enlists Chelsea to help him find out what happened. And, after a disastrous relationship with inmate Arlette, Brey shares some very surprising news with Dexter about his current love life.


New Episodes Begin Streaming on discovery+ on Tuesdays

Within Alaska's wild and harsh landscape lurk some of the most dangerous criminals in America. The 10-episode true crime series COLD BLOODED ALASKA uncovers Alaska's most disturbing crimes and unpacks the extraordinary lengths law enforcement working in the Last Frontier must take to bring killers to justice.

· Love Bomb Streaming on Tuesday, September 14

The small Alaskan town of Wasilla jolts awake early on October 18, 1993, by a bomb blast that echoes around the Mat-Su Valley. Authorities quickly unravel a dark and twisted love story that crosses state lines and goes beyond the final frontier.

· Cut To The Quick Streaming on Tuesday, September 21

In December 2007, police respond to a brutal scene near Palmer while in Anchorage, a series of shootings shake the city. When a potential link between the attacks emerges, officers race to bring the deadly weekend to a close.

· Home Alone Streaming on Tuesday, September 28

18-year-old Amy Sue Patrick vanishes from the outskirts of Wasilla, Alaska, paralyzing the community with fear. Alaska State Troopers travel over 600 miles across the state to track down leads and bring her home, dead or alive.



New Episodes Stream on discovery+ and Premiere on ID Wednesdays at 10/9c

ID and victims' rights advocate John Walsh are teaming once again to hunt down persons of interest and find missing children with IN PURSUIT WITH JOHN WALSH. John Walsh and his son, Callahan Walsh, introduce ID's active and engaged audience to unsolved violent crimes that urgently need to be closed. IN PURSUIT relies on leads from viewers who may have seen something that would help authorities, with all calls and online tips vetted by experts and followed up on by the appropriate authorities, including local law enforcement, FBI, and the U.S. Marshals. In partnership with the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC), the series also features two missing children each hour, providing age-progression photos when possible and descriptions in the hopes that viewers can provide new leads to their whereabouts.

· Hell on Wheels Streams on Wednesday, September 15; Premieres on ID at 10/9c

On Easter Sunday, 2015, 23-year-old single mom Courtney Phillips is found murdered, and police soon suspect Isaac Estrada, a man she'd gone to meet for a date. Estrada flees before police can bring him in for questioning, and John joins the hunt for this fugitive of justice. Later, after Raimundo Modia is found shot to death just days before Christmas, police learn it may be connected to some recent trouble in his business of renting exotic luxury cars in Miami. Cal joins the hunt for Nalio Williams, Modia's alleged killer, who's been on the run since 2011.

· Surfside Homicide Streams on Wednesday, September 22; Premieres on ID at 10/9c

When George Smith is found murdered on the beach in Surfside, Texas, a confounding police investigation leads to a suspect who claims he's a hitman hired by George's wife, Lorrain. She goes on the run, and John steps in to help track her down - uncovering an alleged web of vanity and greed. Later, after lawyer and family man Jigar Patel is killed, investigators quickly zero in on John Panaligan, the defendant in a fraud case Patel was pursuing. Panaligan vanishes, and it's up to Cal to help police track down this alleged murderer.

· Menace to Society Streams on Wednesday, September 29; Premieres on ID at 10/9c

When a man guns down Vanessa Cervantes-De La Torre, a single mom of five, police identify the shooter as Pedro Espinoza, the prime suspect in another senseless killing one year earlier. Espinoza goes on the run, and John joins the quest to bring him to justice. Later, Cal is in Waterbury, Connecticut, to aid authorities in the hunt for another suspected killer. And later, after kindly and generous 85-year-old Laura Orso is found dead with 37 stab wounds, investigators suspect it's her own downstairs neighbor, Ervis Mecollari, who murdered her for a few bucks.


New Episodes Stream on discovery+ and Premiere on ID Sundays at 9/8c

EVIL LIVES HERE explores the true, heart-stopping stories of people who shared a home and a life with a loved one who would become a killer. With exclusive interviews and never-before-told accounts of the years and critical moments leading up to these vicious acts, the series showcases the devastating and often undiscussed consequences on the people who have nurtured, loved, and raised a murderer.

· I Was Warned and Didn't Listen Begins Streaming on Sunday, September 19; Premieres on ID at 9/8c

When Jennifer Winter becomes gravely ill and accepts Cristobal Palacio's marriage proposal out of necessity in order to get health insurance, she is grateful for his help and believes that he understands that theirs will be a marriage of convenience, not one of love. Then he quickly makes her his prisoner, and she realizes she has been tricked by a monster who has no intention of helping her. Too ill and weak to fight back and with nowhere to go, Jennifer focuses on protecting herself and her children until a chance encounter offers her an opportunity to escape, but it will come at a terrible cost.

· He Was Born Evil Begins Streaming on Sunday, September 26; Premieres on ID at 9/8c

Every time Cheri Tate calls the police on her husband, Edward Allen Covington, they believe him over her because he is a correctional officer. When she tries to warn people about him, they won't listen, and when she appeals to her family for help, he turns them against her. Trapped in a marriage in which Eddie constantly has the upper hand, Cheri's situation seems to be hopeless until she finally finds an avenue of escape. That's when Eddie snaps and takes his revenge on others, and Cheri realizes in horror that he has just done to them what he always wanted to do to her.

· Nobody Believed Me Begins Streaming on Sunday, October 3; Premieres on ID at 9/8c

When Matt Roth is just a boy and his stepfather, Kenneth Roth, brings him along on handyman jobs, he thinks he is just there to help his dad. He doesn't realize he is walking into the scenes of brutal murders that will go unsolved for years, and when he tries to tell people about the horrible things he has witnessed, no one will believe him. Matt spends years doubting his own memories until he reads about a new crime that rekindles old suspicions, and this time, Matt is determined to make the police believe everything he witnessed as a boy.


New Episodes Stream on discovery+ and Premiere on ID Sundays at 10/9c

ON THE CASE WITH PAULA ZAHN takes viewers on a thrilling journey inside the most fascinating crime and mystery investigations. First person accounts, along with insight from experts, are featured as each case reaches its dramatic conclusion.

· Justice for Angie Begins Streaming on Sunday, September 19; Premieres on ID Sunday, September 26 at 10/9c

After a young girl disappears from her bus stop, a nine-day search reveals that her terrifying abduction has ended in a heartbreaking homicide. As police mount a tireless search to find her killer, the community rallies together to get justice for Angie.

· The Smallest of Clues Begins Streaming on Sunday, September 26; Premieres on ID Sunday, October 3 at 10/9c

A burned out car and a blood-stained bedroom reveal the chilling murder of a community pillar. Will it be the smallest of clues that lead police to her heartless killer?


The programs below will premiere on Investigation Discovery as follows:


New Episodes Premiere Mondays at 9/8c

The key to solving the toughest homicides lies somewhere in the final hours of a victim's life. In A TIME TO KILL, determined investigators must piece together events during this critical window to reconstruct the timeline, unlock the motive, and ultimately close in on the killer.

· Evil In The Basement Premieres Monday, September 13 at 9/8c

Sixteen-year-old Cassie Jo Stoddart is housesitting in a Pocatello, Idaho, neighborhood. As she watches movies on the couch, Cassie is oblivious to the fact that she's not alone. When she finally realizes that someone evil is lurking, it's far too late.


New Episodes Premiere Mondays at 10/9c

In a justice system that's not always so just, families can be tormented by the question of guilt or innocence of their convicted loved ones. REASONABLE DOUBT returns with all-new episodes profiling the gut-wrenching process of re-exploring murder cases where the perpetrators convicted of the crime maintain their innocence. Retired homicide detective Chris Anderson teams with criminal defense attorney Fatima Silva, to pore through evidence, interview witnesses and consult experts previously overlooked by police or barred by the court. At the end of each episode, the determined investigators evaluate their findings and either offer the convicted's family hope for an appeal, or clarity to accept the guilty verdict.

· State of Denial Premieres Monday, September 13 at 10/9c

On December 30, 1974, two armed men held up an Oklahoma liquor store. One woman, clerk Carolyn Rogers, was shot and killed. An 18-year old customer, Belinda Brown, was also shot but miraculously survived. She would go on to identify a 22-year old man named Glynn Simmons as the shooter. Despite Simmons's claim that he was in another state at the time, he would be sentenced to life in prison for the murder. Now his desperate sister and niece are hoping that Chris and Fatima will join their fight to free Glynn.

· A $25,000 Performance Premieres Monday, September 20 at 10/9c

When a student from a wealthy family was gunned down execution-style in Chicago's most affluent neighborhood, the hunt for the killers gripped the nation's attention. Police claimed they had their man when Lee Harris, a street hustler from the nearby housing projects, admitted he was at the scene of the crime. But he now insists he was just trying to get the $25,000 reward money and was simply feeding back the information detectives gave him. Lee's son and a friend are convinced he talked himself into prison and believe Chris Anderson and Fatima Silva will agree that Lee's only crime was greed.


Two New Episodes Premieres New Episodes Premiere Tuesdays at 10/9c

Psychopaths live among us. They can be friends, family members, coworkers, or even lovers. Trying as they may to impersonate normal humans, there are always signs that reveal their true nature: calculating, narcissistic -- and sometimes, murderous.

· I Am Strange Premieres Tuesday, September 14 at 10/9c

A lone gunman shoots a young man and woman on their way home from the gym where they work. While interrogating a suspect, detectives learn that this is no random attack but the twisted plan of a deranged psychopathic stalker.

· The Good Girl Premieres Tuesday, September 14 at 10:30/9:30c

On Monday night, November 8th, 2010, 24-year-old Jennifer Pan makes a frantic 911 call decrying a brutal home invasion. Her mother, Bich Pan, is killed, and her father, Hann Pan, has also been shot but remains in a coma, clinging to life. Jennifer, the only known witness, claims the group of attackers tied her up before taking off. But, as detectives question her, Jennifer's story begins to unravel. Investigators discover that Jennifer has been leading a double life to appease her parents' high expectations for her. She fooled them into believing she was living at college, attending classes every day, so they would continue to support her financially. In reality, she was spending her days with a secret someone. Detectives are stunned to find that underneath her meek appearance lies the heart of a stone-cold psychopath.

· Do Her Mortal Harm Premieres Tuesday, September 21 at 10/9c

The naked and mutilated body of a mother turns up at the bottom of a ravine in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. When tire tracks lead investigators to a suspect, they encounter an undetected serial killer who confesses to butchering eight women over a decade.

· I Killed Him. Boom. Boom. Premieres Tuesday, September 28 at 10/9c

Police respond to a 911 call to find a father of two dead in his home with more than 15 gunshot wounds. Police question the family, but one person is missing, his mother-in-law. Now detectives must determine if this grandma could be a deadly psychopath.


New Episodes Premiere Mondays at 9/8c

THE DETECTIVE DIARIES takes us inside the investigative minds of five American detectives as they reexamine the harrowing cases that defined their careers. From hunting killers who hid in the shadows for decades, to taking on a political machine with more than blood on its hands, to reliving the same murder through three different victims in a row, every crime turns the story back on each detective, triggering memories of painstaking investigations, forcing them to come to terms with old wounds, and revealing what drives them to stand strong in the fight for justice.

· Twist In The Wind Premieres Monday, 9/27 at 9/8c

Former police chief Clay Bryant is given the chance to solve a cold case that his late father was powerless to fight and haunted him since childhood, when he catches a new case that could bring justice to a town and closure to an entire family.

The programs below previously aired on discovery+ and will premiere on Investigation Discovery as follows:


New Episodes Premiere Wednesday at 9/8c

Everyone is hiding something. It may be a harmless secret, or it might be something far more serious: a terrible betrayal of trust or a shocking indiscretion. Some of these come out over time, while others stay hidden forever. But sometimes, an event is so horrific, so cataclysmic, that everyone's truths are laid bare. WHERE MURDER LIES gradually exposes murder investigations one truth after another, revealing the sinister underbelly beneath seemingly placid communities.

· The Glass Heart Premieres Wednesday, September 15 at 9/8c

Todd and Carole Garton lead an idyllic life in the rural countryside of Cottonwood, California. They live, work, and hunt together with their closest friends who are affectionately referred to as "the Garton Gang". But when Todd returns home to find Carole's body on their bedroom floor, the ensuing investigation will unravel a decade of lies and deceit. The twisted path of jealousy, betrayal, and greed will lead detectives from the quiet California countryside to the bustling streets of Portland where a second intended victim remains unaware that a shadowy group of killers has put a contract out on his life.

· Disappearance Act Premieres Wednesday, September 22 at 9/8c

In 2015, Kelly Jo Snyder- an adored mother-of-three - goes missing on Easter day right before her families big dinner. Her friends and family as well as a majority of the small town of Renovo, Pennsylvania search everywhere for her. After 5 days of no leads, Kelly Jo's husband, BJ Snyder, receives a ransom note which send police in a whole new direction. It becomes clear to investigators that someone close to Kelly Jo is not telling the truth which leads them on a chase to New York state where the most unlikely of suspects is apprehended and their lies are uncovered.

· Murder Is A Heavy Burden Premieres Wednesday, September 29 at 9/8c

When Albert Thomas, a hard working trucker, is found gunned down in his own rig, police have little evidence to work with. He leaves behind his wife Lorraine Hunter and step-daughter Briuana, neither of whom can imagine why anyone would want to murder their beloved Albert. The case goes cold for two years until family members come forward with tales of murder and deceit, including a full confession to a devious plot to kill Albert. Once police start unraveling the mystery, they uncover a web of lies that goes back more than a decade.


New Episodes Premiere Thursdays at 9/8c

Lt. Joe Kenda, one of the toughest, most experienced homicide detectives in ID history, is back exclusively on discovery+ with an all-new series. Over the years, Kenda has heard about cases that defy logic and expose the depravity of human nature: investigations so confounding that the twists and turns feel more scripted in Hollywood than reality. In AMERICAN DETECTIVE, Kenda trades in his own case files to bring viewers astounding investigations from across the country, with each episode putting a different homicide detective at the forefront whose tireless efforts helped put a killer behind bars and bring justice for the victim. Kenda guides us through the nuances of each case and the dogged detective work featured in AMERICAN DETECTIVE, the riveting raconteur whose gruff voice and deadpan delivery keep us hanging on his every word.

· Lights Out Premieres Thursday, September 16 at 9/8c

A gruesome attack on an elderly couple during a sudden home invasion leaves Phoenix police baffled. Det. Darren Burch is called on to the case, and after chasing a number of false leads, he learns of a missing piece of jewelry. Leads begin to pour in from across the country, and as he expands his search, he discovers a string of similar unsolved cases that might be connected to his He soon finds himself hot on the trail of a predator with an insatiable appetite for violence.


New Episodes Premiere Thursdays Back to Back Starting at 10/9c

Candice DeLong investigates the unbelievable personality traits that have triggered homicides that are all too real, going inside the hunt for a killer as detectives race to build a psychological profile of the perp amid a growing chorus of suspects.

· The Transformer Premieres Thursday, September 16 at 10/9c

One likes to think personalities don't change. Yet people often hear people describe their partners as 'not the person I married.' Candice shows that while some core personality traits are immutable, others can move in and out of focus, especially if they indulge in drugs and alcohol. Candice has seen how altered states can unlock hidden personalities as extreme as Dr. Jekyll and Mr.Hyde.

· The Predator Premieres Thursday, September 16 at 10:30/9:30c

"Life is like the African plains," Candice often notes, "human predators are the lions of the Serengeti.'' Plains predators have a distinct advantage over their victims - raw power. In the human environment, that power can be financial, sexual, psychological, or physical. In this episode, Candice reveals the shocking moves predators can make on the vulnerable and those who trust them most.

· The Oversharer Premieres Thursday, September 23 at 10/9c

It's something our brains are not prepared for, yet it's taking over our daily lives. Social Media is the new crack cocaine - but the rush never stops. As we mainline affirmation and outrage in equal measure, our psychological states are being pushed beyond natural limits. In this episode, Candice describes how our primal emotions can be triggered by a tweet, a post, or a call to violent action. And how the more we upload our lives, the more secrets we reveal.

· The Narcissist Premieres Thursday, September 23 at 10:30/9:30c

Self-esteem is the currency of the age. It's considered a superpower that can lift anyone from obscurity to self-actualization. Nice theory. And if a little bit of self-belief works wonders, then a lot must work better, right? Candice says 'no'. There's a word for that: narcissism, and we discover just how dangerous it can be. Removed from the norms of community obligations, narcissists run their own selfish agenda, which can prove deadly to anyone in their way.

· The Gold Digger Premieres Thursday, September 30 at 10/9c

Because love is blind, a greedy partner can pull off daring thefts right under their victims' noses. Some will even kill their lovers for a big payday. Candice has all the information to determine whether someone is in a relationship for love or money.

· The Faker Premieres Thursday, September 30 at 10:30/9:30c

Empathy makes people human. It's at the heart of communities and shared experiences. It's the glue that holds societies together - but occasionally, empathy turns into a weapon used against us. Candice reveals the danger behind "crocodile tears" and discovers if there's a way to sort genuine pity from the calculated Faker.


Special Premieres Saturday, September 25 at 9/8c

In 2010, a probation officer conducts a routine check on Joseph Naso, a 76-year-old shoplifter in Reno, Nevada. The officer finds a shocking cache of materials: thousands of pictures of scantily clad women, mannequins dressed in lingerie, and a journal recounting dozens of rapes, dating back decades. Then, police find a handwritten list with ten cryptic entries vague locations, but no names or dates. Investigators fear that, completely by chance, they have stumbled upon a hidden serial killer. And they have one year to decode the list before Naso goes free.


Special Premieres Friday, October 1 at 9/8c

In the winter of 2014, an Indian American college student named Pravin Varughese goes missing in the small, southern Illinois city of Carbondale. Almost a week after Pravin's disappearance, his body is found, and the authorities rule his death an accident. But Pravin's mother, Lovely, believes he was murdered. She spends the next four years investigating and building her own case to find justice for her only son.


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As Beyoncé recently became the first Black woman to ever top Billboard's Hot Country Songs chart, a larger conversation about what defines country music has exploded into the zeitgeist.

[04/18/24 - 11:59 AM]
Starz Releases First-Look Photos for the Highly Anticipated Fourth and Final Season of "Power Book II: Ghost"
Additionally, Golden Brooks will join the upcoming season in a recurring role as Janet Stewart, Monet Tejada's cousin.