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True Love and Belly Laughs: A Preview of Japan's 2022 Unscripted Slate
Highlights include new seasons of "The Future Diary" and "Love Is Blind: Japan."

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True Love and Belly Laughs: A Preview of Japan's 2022 Unscripted Slate

Mitsuko Koyabashi

Manager, Live Action Creative, Japan

Taro Goto

Manager, Live Action Creative, Japan

Japan's love affair with unscripted content goes back to the 1950s and remains one of the country's most dominant forms of entertainment. From comedy shows to competition shows, Japan's lean-back variety programs offer the sort of comforting entertainment people have come to expect from television, while reality shows tap into a great enthusiasm for living vicariously through the real-world adventures of on-screen personalities.

Reality shows such as Ainori and Terrace House were in fact some of the first to truly resonate with our Japanese audiences, and our recent success with unscripted shows proves that this appetite is still growing, with our latest unscripted comedy series Last One Standing quickly rising to No. 1 in the Overall Top 10 (Japan) after its premiere.

We're currently developing 15 unscripted projects, seven of which are either already available or launching this year. The new slate includes a rich variety of unscripted genres, from comedy, reality television to documentaries.

Fans of dating shows can look forward to Love Village as well as a new season of The Future Diary, while Love is Blind: Japan is now casting for its second season, which is set to launch next year. We are also rolling out a wide selection of documentaries ranging from LiSA Another Great Day, which celebrates the titular artist's career as one of the top singers of wildly popular anime theme songs, and Sing, Dance, Act: Kabuki, featuring former-idol-turned-actor Toma Ikuta's immersion in the world of New Kabuki, to Tokyo Crime Squad: The Lucie Blackman Case (Working Title).

Stories that travel

As a global studio, we try to entertain both local and global audiences. Unscripted shows allow us to accomplish both in interesting ways. Our priority for each local language show is to make sure it resonates with the respective local audiences, and when we stay true to each culture and make them as authentic as possible, the shows tend to tap into something universal.

When we brought Love is Blind to Japan, we focused on not forcing the participants to do anything that felt culturally uncomfortable. If they wanted to bow instead of kissing when they first met, or if they weren't ready to discuss intimate topics, that's fine. If they wanted to break up before the big day, that's fine. As a result, you see the participants being themselves, which ends up making them both relatable and fascinating for their cultural differences.

It's the simple yet provocative concept of the format that lends itself to such adaptations, and whereas Love is Blind originated in the US, these formats can come from anywhere in the world. For example, Iron Chef was a groundbreaking show in Japan before being adapted internationally and now being rebooted as a Netflix series.

But being on an unscripted show can be stressful, and in particular, participation in dating shows requires those on-screen to be vulnerable, which takes a lot of mental fortitude, especially in the age of social media.

To make sure the cast and crew are prepared for the experience, we take meaningful steps to create a respectful environment throughout the production process, and put support systems in place for them.

We will continue to hold ourselves to a high standard when producing unscripted content in Japan. We believe that it is possible to create enjoyable and authentic programming while putting the well-being of our cast first.

Netflix Japan related Unscripted Titles Lineup


As of March 25, 2022

Comedy Series
Last One Standing

Reality Show
The Future Diary Season 2
Love Village (New)
Love is Blind: JAPAN S2 (New)

Sing, Dance, Act: Kabuki featuring Toma Ikuta (Date is announced, Key Art debut)
LiSA Another Great Day (New, First Look)
Tokyo Crime Squad: The Lucie Blackman Case (Working Title) (New, First Look)
Carlos Ghosn

Competition Series
Iron Chef: Quest for an Iron Legend
Iron Chef: Brasil

Netflix Comedy Series

Last One Standing


Survival comedy talk show by comedy duo Chidori

Hot title in Japan Daily Overall Top10 since its release

Last One Standing is a Japanese comedy talk show with the popular and powerful Japanese comedy duo Chidori. 24 comedians and talents will engage in talk battles to move on to the next stage starring in a thrilling drama with strong actors. A portion of the script is unscripted, and the cast is tasked with sharing their stories, in their own words under the themes including The Time When I Was Hurt, A Secret I've Never Revealed Best Tip-Offs, Words I've Been Shocked By, Passionate Declarations: Scream out against the unjust evil of this world ...and more! If their jokes don't land in the unscripted scenes, they're off the show. Who will have the funniest story and will be the last comedian standing?

Comment: Producer Nobuyuki Sakuma

It was Netflix that gave me the first offer to work with together after I left TV Tokyo. I shared some ideas and Netflix gave a greenlight to the most challenging one that I wanted to do the most, which made me too happy and laugh. You'll enjoy Chidori and a lot of fun and skilled comedians who took the offer to participate in such a challenging project, presenting their hilarious and surprising stories and getting exhausted along with the episodes. This is the variety show, but the drama and the documentary at the same time. You'll be moved at the end. Anyway Chidori is awesome.


Chidori Nobu, Daigo Hitori Gekidan/Kazuki Iio(Zun)/Kendo Kobayashi/Muga Tsukaji(Drunk Dragon)/ Toshiyuki Itakura(Impulse)/Takushi Tanaka(Ungirls)/Takashi Yoshimura(Heisei Nobushi Kobushi)/ Tonikaku Akarui Yasumura/Eiko Kano/Hironobu Komiya(Sanshiro)/Minami Minegishi/ Yuki Iwai(Haraichi)/Satoshi Mukai(Panther)/Tetsuya Morita(Saraba Seishun no Hikari)/ Hiccorohee/Takashi Watanabe(Nishikigoi)/Nadal(Colocolo Chikichiki Peppers)/ Iwakura(Kaerutei)/Shunsuke Ito(Ozwald)/Saya(Lalande) Ahn Mika/Toshiaki Kasuga(Audrey)/Haruna Kondo(Harisenbon) Karen Takizawa/Shiori Sato/Reina Triendl Shotaro Mamiya/Yuki Morinaga/Hikaru Takahashi/Kohki Okada/Masaharu Higashide


Main Theme Song:Hanataba by Sambomaster (Getting Better / Victor Entertainment) Developed and produced by: Nobuyuki Sakuma Director: Hayato Kawai / Writer: Ryoichi Tsuchiya / Executive Producer: Shinichi Takahashi (Netflix) / Producer: Yoko Usui, Seiya Horio / Production Company: Nobuyuki Sakuma Agency / Production: UNITED PRODUCTIONS, Yoshimoto Kogyo / Presented by: Netflix

Now on Streaming

Netflix Reality Series

The Future Diary S2


New season of a reboot of the legendary romance reality series:

Will they fall in love through the experience written in The Future Diary? The Future Diary is "a love diary of events that will happen in the future." The diary is delivered to the casts who are complete strangers and tells them that they will fall in love in the future. As they experience an unbelievable meeting, a moving confession of love, and extraordinary, dramatic events, will the casts fall in love? This is the second season of the legendary romance reality show that made waves 20 years ago rebooted on Netflix.

Comment: General Director Masaya Arai

In season 1, we have illustrated the romantic relationships of a man and a woman simply with the theme of long distance love. In season 2, we'll set a higher barrier to overcome to the casts and the diary will demand the cruel trials. In the unusual and dramatic story, each cast will feel emotional upheaval. You'll see the "romance reality" in their words and expressions and hope you enjoy the love story at the mercy of the diary.


MC:DAIGO/Studio members: coming soon Narration: Kenjiro Tsuda


General Director: Masaya Arai (TBS) / Director: Kotaro Itani (G-yama) / Executive Producer: Shinichi Takahashi (Netflix) / Chief Producer: Machi Fujiwara (TBS), Takeshi Takaoka (TBS) / Producer: Takahide Yamaji (G-yama), Hiroyuki Takahashi (G-yama) /Production: TBS In Association with: G-yama

Coming Soon in 2022

Netflix Reality Series

Love Village


Eight men and women live a self-sufficient life together to look for their last love

Do you know the difference between the first love and the last? It's this: you always think the first is the last and the last is the first. -Tove Jansson

Singles relocate to a house in the mountains to see if love might transpire in a tranquil and idyllic setting, away from the realities of the world. The aim is for participants to find their everlasting love - by showing their real faces, crying, laughing and quarreling. Would the participant find the last love in life and leave the house and village with the partner? This is a new Japanese dating show from Netflix.

Comment: Naomi Satoh (Executive Producer and Content Acquisition Manager, Netflix Japan)

"Love in adulthood" doesn't mean "grown-up love" that is reasonable and down-to-earth. Love made by experienced adults is bold, glistening and realistic. Facing the partner sincerely makes their relationships more affectionate. Hope Love Village will show such romantic relationships by adult men and women.

Staff Exective Producer:Naomi Satoh (Netflix)

Coming in 2023

Netflix Reality Series

Love is Blind: JAPAN S2


Also Love is Blind: Brazil S2 and Love is Blind S3 is coming in 2022

Renewed for a second season! Casting call now open.

Love is Blind: Japan will start its next season! Love is Blind is Netflix's American unscripted series where singles who want to be loved for who they are, rather than what they look like, have signed up for a less conventional approach to modern dating where they hope to meet the person they want to spend the rest of their lives with... without ever having seen them. With no distractions from the outside world, the singles talk to a stream of potential love interests and when back in the real world, as the couples plan towards their wedding day, they will quickly discover whether they can turn their emotional connection into a true love before the fast-approaching ceremony.

The original show was nominated for 2 Primetime Emmys including Outstanding Structured Reality Program and it was brought to Brazil and the second season released in the US so far. In 2022, Love is Blind: Brazil season 2 and Love is Blind season 3 will be coming, and Love is Blind: Japan will start the casting call from March 25 for its season 2 in 2023. Also Love is Blind season 4 and 5 is confirmed for its production.

Comment:Mitsuko Kobayashi (Executive Producer and Content Acquisition Manager, Netflix Japan)

Can you nurture love with the other only by the conversation without seeing each other then make a proposal? This is a crazy idea but we saw two couples got married from Love is Blind: Japan, which is the proof of this miracle reality show. This experiment helps find the true partner by making the participants focus on looking at the personality and how they resonate with each other without having the information of the appearance. Hope you enjoy the new type of dating show that you can cry, laugh and celebrate together.


Production: TV Man Union / Executive Producer: Mitsuko Kobayashi (Netflix), Taro Goto (Netflix)

Coming in 2023

Netflix Documentary

Sing, Dance, Act: Kabuki featuring Toma Ikuta


A documentary following Toma Ikuta as he takes on a new challenge - New Kabuki

A Japanese actor, former teen idol Toma Ikuta and kabuki actor Matsuya Onoe were classmates in high school, and they remain close friends. Now, at age 36, Ikuta will star as a special guest in Onoe's kabuki stage series. This documentary follows the challenges of Ikuta's training, his worries about diving into this new world, and his friendship with Onoe.

Toma Ikuta is a Japanese actor who started his career as an idol from Johnny's & Associates, and he has been focusing on acting and has played various characters since 1997 such as in No Longer Human and Hanamizuki and won Blue Ribbon Awards in 2011, followed by a TV series IDATEN: The Epic Marathon to Tokyo in 2019. In 2020, he won the Best Performance by an Actor at Tokyo Drama Awards 2020 for If Talking Paid. In August 2021, Ikuta will try the new kabuki performance for the first time joining the final season of the independent Kabuki stage series called "Idomu (Challenge)" led by kabuki actor Matsuya Onoe. Toma Ikuta and Matsuya Onoe were classmates back in their high school and have been close friends. In their high school days, the two promised that they would stand on the same stage some day. And for the final stage of Onoe's produced Kabuki stage series, Ikuta will star as a special guest in his first ever time in the new kabuki "Akado Suzunosuke" and play the role of Tatsumaki Rainoshin.

At 36 years old, why did Ikuta decide to take on kabuki? This documentary follows Ikuta's challenge to the new kabuki revealing Ikuta's worries about diving into this new world as well as his diligent training regime, and his long friendship with Matsuya Onoe that has led to this long-awaited co-starring performance.

Comment: Naomi Satoh (Executive Producer and Content Acquisition Manager, Netflix Japan)

When I heard the story of Toma Ikuta who finally his dream come true to go on to the stage with his best friend Matsuya Onoe, I'm deeply touched by the bond of Toma Ikuta and Matsuya Onoe, and Ikuta's readiness to try. I strongly felt I cannot miss the moment that Ikuta tries something new and hard even he doesn't know. I'm glad and honered to deliver his passionate story of a kind based on the long friendship to the Netflix members around the world, with the release of the actual New Kabuki stage performance.


Toma Ikuta, Matsuya Onoe and more


Director: Takeshi Aizawa / Executive Producer: Julie K. Fujishima, Naomi Sato (Netflix)

Coming on June 16, 2022

Netflix Documentary

LiSA Another Great Day


This documentary explores the true face of LiSA, a popular Japanese singer well known in Japan as well as abroad for her numerous hit songs such as the theme song of "Demon Slayer"

Because LiSA has always been very humble but also unbending, she has been confronted with various realities and made many mistakes in life. Later on, the little girl who started a band because of her admiration for Avril Lavigne becomes one of Japan's leading artists as she celebrates her 10th year anniversary in 2021. With the help of her team, she has been dedicating herself to producing the artist "LiSA" and has successfully realized her dream of becoming a rock singer. What dreams will her and her team pursue next?

In this documentary, we follow LiSA's journey through the ups and downs of her life as she heads into this new phase that is represented by her 10th anniversary project.

We explore the true face of LiSA as she creates music, performs and tries to make every new day another great day.

Comment: Director Taketoshi Sado

LiSA is a top star but she is an ordinary person who feels insecure in daily life. She often gets involved with the problems and troubles at work, but she overcomes it and continues to grow up day by day, which resonates with our heart. It is my great pleasure to share her real face to the Netflix members around the world.

Cast LiSA

Creator Director:Taketoshi Sado Executive Producer: Naomi Satoh (Netflix)

Coming in Fall 2022

Netflix Documentary

Tokyo Crime Squad: The Lucie Blackman Case (Working Title)


A documentary to reveal a devastating crime event in Japan

Tokyo Crime Squad is the inside story of the turbulent and complex investigation into the killing of British tourist Lucie Blackman, told through unprecedented interviews with the Japanese detectives who led the case. Revelatory and heart-rendering, filmmaker Hyoe Yamamoto tracks the story of the men and women of the legendary Search 1 Select Division of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department, as they sought to overcome numerous obstacles in the fight to bring the perpetrator to justice. Under an unusual amount of international pressure and scrutiny, this film highlights the personal struggles of the main characters involved in the hunt for Lucie Blackman's kidnapper as they uncovered the sordid crimes of a culprit who challenged and toyed with them at every stage of the investigation. Known around the globe, the Lucie Blackman case still deeply affects those involved and this film sheds light on the debt the detectives continue to feel they owe the victims of an unusually brutal criminal. Told with interrogative, piercing interviews and poignant, cinematic reconstructions this film is not just an emotional retrospective of one of Tokyo's most shocking cases, but a film that also dares to pose the bigger questions about what this devastating event meant and what can be learnt for the future.


Inspired by the Book "Elegy for Detectives' by Shoji Takao published by Bungeishunjyu Ltd. Director: Hyoe Yamamoto Producer: Deborah Barillas Executive Producers: Jocelyn Little, Donovan Chan, and Rob Sixsmith Production Companies: Vesuvius Pictures / Beach House Pictures

Coming in Fall 2022

Netflix Documentary

Carlos Ghosn (Working Title)

A feature documentary chronicling the meteoric rise of Ghosn, internal rivalries, tensions he sparked within Nissan-Renault and his dramatic arrest

A feature documentary chronicling the meteoric rise of Ghosn, internal rivalries, tensions he sparked within Nissan-Renault and his dramatic arrest. It is a global investigative film with a team of talented journalists spanning France, Japan and the UK. It was filmed in France, Japan, the UK, Brazil & Lebanon. Carlos Ghosn is not involved in the creative process.

The documentary includes interviews of key stakeholders both in Europe, Middle East, Brazil and Japan (Louis Schweitzer, Patrick Pelata, Hiroto Saikawa, Ravinder Passi, Nayla Beydoun, Takashi Takano and many more).

We have worked to put a team together from France and Japan to ensure journalistic insights - coupled with an award-winning UK director with a great mix of current affairs journalism and cinematic ambition.

It is directed by BAFTA award winning director Lucy Blakstad who is as well known for her documentaries as she is for commercials. Critically acclaimed documentary work for the BBC includes "Lido", "Carlos Acosta the Reluctant Ballet dancer" for Imagine, a series called "Naked" about how you feel about your body at different lifestages and a trilogy called "Bridges" which took her to Bosnia and New York.

The show is produced by a multi award-winning Paul Moreira who has worked on investigative documentaries with several major European broadcasters. He recently directed an episode for Netflix's in production doc series "World's Most Wanted". He is the founder of French production company, Premières Lignes, based in Paris. And also this is produced by Tokyo-based Hyoe Yamamoto studied filmmaking at the Tisch School of the Arts at New York University. He made his feature debut with the documentary - Samurai And Idiots: The Olympus Affairs - co-produced with BBC, ZDF, and ARTE. He also directed a short documentary - Japan's Tattoo Outlaws - for Al Jazeera English.


Director: Lucy Blakstad Producer: Paul Moreira, Hyoe Yamamoto

Coming in 2H 2022

Netflix Competition Series

Iron Chef: Quest for an Iron Legend

Iron Chef come to Netflix in US and Brazil

The legendary Iron Chef series is reborn with a supersized approach to the ground-breaking culinary competition that started it all. It's been called the toughest culinary challenge a chef will ever experience. This is where world-class cuisine meets high-octane sports. Five new trailblazing Iron Chefs will welcome brave Challenger Chefs to the reimagined Kitchen Stadium, where they'll face off and be pushed to the limits of endurance and creativity, as they cook up extraordinary culinary creations. The competition's most successful Challenger will return to battle in a grand finale for the chance to be named the first ever "Iron Legend." The series is based on Fuji Television Network's format.


Production Companies: Keller Productions, in association with 3 Ball Productions Director and Executive Producer: Eytan Keller Showrunner and Executive Producer: Daniel Calin Executive Producer: Ross Weintraub

Coming in 2022

Netflix Competition Series

Iron Chef: Brasil

In addition to Iron Chef:Quest for an Iron Legend, the legendary format of gastronomic competition is reborn with a new approach, highlighting the diversity of Brazilian cuisine. The show will be hosted by Brazilian actress and presenter Fernanda Souza.

Coming in 2022

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