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Primetime Ratings Report for the Week of January 8, 2007
ABC spins the numbers for the week of January 8-14.

[via press release from ABC]

Primetime Ratings Report For the week of January 8, 2007

Marking its Second Consecutive Week of Gains, ABC Attracts Its Largest Audience and Top Adult 18-49 Rating in 6 Weeks

Net Claims 5 of the Top 20 TV Shows for the Week in Adults 18-49, Including the No. 1 Non-Sports TV Program with �Grey�s Anatomy�

�Wife Swap� and �Supernanny� Each Post Some of their Top Numbers This Season

ABC�s �According to Jim� Ranks No. 1 in its Second Half-hour with the Series� Largest Audience in 14 Months and its Top Adult 18-49 Number in 11 Months

ABC Dominates Thursday, Leading its Nearest Competition By 5.6 Million Viewers and by 32% Among Adults 18-49

ABC�s �Ugly Betty� is the Most-Watched Show Thursday at 8pm, Attracting Its Biggest Audience in 10 Weeks and its Top Adult 18-49 Number in 14 Weeks

On its First Original Airing in 6 Weeks, ABC�s �Grey�s Anatomy� Returns as the Definitive No. 1 TV Show on Thursday, Marking its Second-Largest Audience Since September and the Series� Second-Highest Adult 18-49 Number Since Mid-October

Taking Second in Thursday�s 10 O�clock Hour Across the Adult Demographics, �MEN IN TREES� Delivers ABC�s Largest Audience in the Time Period in 6 Weeks

ABC�s �Extreme Makeover: Home Edition� is Sunday�s No. 1 Unscripted Show in Viewers and Young Adults, Way Ahead of NBC�s �Grease� and �The Apprentice�

ABC�s �Desperate Housewives� Wins Sunday at 9pm, Standing as the Night�s No. 1 Entertainment Series for the 12th Time in as Many Original Telecasts This Season

ABC�s �Brothers & Sisters� Delivers its Best-Ever Retention of an Original �Housewives,� Winning Sunday�s 10 O�clock Hour Across the Adult Demographics

WEEK No. 17:

Delivering its second consecutive week of viewer and young adult increases, ABC attracted its largest audience (8.7 million) and top Adult 18-49 number (3.1/8) in 6 weeks � since w/o 11/27/06, the week containing the final nights of the November Sweep. ABC beat out NBC during the week (w/o 1/8/07) in Total Viewers and Adults 18-49 (NBC = 8.4 million & 2.9/7) and took second place to Fox among Women 18-49 (4.2/10) and Women 18-34 (3.5/10).

Weekly Rankings: ABC aired 5 of the week�s Top 20 TV programs in Adults 18-49, including the No. 1 non-sports program -- on a week filled with football -- with �Grey�s Anatomy�: �Grey�s Anatomy� � No. 3, �Desperate Housewives� � No. 5, �Brothers & Sisters� � No. 12, �Ugly Betty� � No. 15 and �Extreme Makeover: Home Edition� � No. 17. ABC�s �Grey�s Anatomy� (No. 3) and �Desperate Housewives� (No. 6) each placed among the week�s Top 10 most-watched shows, while finishing ahead of the football games on Fox and CBS (College Championship and NFL Playoffs) as the Top 2

TV programs overall in each of the key women demos (W18-34/W18-49/W25-54). ABC�s �Ugly Betty� and �Brothers & Sisters� were the Top 2 freshman series during the week in Total Viewers and Adults 18-49. �Extreme Makeover: Home Edition� was the week�s No. 1 unscripted series among Adults 18-49.


�Wife Swap� (8:00-9:00 p.m.)

At 8:00 p.m., �Wife Swap� posted its top performance in the hour this season in Total Viewers (7.9 million), and among Adults 18-49 (3.3/8) its best since November � 11/27/06. In addition, �Wife Swap� delivered is strongest Adults 18-34 rating (3.1/8) in the hour in nearly 9 months � since 3/27/06.

�Supernanny� (9:00-10:00 p.m.)

�Supernanny� produced best-since-premiere numbers in Total Viewers (8.2 million) and across all key adults demos: Adults 18-34 (3.1/8), Adults 18-49 (3.2/7) and Adults 25-54 (3.5/7). In addition, �Supernanny� hit a season high with its core Women 18-34 audience (4.7/11).


ABC�s Wednesday night line-up drew 6.6 million viewers and a 2.4 rating, 6 share among Adults 18-49, attracting the Net�s largest audience on the night in 8 weeks � since 11/15/06.

�According to Jim� (8:00-8:30 p.m.)

�According to Jim� took second in its half-hour in both Total Viewers (7.8 million) and Adults 18-49 (2.5/7). The Touchstone-produced comedy won its time slot among Women 18-49 (3.1/8) and Women 25-54 (3.7/9).

� �According to Jim� drew ABC�s largest audience and matched its highest young adult performance in the half-hour in 8 weeks � since 11/15/06.

�According to Jim� (8:30-9:00 p.m.)

Building on its lead-in by 10% in viewers and by 16% in young adults, a second episode of �According to Jim� ranked No. 1 in its time slot in Total Viewers (8.6 million) and Adults 18-49 (2.9/8 - tied). �According to Jim� attracted the series� largest audience in 14 months and highest Adults 18-49 number in 11 months � since 10/25/05 and 2/7/06, respectively.

� �According to Jim� was up from its season premiere performance in the half-hour the prior week by 1.4 million viewers and by 7% in Adults 18-49 (7.2 million & 2.7/7 on 1/3/07), delivering ABC�s best numbers in the time slot in 8 weeks � since 11/15/06, the night of the �Dancing with the Stars� season finale.

�The Knights of Prosperity� (9:23-9:53 p.m.)/�In Case of Emergency� (9:53-10:23 p.m.)

In the hour following President Bush�s nationally televised speech, ABC�s �In Case of Emergency� built on its �The Knights of Prosperity� lead-in across all key adult demos: Adults 18-34 (1.7/5 vs. 1.5/4), Adults 18-49 (2.2/5 vs. 2.0/5) and Adults 25-54 (2.5/6 vs. 2.4/5).

�Primetime: Medical Mysteries� (10:23-11:00 p.m.)

The season premiere of �Primetime: Medical Mysteries� led the final half-hour (10:30-11:00 p.m.) of the evening among Adults 18-34 (2.1/6).


ABC posted a definitive first-place victory on Thursday night, beating its nearest competition by 5.6 million viewers (15.6 million vs. 10.0 million � CBS) and by 32% in the key Adult 18-49 sales demographic (5.8/15 vs. 4.4/11 � NBC).

� In Adults 18-49, ABC matched its highest-rated Thursday since October 5th.

�Ugly Betty� (8:00-9:00 p.m.)

ABC�s freshman �Ugly Betty� stood as the most-watched TV program during the 8 o�clock hour, outdrawing second-place NBC�s comedies (�My Name is Earl�/�The Office�) by 3.0 million viewers (13.5 million vs. 10.5 million). Additionally, the ABC freshman series was Thursday�s second-most-watched program, trailing only ABC�s �Grey�s Anatomy.� �Ugly Betty� also delivered the No. 1 position in its time period across each of the key women demographics: W18-34 (5.7/16), W18-49 (6.2/15) and W25-54 (7.5/17). With its core audience of Women 18-34, �Ugly Betty� has been the No. 1 program in its hour on each of the series� regular original telecast.

� Growing sharply week to week (+1.8 million viewers & +19% in Adults 18-49), �Ugly Betty� attracted its largest audience (13.5 million) in 10 weeks and matched its highest Adult 18-49 number (4.4/12) in 14 weeks � since11/2/06 and 10/5/06, respectively. In fact the show equaled its third-highest Adult 18-49 rating ever.

�Grey�s Anatomy� (9:00-10:01 p.m.)

Thursday�s No. 1 television program, ABC's �Grey's Anatomy� towered over the 9 o�clock hour in Total Viewers (23.0 million) and Adults 18-49 (9.3/22). The ABC drama outdrew its closest competition by 11.0 million viewers (CBS = 12.0 million) and beat the combined Adult 18-49 ratings for CBS, NBC and Fox in the hour by 7% (CBS/NBC/Fox = 8.7/20).

� On its first original telecast in 6 weeks (since 11/30/06), �Grey�s Anatomy returned with its second-largest audience since September and its second-highest Adult 18-49 number since mid-October � since 9/28/06 and 10/19/06, respectively.

�MEN IN TREES� (10:01-11:00 p.m.)

ABC's �MEN IN TREES� took second place to NBC�s �ER� during the 10 o�clock hour across the adult demographics: AD18-34 (2.7/8), AD18-49 (3.4/9) and AD25-54 (4.1/10).

� The freshman series attracted ABC�s largest audience (9.9 million) in the time period in 6 weeks � since 11/30/06. �MEN IN TREES� marked the series� second-highest-ever Adult 18-34 rating.


�20/20� (10:00-11:00 p.m.)

Building on it lead-in in both viewers and young adults, ABC News� �20/20� attracted its largest audience (7.9 million) in the hour in 5 weeks � since 12/8/06. In addition, the newsmagazine ranked No. 1 in the hour among Adults 18-34 (1.8/6 � tied).


On a night which included CBS� coverage of a high-rated NFL Playoff game (Chargers-Patriots) and Fox�s highly promoted 2-hour season premiere of �24,� ABC ranked No. 1 on the evening with Women 18-34 (4.8/13) and Kids 2-11 (2.1/7).

� For the 12th time in as many original telecasts this season, ABC�s �Desperate Housewives� stood as Sunday night�s No. 1 entertainment series in Total Viewers and Adults 18-49.

�Extreme Makeover: Home Edition� (8:00-9:00 p.m.)

ABC�s �Extreme Makeover: Home Edition� dominated its unscripted competition during the 8 o�clock hour, beating out the second installment of NBC�s �Grease: You�re the One that I Want� by 2.6 million viewers (10.9 million vs. 8.3 million) and by 43% in Adults 18-49 (4.0/9 vs. 2.8/6).

� ABC�s �Home Edition� once again qualified as the No. 1 unscripted entertainment series on Sunday, pacing way ahead of each of NBC�s offerings on the night � �Deal or No Deal,� �Grease: You�re the One that I Want� and �The Apprentice.�

�Desperate Housewives� (9:00-10:01 p.m.)

ABC�s �Desperate Housewives� won the 9 o�clock hour in Total Viewers (16.8 million) and Adults 18-49 (6.8/15), besting the second hour of Fox�s highly promoted 2-hour season premiere of �24� (16.4 million & 6.4/14). ABC�s �Housewives� crushed �The Apprentice,� which finished a distant fourth place in the hour, outdelivering the NBC reality series by 9.5 million viewers by 143% in Adults 18-49 (�The Apprentice� = 7.3 million & 2.8/6).

�Brothers & Sisters� (10:01-11:00 p.m.)

Exhibiting its best-ever retention of an original �Desperate Housewives� lead-in among viewers and young adults, ABC�s �Brothers & Sisters� ranked No. 1 during the 10 o�clock hour across each of the adult demographics: AD18-34 (3.7/10), AD18-49 (4.8/12) and AD25-54 (5.7/13). In the key Adult 18-49 sales demographic, �Brothers & Sisters� (4.8/12) beat NBC�s season premiere of �Crossing Jordan� by 118% (2.2/5) and CBS� dramas by 17% (�Cold Case�/�Without a Trace� = 4.1/10).

� It was the second consecutive original telecast for �Brothers & Sisters� to grow its audience among viewers and young adults, gaining 4% in Total Viewers (12.4 million vs. 11.9 million) and by 7% in Adults 18-49 (4.8/12 vs. 4.5/11) from the prior week.

Source: Nielsen Media Research, NTI (Live+SD or Most Current), week of 1/8/07, or as dated.

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