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date (day) time network episode title
11/20/11 (Su.)10:00 PME!(#409/410) The Homecoming King/Homeward Bound
11/13/11 (Su.)10:00 PME!(#408) Booking It
11/6/11 (Su.)10:00 PME!(#407) Lovitz or Leave It
10/30/11 (Su.)10:00 PME!(#406) Fathers and Sons
10/23/11 (Su.)10:00 PME!(#405) Family Matters
10/16/11 (Su.)10:00 PME!(#404) Meet Your Match
10/9/11 (Su.)10:00 PME!(#403) Victoria's Secrets
10/2/11 (Su.)11:00 PME!(#402) A Fine Bromance
9/25/11 (Su.)11:00 PME!(#401) Here Comes the Neighborhood
1/16/11 (Su.)10:00 PME!(#309) Out With It (R)
1/9/11 (Su.)10:00 PME!(#310) Reunion
1/2/11 (Su.)10:00 PME!(#309) Out With It
12/26/10 (Su.)10:00 PME!(#308) It's All Relative
12/19/10 (Su.)10:00 PME!(#307) Come Out as You Are
12/12/10 (Su.)10:00 PME!(#306) Bye-Bye, Bye Week
12/5/10 (Su.)10:00 PME!(#305) Interception
11/28/10 (Su.)10:00 PME!(#304) The Unkindest Cut
11/21/10 (Su.)10:00 PME!(#303) Fashion Weak
11/14/10 (Su.)10:00 PME!(#302) Let the Games Begin
11/7/10 (Su.)10:00 PME!(#301) Welcome to Philadelphia
6/6/10 (Su.)10:00 PME!(#213) True Confessions
5/30/10 (Su.)10:00 PME!(#212) Chips Ahoy
5/23/10 (Su.)10:00 PME!(#211) Here's Look at You, Kendra
5/16/10 (Su.)10:00 PME!(#209) GILF Trip
5/9/10 (Su.)10:00 PME!(#209) GILF Trip
5/9/10 (Su.)10:00 PME!(#208) The Eagle Has Landed
5/2/10 (Su.)10:00 PME!(#208) The Eagle Has Landed
5/2/10 (Su.)10:00 PME!(#210) Let Them Eat Cupcakes
4/25/10 (Su.)10:00 PME!(#207) Welcome Back, Kendra
4/18/10 (Su.)10:00 PME!(#206) Are We There Yet?
4/11/10 (Su.)10:00 PME!(#205) With a Little Help from My Friends
4/4/10 (Su.)10:00 PME!(#202) Date Night (R)
3/28/10 (Su.)10:00 PME!(#204) Three Girls and a Baby
3/21/10 (Su.)10:00 PME!(#203) The Crying Game
3/14/10 (Su.)10:00 PME!(#202) Date Night
12/20/09 (Su.)9:00 PME!(#201-60) Here Comes Baby
8/9/09 (Su.)10:00 PME!Straight From the Heart
8/2/09 (Su.)10:00 PME!(#110/111) Undress Rehearsal/Let Them Eat Wedding Cake
7/26/09 (Su.)10:00 PME!(#109) Preggers Can't Be Chooser
7/19/09 (Su.)10:00 PME!(#108) Between a Crock and a Hard Place
7/12/09 (Su.)10:00 PME!(#107) Bridal Sweets
7/5/09 (Su.)10:00 PME!(#106) No Hanky, No Panky
6/28/09 (Su.)10:00 PME!(#105) A Star Is Shorn
6/21/09 (Su.)10:00 PME!(#104) Lust in America
6/14/09 (Su.)10:00 PME!(#103) The Ex Files
6/7/09 (Su.)10:00 PME!(#101/102) Un-Rappin; A Star Is Shorn

6/7/09 - 11/20/11
canceled/ended (2011-2012 season)
completed airing its current season
4 (45 episodes, 0 of which have yet to air)
confirmed as canceled on 3/21/12
(from E!'s press release, August 2011) It's time for Kendra to put down roots at last when E!'s eponymous series returns for its fourth season premiere. The Baskett family -- Kendra, husband Hank and Little Hank-- finally "slide into home" in their new LA digs following years of cross-country moves. Doing so puts Kendra right back where the action is and positions her perfectly for her Hollywood career ambitions. Of course, this will challenge Kendra and Hank to find just the right balance between the personal and the professional. Following a successful but intense run on "Dancing with the Stars," Kendra is busily writing her second book and the Basketts are considering another baby. But even as Kendra's work life is busier than ever, Hank's football career seems to be on very shaky ground -- which makes long-term planning for the celebrity couple both stressful and uncertain. But rolling with life's punches is what Kendra is known for, and the Basketts are more than used to dealing with unexpected challenges thrown their way. Together, the Basketts will emerge stronger and even more committed to one another as family always remains their top priority. "Kendra" premieres in its new timeslot on Sunday, September 25 at 11:00 pm ET/PT only on E!
· Kendra Wilkinson
· Kevin Burns as EP
· reality (all)
· reality (documentary)
· Alta Loma Entertainment
· Fox Television Studios
· Prometheus Entertainment