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date (day) time network episode title
1/10/21 (Su.)11:00 AMNICK JRWid, Wild Horses/Safari Away From Me
1/3/21 (Su.)11:00 AMNICK JR(#225) Car Wash/Preston's Shipwreck
12/27/20 (Su.)11:00 AMNICK JR(#224) Calling Fowl/Treehouse Trouble
12/13/20 (Su.)11:00 AMNICK JR(#223) Green is the New Black/Plastic Bottle Island
12/6/20 (Su.)11:00 AMNICK JR(#222) Who Said Bat/What's Mine is Mine
11/29/20 (Su.)11:00 AMNICK JR(#221) Teacup Tigers/Glass
11/22/20 (Su.)11:00 AMNICK JR(#220) Bunny Buddies/I Wasn't Borneo Yesterday
11/15/20 (Su.)11:00 AMNICK JR(#219) Gold in that That Moon/Gem of a Friend
11/8/20 (Su.)11:00 AMNICK JR(#218) Chimp in the Wild/Shake It
11/1/20 (Su.)11:00 AMNICK JR(#217) Whale of a Tale/Construction Desctruction
10/25/20 (Su.)11:00 AMNICK JR(#216) Team Rainbow Rangers!/Wingin' It
10/18/20 (Su.)11:00 AMNICK JR(#214) The Lost Puppy/Goats in Trees
10/11/20 (Su.)11:00 AMNICK JR(#211) Spooky Costume Party/GMO OMG
10/4/20 (Su.)11:30 AMNICK JR(#218) Chimp in the Wild/Shake It
9/27/20 (Su.)11:30 AMNICK JR(#217) Whale of a Tale/Construction Desctruction
9/20/20 (Su.)11:30 AMNICK JR(#216) Team Rainbow Rangers!/Wingin' It
9/13/20 (Su.)11:30 AMNICK JR(#214) The Lost Puppy/Goats in Trees
12/29/19 (Su.)9:30 AMNICK JR(#214) The Lost Puppy/Team Rainbow Rangers
12/15/19 (Su.)9:30 AMNICK JR(#210) Flyaway/Safari Soulmates
12/15/19 (Su.)9:00 AMNICK JR(#212) Frozen Falls/Got Silk?
12/8/19 (Su.)9:30 AMNICK JR(#213) Chimney Caper/Smuggle a Snuggle
12/1/19 (Su.)9:30 AMNICK JR(#209) Tigertastic/Seal Gone Wild
11/24/19 (Su.)9:30 AMNICK JR(#208) Marshland Chronicles/Otterly Lost
11/17/19 (Su.)9:30 AMNICK JR(#207) Missed Them by a Hare/Drone Zone
11/17/19 (Su.)9:00 AMNICK JR(#206) Big Gold Superbloom/Batter Up
11/10/19 (Su.)9:30 AMNICK JR(#205) Preston Fest/Snakes on a Plain
11/3/19 (Su.)9:30 AMNICK JR(#204) The Big Dig/Catalog Slog
10/20/19 (Su.)9:30 AMNICK JR(#203) Moo-ving Cows/Panda-monium
10/13/19 (Su.)9:30 AMNICK JR(#202) Backyard Bird Feeder/If You Can't Stand the Heat
10/6/19 (Su.)9:30 AMNICK JR(#201) The Earth Needs Their Kelp/Iceberg Ahead
9/29/19 (Su.)9:30 AMNICK JR(#125) Monkey Business/Lost Panda Cub
9/29/19 (Su.)9:00 AMNICK JR(#126) A Whale of a Problem/Bee Like Lavender
9/22/19 (Su.)9:30 AMNICK JR(#122) Coral Calamity/S'no Problem
9/15/19 (Su.)9:30 AMNICK JR(#124) The Otter and the Oil/Icebreakers
9/1/19 (Su.)9:30 AMNICK JR(#123) The Tortoise and the Heiress/Getting Swampy
8/4/19 (Su.)9:30 AMNICK JR(#121) Praxton Islands, Inc./Get The Lead Out
6/30/19 (Su.)9:30 AMNICK JR(#120) Look Out Lemur/Don't Move A Mussel
6/2/19 (Su.)9:30 AMNICK JR(#119) Prairie Dog Day Afternoon/We Didn't Start the Fire Ants
5/5/19 (Su.)9:00 AMNICK JR(#118) A Hot Topic/Giant Catfish
2/24/19 (Su.)11:30 AMNICK JR(#118) A Hot Topic/Giant Catfish
2/17/19 (Su.)11:30 AMNICK JR(#117) Dust In The Wind/Catch a Tiger
2/10/19 (Su.)11:30 AMNICK JR(#116) Tornado Hunters/The Air Up There
2/3/19 (Su.)11:30 AMNICK JR(#115) What A Gas/Turtle Trek
1/27/19 (Su.)11:30 AMNICK JR(#114) Henpecked/Rangers in Space
1/20/19 (Su.)11:30 AMNICK JR(#113) Chimp in Kaleidoscopia/Pigeon Problems
1/13/19 (Su.)11:30 AMNICK JR(#112) The Case of the Missing Class Pet/Bee Safe
1/6/19 (Su.)11:30 AMNICK JR(#110) Flash Flood/Steer Me In The Right Direction
11/30/18 (Fr.)3:00 PMNICK JR(#115) What A Gas/Turtle Trek
11/29/18 (Th.)3:00 PMNICK JR(#114) Henpecked/Rangers in Space
11/28/18 (We.)3:00 PMNICK JR(#113) Chimp in Kaleidoscopia/Pigeon Problems
11/27/18 (Tu.)3:00 PMNICK JR(#112) The Case of the Missing Class Pet/Bee Safe
11/26/18 (Mo.)3:00 PMNICK JR(#110) Flash Flood/Steer Me In The Right Direction
11/16/18 (Fr.)3:00 PMNICK JR(#107) Duck Duck Oops/Lost Island
11/15/18 (Th.)3:00 PMNICK JR(#105) Rabbit Roundup/Uninvited Guest
11/14/18 (We.)3:00 PMNICK JR(#109) Land Ho/The Strongest Spider
11/13/18 (Tu.)3:00 PMNICK JR(#111) Rangers Raise A Condor/Pony Party
11/9/18 (Fr.)3:00 PMNICK JR(#103) When Beetles Bark/Pollution Island
11/8/18 (Th.)3:00 PMNICK JR(#106) Sludge Stream/The Tsunami
11/7/18 (We.)3:00 PMNICK JR(#102) Tree Hugger/Turtle in a Net
11/6/18 (Tu.)3:00 PMNICK JR(#104) Monarch Migration/That Sinking Feeling
11/5/18 (Mo.)3:00 PMNICK JR(#101) Go with the Rainbow Floe/Northern Lights

11/5/18 - ???
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(from Genius Brands International's press release, April 2017) Genius Brands International, Inc. "Genius Brands" (NASDAQ:GNUS), a leading media company that creates, produces and licenses children's multimedia entertainment content and products for global broadcast, digital and retail distribution, has licensed exclusive U.S. and Caribbean Basin broadcast rights for season one of its new CGI-animated production, Rainbow Rangers, to the No. 1 rated kids' network, Nickelodeon. Currently in development (52 x 11' episodes), the mission-based action adventure series is expected to air on Nickelodeon's preschool channel, Nick Jr. The deal follows Genius Brands' recent announcement of the appointment of Mattel Inc.'s Fisher-Price Toys as Global Master Toy Partner for the brand, further demonstrating the high level of confidence that the property is well positioned for breakout success in the global market. Rainbow Rangers, which is expected to air on Nickelodeon's preschool channel Nick Jr., boasts a unique and highly-accomplished team of creators from the animated motion picture world, including Rob Minkoff (Disney'sTheLion King director), Shane Morris (Disney's Frozen co-writer), Tim Mansfield and New York Times Bestselling author and Emmy-nominated writer Elise Allen (Dinosaur Train, Lion Guard, Barbie specials) who is serving as head writer and co-creator. Genius Brands' Chairman and CEO and multiple Emmy-winning producer of more than 5,000 episodes of children's programming, Andy Heyward, serves as executive producer, with legendary Disney alum Ruben Aquino creating key designs. Aquino is responsible for the design and animation of many of Disney's most iconic characters from award-winning films including "The Lion King," "Beauty and the Beast," "The Little Mermaid," "Mulan" and "Frozen." Rainbow Rangers is an empowering, exciting, behind-the-curtain peek at the real lives of superheroes -- Earth's First Responders. The series seamlessly blends fantasy and action-adventure with relatable, accessible stories about friendship and saving the environment. The Rainbow Rangers -- seven girls, each a different color of the rainbow, each with her own wildly unique personality and powers -- band together to save the day whenever there's trouble for the people, animals or natural wonders of the Earth. Every storyline is designed to show viewers the importance of working together and that actions both big and small can make the world a better place.
· Andy Heyward as EP
· Elise Allen as EP
· Rob Minkoff as EP
· Shane Morris as EP
· Tim Mansfield as EP
· comedy (all)
· comedy (animated)
· Genius Brands International