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date (day) time network episode title
8/17/17 (Th.)10:00 PMHISTORY(#411) Tales from the Island
8/17/17 (Th.)9:00 PMHISTORY(#410) Flesh and Blood
8/10/17 (Th.)10:00 PMHISTORY(#409) My Brother's Keeper
8/3/17 (Th.)10:00 PMHISTORY(#408) Flare-Up
7/27/17 (Th.)10:00 PMHISTORY(#407) Hooked
7/20/17 (Th.)10:00 PMHISTORY(#406) Thicker Than Water
7/13/17 (Th.)10:00 PMHISTORY(#405) Double or Nothing
7/6/17 (Th.)10:00 PMHISTORY(#404) The Last Mile
6/29/17 (Th.)10:00 PMHISTORY(#403) Margin of Error
6/22/17 (Th.)10:00 PMHISTORY(#402) Hell on Earth
6/15/17 (Th.)10:00 PMHISTORY(#401) Divide and Conquer
6/8/17 (Th.)10:00 PMHISTORY(#400) Making the Cut: Season 4
2/9/17 (Th.)10:00 PMHISTORY(#311) Season 3 Reunion Special
2/9/17 (Th.)9:00 PMHISTORY(#310) Day 87
2/2/17 (Th.)9:00 PMHISTORY(#309) The Point of No Return
1/26/17 (Th.)9:00 PMHISTORY(#308) Of Feast & Famine
1/19/17 (Th.)9:00 PMHISTORY(#307) Hungry Beasts
1/12/17 (Th.)9:00 PMHISTORY(#306) Along Came a Spider
1/5/17 (Th.)9:00 PMHISTORY(#305) The Lone Wolf
12/29/16 (Th.)9:00 PMHISTORY(#304) Outfoxed
12/22/16 (Th.)9:00 PMHISTORY(#303) Eternal Darkness
12/15/16 (Th.)9:00 PMHISTORY(#302) First Blood
12/8/16 (Th.)9:00 PMHISTORY(#301) A New Land
12/8/16 (Th.)8:00 PMHISTORY(#300) Making The Cut: Season 3
7/21/16 (Th.)9:00 PMHISTORY(#214) Reunion Special
7/14/16 (Th.)10:00 PMHISTORY(#213) The End Game
7/14/16 (Th.)9:00 PMHISTORY(#212) Into the Abyss
7/7/16 (Th.)9:00 PMHISTORY(#211) Winter's Fury
6/30/16 (Th.)9:00 PMHISTORY(#210) The Gamble
6/23/16 (Th.)9:00 PMHISTORY(#209) The Madness
6/16/16 (Th.)9:00 PMHISTORY(#208) The Ascent
6/9/16 (Th.)9:00 PMHISTORY(#207) Trial By Fire
5/26/16 (Th.)9:00 PMHISTORY(#206) Adrift
5/19/16 (Th.)9:00 PMHISTORY(#205) Storm Rising
5/12/16 (Th.)9:00 PMHISTORY(#204) Hunger's Grip
5/5/16 (Th.)9:00 PMHISTORY(#203) The Beasts of Night
4/28/16 (Th.)9:00 PMHISTORY(#202) The Knife's Edge
4/21/16 (Th.)9:00 PMHISTORY(#201) Once More Unto the Breach
4/14/16 (Th.)9:00 PMHISTORY(#200) Alone: Making the Cut
8/20/15 (Th.)10:00 PMHISTORY(#110) Triumph
8/13/15 (Th.)10:00 PMHISTORY(#109) Brokedown Palace
8/6/15 (Th.)10:00 PMHISTORY(#108) The Freeze
8/5/15 (We.)10:00 PMHISTORYAfter the Rescue
7/30/15 (Th.)10:00 PMHISTORY(#107) The Hunger
7/23/15 (Th.)10:00 PMHISTORY(#106) Rain of Terror
7/16/15 (Th.)10:00 PMHISTORY(#105) Winds of Hell
7/9/15 (Th.)10:00 PMHISTORY(#104) Stalked
7/2/15 (Th.)10:00 PMHISTORY(#103) The Talons of Fear
6/25/15 (Th.)10:00 PMHISTORY(#102) Of Wolf and Man
6/18/15 (Th.)10:00 PMHISTORY(#101) And So It Begins

6/18/15 - ???
on hiatus or fate to be determined
completed airing its current season
4 (11 episodes)
completed airing its fourth season on 8/17/17; has yet to be renewed for a fifth season
(from History's press release, May 2017) The adage goes, misery loves company and HISTORY is putting that to the test in a brand-new twist of its hit nonfiction survival series "Alone," premiering Thursday, June 15 at 10PM ET/PT. In season four, seven teams of two will be separated and dropped miles apart with two ultimate goals: navigate the brutal, unforgiving terrain of Vancouver Island in an attempt to locate their isolated partner and, once reunited, survive as long as they can. For these seven pairs of family members will having a partner help or hurt their chances of going the distance? "'Alone' continues to captivate viewers with its raw, authentic storytelling and now, after three seasons, we're adding a new level of complexity to the show," said Zachary Behr, Senior Executive Producer, HISTORY. "At its core the show remains the same as our survivalists endure the challenges of being isolated in some of the most unstable terrain imaginable. However, this season, pairs are initially separated from one another and must navigate an impenetrable forest in an effort to find each other. Once reunited, they'll have to communicate, compromise and work together with their teammate if they want to endure the longest." Similar to previous seasons, the survivalists must build their own shelters, forage their own food, and overcome numerous obstacles if they want to be the last people standing. With ten survival tools to share per team, enough camera gear to self-document their experiences and a cash prize of $500,000 on the line, season four will bring more sacrifices and higher stakes than ever before. No camera crew. No gimmicks. It is the ultimate test of human will.
· David George as EP
· Russ McCarroll as EP (History)
· Ryan Pender as EP
· Shawn Witt as EP
· Zachary Behr as EP (History)
· Zachary Green as EP
· reality (all)
· reality (documentary)
· Leftfield Pictures