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date (day) time network episode title
8/23/15 (Su.)11:59 PMADULT SWIM(#139/140) The Last One Forever and Ever
8/16/15 (Su.)11:59 PMADULT SWIM(#138) Hospice
8/9/15 (Su.)11:59 PMADULT SWIM(#137) The Hairy Bus
8/2/15 (Su.)11:59 PMADULT SWIM(#136) Rabbit, Not Rabbot
7/26/15 (Su.)11:59 PMADULT SWIM(#135) Knapsack!
7/19/15 (Su.)11:59 PMADULT SWIM(#134) Sweet C
7/12/15 (Su.)11:59 PMADULT SWIM(#133) The Hairy Bus
6/28/15 (Su.)11:59 PMADULT SWIM(#132) Brain Fairy
6/21/15 (Su.)11:59 PMADULT SWIM(#131) Mouth Quest
10/20/13 (Su.)11:59 PMADULT SWIM(#130) Spacecadeuce
10/13/13 (Su.)11:59 PMADULT SWIM(#129) Piranha Germs
10/6/13 (Su.)11:59 PMADULT SWIM(#128) Storage Zeebles
9/29/13 (Su.)11:59 PMADULT SWIM(#127) Freda
9/22/13 (Su.)11:59 PMADULT SWIM(#126) Skins
9/15/13 (Su.)11:59 PMADULT SWIM(#125) Working Stiffs
9/8/13 (Su.)11:59 PMADULT SWIM(#124) Banana Planet
8/25/13 (Su.)11:59 PMADULT SWIM(#1204) Merlo Sauvignon Blanco
8/18/13 (Su.)11:59 PMADULT SWIM(#1202) The Dudies
8/11/13 (Su.)11:59 PMADULT SWIM(#1205) Muscles
8/26/12 (Su.)11:59 PMADULT SWIM(#1109) Totem Pole
8/19/12 (Su.)11:59 PMADULT SWIM(#1110) Zucotti Manicotti
8/12/12 (Su.)11:59 PMADULT SWIM(#1108) Buddy Nugget
8/5/12 (Su.)11:59 PMADULT SWIM(#1104) Fightan Titan
7/29/12 (Su.)11:59 PMADULT SWIM(#1107) Bookie
7/22/12 (Su.)11:59 PMADULT SWIM(#1106) The Granite Family
7/15/12 (Su.)11:59 PMADULT SWIM(#1105) Rocket Horse Jet Chicken
7/8/12 (Su.)11:59 PMADULT SWIM(#1103) Shirt Herpes
7/1/12 (Su.)11:59 PMADULT SWIM(#1101) Chicken and Beans
6/24/12 (Su.)11:59 PMADULT SWIM(#1102) Big Bro
7/24/11 (Su.)11:45 PMADULT SWIM(#1007) Spy
7/17/11 (Su.)11:45 PMADULT SWIM(#1010) Lasagna
7/10/11 (Su.)11:45 PMADULT SWIM(#1009) Jumpy George
6/26/11 (Su.)11:45 PMADULT SWIM(#1008) Wi-Tri
6/19/11 (Su.)11:45 PMADULT SWIM(#1006) Vampirus
6/12/11 (Su.)11:45 PMADULT SWIM(#1005) The Creditor
6/5/11 (Su.)11:45 PMADULT SWIM(#1003) Freedom Cobra
5/22/11 (Su.)11:45 PMADULT SWIM(#1004) Intervention
5/15/11 (Su.)11:45 PMADULT SWIM(#1002) Allen, Part 2
5/8/11 (Su.)11:45 PMADULT SWIM(#1001) Allen, Part 1

12/30/00 - 8/23/15
canceled/ended (2014-2015 season)
completed airing its current season
11 (140 episodes, 0 of which have yet to air)
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series finale aired on 8/23/15
(from Adult Swim's press release, April 2015) Your favorite trio of human-sized fast-food products living in New Jersey is back for their thirteenth and final season. Join the tasty gang for the premiere of Aqua Teen Hunger Force Forever on Sunday, June 21st at Midnight (ET/PT) on Adult Swim. For over a decade Meatwad, Master Shake and Frylock have electrified the entertainment world with the antics of Aqua Teen Hunger Force, the detective skills of Aqua Unit Patrol Squad 1, the edgy coming-of-age romp of Aqua Something You Know Whatever, the planet wide hit Aqua TV Show Show and finally the latest offering of invasive bodily entertainment, Aqua Teen Hunger Force Forever. Brace yourself as Meatwad (Dave Willis), Master Shake (Dana Snyder) and Frylock (Carey Means) enter your mind through your heart - through a quick, secret surgical procedure dubbed Aqua Teen Hunger Force Forever. Developed by North Korean scientists in the late 1990s, Aqua Teen Hunger Force Forever will give you a thick pipeline of entertainment that your Mom will hate, and just one use will make your face look weeks older!
· Dave Willis as CRTR/EP
· Matt Maiellaro as CRTR/EP
· comedy (all)
· comedy (animated)
· no information is available