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date (day) time network episode title
3/31/12 (Sa.)9:00 AMCARTOON(#232) The Ultimate Enemy, Part 2
3/24/12 (Sa.)9:00 AMCARTOON(#231) The Ultimate Enemy, Part 1
3/17/12 (Sa.)9:00 AMCARTOON(#230) The Beginning of the End
3/10/12 (Sa.)9:00 AMCARTOON(#229) Night of the Living Nightmare
3/3/12 (Sa.)9:00 AMCARTOON(#228) The Eggman Cometh
3/2/12 (Fr.)8:30 PMCARTOON(#227) Catch a Falling Star (R)
2/25/12 (Sa.)9:00 AMCARTOON(#227) Catch a Falling Star
2/24/12 (Fr.)8:30 PMCARTOON(#226) Couples Retreat (R)
2/18/12 (Sa.)9:00 AMCARTOON(#226) Couples Retreat
2/11/12 (Sa.)9:00 AMCARTOON(#225) The Enemy of my Frenemy
2/4/12 (Sa.)9:00 AMCARTOON(#224) Inspector #13
12/30/11 (Fr.)7:30 PMCARTOON(#215) Greetings From Techadon (R)
12/23/11 (Fr.)7:30 PMCARTOON(#214) Simian Says (R)
12/16/11 (Fr.)7:30 PMCARTOON(#213) The Purge (R)
12/9/11 (Fr.)7:30 PMCARTOON(#223) Solitary Alignment
12/2/11 (Fr.)7:30 PMCARTOON(#222) A Knight to Remember
11/18/11 (Fr.)7:30 PMCARTOON(#221) The Mother of All Vreedles
11/4/11 (Fr.)7:30 PMCARTOON(#220) The Widening Gyre
10/28/11 (Fr.)7:30 PMCARTOON(#219) The Ultimate Sacrifice
10/21/11 (Fr.)7:30 PMCARTOON(#218) The Perfect Girlfriend
10/14/11 (Fr.)7:30 PMCARTOON(#217) Double or Nothing
10/7/11 (Fr.)7:30 PMCARTOON(#216) The Flame Keeper's Circle
9/30/11 (Fr.)7:30 PMCARTOON(#215) Greetings From Techadon
9/23/11 (Fr.)7:30 PMCARTOON(#214) Simian Says
9/16/11 (Fr.)7:30 PMCARTOON(#213) The Purge
7/22/11 (Fr.)6:00 PMCARTOON(#119/120) Absolute Power, Parts 1 & 2 (R)
7/15/11 (Fr.)7:00 PMCARTOON(#205) Girl Trouble (R)
7/8/11 (Fr.)7:00 PMCARTOON(#204) The Big Story (R)
7/1/11 (Fr.)7:00 PMCARTOON(#203) Viktor: The Spoils (R)
6/24/11 (Fr.)7:00 PMCARTOON(#202) The Eye of the Beholder (R)
6/17/11 (Fr.)7:00 PMCARTOON(#201) The Transmogrification of Eunice (R)
6/10/11 (Fr.)7:00 PMCARTOON(#118) The Enemy of My Enemy (R)
6/3/11 (Fr.)7:00 PMCARTOON(#117) Nor Iron Bars a Cage (R)
5/20/11 (Fr.)7:30 PMCARTOON(#210) Ben 10,000 Returns (R)
5/13/11 (Fr.)8:00 PMCARTOON(#211) Moon Struck (R)
5/13/11 (Fr.)7:30 PMCARTOON(#104) Computer Games (R)
5/6/11 (Fr.)7:00 PMCARTOON(#119/120) Absolute Power, Parts 1 & 2 (R)
4/29/11 (Fr.)7:30 PMCARTOON(#212) Prisoner #775 Is Missing
4/22/11 (Fr.)7:30 PMCARTOON(#211) Moon Struck
4/15/11 (Fr.)7:30 PMCARTOON(#210) Ben 10,000 Returns
4/8/11 (Fr.)7:30 PMCARTOON(#209) It's Not Easy Being Gwen
4/1/11 (Fr.)7:00 PMCARTOON(#208) Basic Training
3/25/11 (Fr.)7:30 PMCARTOON(#207) The Creature From Beyond
3/18/11 (Fr.)7:30 PMCARTOON(#206) Revenge of the Swarm
3/11/11 (Fr.)7:30 PMCARTOON(#205) Girl Trouble
3/4/11 (Fr.)7:30 PMCARTOON(#204) The Big Story
2/18/11 (Fr.)7:30 PMCARTOON(#203) Viktor: The Spoils
2/11/11 (Fr.)7:30 PMCARTOON(#202) The Eye of the Beholder
2/4/11 (Fr.)7:30 PMCARTOON(#201) The Transmogrification of Eunice
12/17/10 (Fr.)7:30 PMCARTOON(#112) Reflected Glory (R)
12/10/10 (Fr.)7:30 PMCARTOON(#119/120) Absolute Power, Parts 1 & 2
12/3/10 (Fr.)7:30 PMCARTOON(#118) The Enemy of My Enemy
11/19/10 (Fr.)7:30 PMCARTOON(#117) Nor Iron Bars a Cage
11/12/10 (Fr.)7:30 PMCARTOON(#116) The Forge Of Creation
11/5/10 (Fr.)7:30 PMCARTOON(#115) Perplexahedron
10/29/10 (Fr.)7:30 PMCARTOON(#114) Where the Magic Happens
10/22/10 (Fr.)7:30 PMCARTOON(#113) Deep
10/15/10 (Fr.)7:30 PMCARTOON(#112) Reflected Glory
10/10/10 (Su.)7:30 PMCARTOON(#111) Map of Infinity
10/10/10 (Su.)7:00 PMCARTOON(#110) Ultimate Aggregor
10/8/10 (Fr.)7:30 PMCARTOON(#107) Andreas' Fault (R)
10/1/10 (Fr.)7:30 PMCARTOON(#104) Computer Games (R)
9/24/10 (Fr.)7:30 PMCARTOON(#106) Too Hot to Handle (R)
9/17/10 (Fr.)7:30 PMCARTOON(#105) Escape from Aggregor (R)
9/10/10 (Fr.)8:00 PMCARTOON(#103) Hit 'Em Where They Live (R)
9/3/10 (Fr.)8:00 PMCARTOON(#102) Duped (R)
8/27/10 (Fr.)8:00 PMCARTOON(#101) Fame (R)
8/20/10 (Fr.)8:00 PMCARTOON(#109) Hero Time (R)
8/13/10 (Fr.)8:00 PMCARTOON(#108) Fused (R)
8/6/10 (Fr.)8:00 PMCARTOON(#107) Andreas' Fault (R)
7/30/10 (Fr.)8:00 PMCARTOON(#106) Too Hot to Handle (R)
7/23/10 (Fr.)8:00 PMCARTOON(#105) Escape from Aggregor (R)
7/16/10 (Fr.)8:00 PMCARTOON(#104) Computer Games (R)
7/9/10 (Fr.)8:00 PMCARTOON(#103) Hit 'Em Where They Live (R)
7/2/10 (Fr.)8:00 PMCARTOON(#102) Duped (R)
6/25/10 (Fr.)8:00 PMCARTOON(#101) Fame (R)
6/18/10 (Fr.)8:00 PMCARTOON(#109) Hero Time
6/11/10 (Fr.)8:00 PMCARTOON(#108) Fused
6/4/10 (Fr.)8:00 PMCARTOON(#107) Andreas' Fault
5/28/10 (Fr.)8:00 PMCARTOON(#106) Too Hot to Handle
5/21/10 (Fr.)8:00 PMCARTOON(#105) Escape from Aggregor
5/14/10 (Fr.)8:00 PMCARTOON(#104) Computer Games
5/7/10 (Fr.)8:00 PMCARTOON(#103) Hit 'Em Where They Live
4/30/10 (Fr.)8:00 PMCARTOON(#102) Duped
4/23/10 (Fr.)8:00 PMCARTOON(#101) Fame

4/23/10 - 3/31/12
canceled/ended (2011-2012 season)
completed airing its current season
2 (52 episodes, 0 of which have yet to air)
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series finale aired on 3/31/12
(from Cartoon Network's press release, March 2012) Ben 10, the ultimate teen superhero and global superstar, takes over Cartoon Network with an entire week of on-air and online content beginning Monday, March 19. All week long, fans can start their day with special episodes from every Ben 10 series airing each morning at 6:30 a.m. (ET, PT) then catch their favorite episodes of Ben 10: Ultimate Alien at 4 p.m. (ET, PT). In addition, CartoonNetwork.com launches the next Ben 10 Game, The Mystery of the Mayan Sword. All this leads up to the U.S. television premiere of the all-new CGI movie, Ben 10: Destroy All Aliens on Friday, March 23 at 7 p.m. (ET, PT). Following the movie, which will also premiere on Cartoon Network around the world throughout the spring, Ben 10 fans will get their first-ever look at the much anticipated brand-new series, Ben 10: Omniverse, premiering later this year on Cartoon Network. The first half of the two-part series finale of Ben 10: Ultimate Alien premiere Saturday, March 24 at 9 a.m. (ET, PT). In "The Ultimate Enemy, Pt. 1," the return of an old foe means Dagon is getting closer and closer to entering our dimension. Ben 10: Ultimate Alien reaches its dramatic conclusion on Saturday, March 31 at 9 a.m. (ET, PT) in "The Ultimate Enemy, Pt. 2," when Vilgax re-emerges in his most powerful form ever. Will Ben be able to stop him?
· Duncan Rouleau as CRTR
· Dwayne McDuffie as SE
· Glen Murakami as SP
· Joe Casey as CRTR
· Joe Kelley as CRTR
· Steven T. Seagle as CRTR
· comedy (all)
· comedy (animated)
· Cartoon Network Studios
· Man of Action