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date (day) time network episode title
9/7/15 (Mo.)9:00 PMDIY(#015) Blog Cabin Special 2015
8/31/15 (Mo.)9:30 PMDIY(#906) Blog 2015 Yard Crashers Return
8/24/15 (Mo.)9:30 PMDIY(#905) Blog 2015 Yard Crashers
8/17/15 (Mo.)9:30 PMDIY(#904) Bath Crashes Blog 2015
8/10/15 (Mo.)9:30 PMDIY(#903) House Crashes Blog 2015
8/3/15 (Mo.)9:30 PMDIY(#902) Kitchen Crashes Blog 2015
7/27/15 (Mo.)9:30 PMDIY(#901) Rescue My Reno at Blog Cabin
9/8/14 (Mo.)9:00 PMDIY(DBLG-S14H) Blog Cabin 2014 Special
9/1/14 (Mo.)9:30 PMDIY(DBLG-806PH) Yardcore Tricks Out Blog Cabin 2014
8/25/14 (Mo.)9:30 PMDIY(DBLG-805PH) Yard Crashers Visits Blog Cabin
8/18/14 (Mo.)9:30 PMDIY(DBLG-804PH) Mega Dens Takes Over Blog Cabin 2014
8/11/14 (Mo.)9:30 PMDIY(DBLG-803PH) Bath Goes to Blog 2014
8/5/14 (Tu.)9:30 PMDIY(DBLG-802PH) Blog Cabin 2014 Kitchen Crash
7/28/14 (Mo.)9:30 PMDIY(DBLG-801PH) Sledgehammer invades Blog Cabin 2014
9/9/13 (Mo.)9:00 PMDIY(DBLG-S13H) Blog Cabin Special
9/2/13 (Mo.)9:30 PMDIY(DBLG-706H) Desperate Landscapes Heads to the Blog Cabin
8/26/13 (Mo.)9:30 PMDIY(DBLG-705H) Yard Crashers Visits Blog Cabin
8/19/13 (Mo.)9:30 PMDIY(DBLG-704H) Carolina in my Mega Den
8/12/13 (Mo.)9:30 PMDIY(DBLG-703H) Blog Cabin get Bath Crashed 2013
8/5/13 (Mo.)9:30 PMDIY(DBLG-702H) Blog Cabin Kitchen
7/29/13 (Mo.)9:30 PMDIY(DBLG-701H) House Crashers at Blog Cabin
9/27/12 (Th.)9:00 PMDIY(DBLG-S12H) Blog Cabin Special
9/17/12 (Mo.)9:30 PMDIY(DBLG-606H) Desperate Landscapes Meets Blog Cabin 2012
9/10/12 (Mo.)9:30 PMDIY(DBLG-605H) Matt Crashes Blog Cabin 2012
9/3/12 (Mo.)10:00 PMDIY(DBLG-601H) Josh Crashes Blog Cabin 2012 (R)
9/3/12 (Mo.)9:30 PMDIY(DBLG-604H) Maine Goes Mega
8/27/12 (Mo.)9:30 PMDIY(DBLG-603H) Bath Goes to Blog 2012
8/20/12 (Mo.)9:30 PMDIY(DBLG-602H) Elegant Farmhouse Kitchen
8/13/12 (Mo.)9:30 PMDIY(DBLG-601H) Josh Crashers Blog Cabin 2012
9/29/11 (Th.)9:00 PMDIY(DBLG-S11H) Blog Cabin Special 2011
9/22/11 (Th.)9:00 PMDIY(DBLG-506H) Blog Cabin's Desperate Landscape
9/15/11 (Th.)9:00 PMDIY(DBLG-505H) Blog Cabin: I Hate My Kitchen
9/8/11 (Th.)9:00 PMDIY(DBLG-504H) Blog Cabin Indoors Out
9/1/11 (Th.)9:00 PMDIY(DBLG-503H) Mega Dens Tops Blog Cabin
8/25/11 (Th.)9:00 PMDIY(DBLG-502H) Bath Goes to Blog Cabin
8/18/11 (Th.)9:00 PMDIY(DBLG-501H) House Crashers Crashes Blog Cabin

on hiatus or fate to be determined
completed airing its current season
9 (7 episodes)
completed airing its ninth season on 9/7/15; has yet to be renewed for a 10th season
(from DIY's press release, November 2013) DIY Network's Blog Cabin, the first-ever interactive home-building television series, announces the town of Winter Haven, Fla. as the location for the series' eighth season. Beginning in January 2014, DIY Network and DIYNetwork.com invite viewers nationwide to help renovate a 1920s lakeside home by casting their online votes to select the home's new design features. The results of the home's transformation will be featured in the new season of Blog Cabin premiering in July 2014, offering a chance for one lucky viewer to win the ultimate vacation getaway. In addition, fans can catch a first glimpse at this year's Blog Cabin destination on TravelChannel.com.
· Chris Grundy as Host
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