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date (day) time network episode title
11/23/19 (Sa.)10:00 AMCARTOONCraig and the Kid's Table (Half-Hour Special)
10/26/19 (Sa.)10:00 AMCARTOON(#V317) The Haunted Dollhouse
8/24/19 (Sa.)9:00 AMCARTOON(#V316) The Evolution of Craig
8/17/19 (Sa.)9:00 AMCARTOON(#V315) Stink Bomb
8/10/19 (Sa.)9:00 AMCARTOON(#V314) Camper on the Run
8/3/19 (Sa.)9:00 AMCARTOON(#V313) Cousin of the Creek
7/27/19 (Sa.)9:00 AMCARTOON(#V312) Sparkle Cadet
7/20/19 (Sa.)9:00 AMCARTOON(#V311) Council of the Creek
7/13/19 (Sa.)9:00 AMCARTOON(#V310) Kelsey the Author
7/6/19 (Sa.)9:00 AMCARTOON(#V309) Turning the Tables
6/29/19 (Sa.)9:00 AMCARTOON(#V308) Summer Wish
6/22/19 (Sa.)9:00 AMCARTOON(#V307) The Other Side
5/11/19 (Sa.)10:00 AMCARTOON(#V306) Fort Williams
4/1/19 (Mo.)5:15 PMCARTOON(#V305) Sour Candy Trials
4/1/19 (Mo.)5:00 PMCARTOON(#V304) Kelsey the Elder
3/25/19 (Mo.)5:15 PMCARTOON(#V306) Fort Williams
3/25/19 (Mo.)5:00 PMCARTOON(#V303) Return of the Honeysuckle Badgers
3/18/19 (Mo.)5:15 PMCARTOON(#V302) Jacob of the Creek
3/18/19 (Mo.)5:00 PMCARTOON(#V301) Memories of Bobby
3/11/19 (Mo.)5:00 PMCARTOON(#V220) Alone Quest
3/4/19 (Mo.)5:00 PMCARTOON(#V219) The Mystery of the Timekeeper
2/25/19 (Mo.)5:00 PMCARTOON(#V218) The Great Fossil Rush
2/18/19 (Mo.)5:00 PMCARTOON(#V217) Dibs Court
2/11/19 (Mo.)5:00 PMCARTOON(#V216) The Shortcut
2/4/19 (Mo.)5:00 PMCARTOON(#V215) Deep Creek Salvage
1/28/19 (Mo.)5:00 PMCARTOON(#V214) Bug City
11/8/18 (Th.)5:00 PMCARTOON(#V213) Jessica's Trail
11/7/18 (We.)5:00 PMCARTOON(#V212) Dinner at the Creek
11/6/18 (Tu.)5:00 PMCARTOON(#V211) The Takeout Mission
11/5/18 (Mo.)5:00 PMCARTOON(#V210) Jextra Perrestrial
10/4/18 (Th.)5:00 PMCARTOON(#V209) Secret Book Club
10/3/18 (We.)5:00 PMCARTOON(#V208) Creek Cart Racers
10/2/18 (Tu.)5:00 PMCARTOON(#V207) Power Punchers
10/1/18 (Mo.)5:00 PMCARTOON(#V206) The Kid From 3030
8/24/18 (Fr.)4:00 PMCARTOON(#V205) Big Pinchy
8/23/18 (Th.)4:00 PMCARTOON(#V204) The Climb
8/22/18 (We.)4:00 PMCARTOON(#V203) The Last Kid in the Creek
8/21/18 (Tu.)4:00 PMCARTOON(#V202) Doorway to Helen
8/20/18 (Mo.)4:00 PMCARTOON(#V201) Ace of Squares
7/9/18 (Mo.)11:00 AMCARTOON(#V120) Jpony
7/9/18 (Mo.)10:00 AMCARTOON(#V119) Kelsey Quest
7/9/18 (Mo.)9:00 AMCARTOON(#V118) Vulture's Nest
7/9/18 (Mo.)8:00 AMCARTOON(#V117) The Invitation
7/9/18 (Mo.)7:00 AMCARTOON(#V116) Under the Overpass
5/7/18 (Mo.)7:00 PMCARTOON(#V115) The Brood
4/30/18 (Mo.)7:00 PMCARTOON(#V114) The Future is Cardboard
4/27/18 (Fr.)7:00 PMCARTOON(#V113) Lost in the Sewer
4/23/18 (Mo.)7:00 PMCARTOON(#V112) Bring Out Your Best
4/20/18 (Fr.)7:00 PMCARTOON(#V111) Dog Decider
4/16/18 (Mo.)7:00 PMCARTOON(#V110) The Curse
4/13/18 (Fr.)7:00 PMCARTOON(#V109) Monster in the Garden
4/9/18 (Mo.)7:00 PMCARTOON(#V108) Escape from Family Dinner
4/6/18 (Fr.)7:00 PMCARTOON(#V107) Sunday Clothes
4/2/18 (Mo.)7:00 PMCARTOON(#V106) Wildernessa
3/31/18 (Sa.)10:00 AMCARTOON(#V105) Too Many Treasures
3/31/18 (Sa.)9:00 AMCARTOON(#V104) The Final Book
3/31/18 (Sa.)8:00 AMCARTOON(#V103) Jessica Goes to the Creek
3/30/18 (Fr.)6:40 PMCARTOON(#V102) You're It
3/30/18 (Fr.)6:25 PMCARTOON(#V101) Itch to Explore

3/30/18 - ???
currently airing (fall 2019)
saturdays from 10:00 AM-10:30 AM EST
3 (??? episodes)
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renewed through the 2019-20 season (the show's fourth) on 7/15/19
(from Cartoon Network's press release, July 2019) Cartoon Network Studios grows its global comedy slate with the greenlight of its next original, The Fungies!, Stephen Neary's prehistoric comedy that will explore Fungietown through the wondrous and whimsical quests of Seth, one of the town's many young mushroom inhabitants. Additional season pickups of its originals Craig of the Creek and Victor and Valentino add to Cartoon Network Studios' fast-growing programming roster of authentic storytelling for kids around the world. Craig of the Creek promises more offbeat adventures from the everyday group of neighborhood friends, while the mythically adventurous Victor and Valentino continues with another season of myths, mysteries and mayhem. Victor and Valentino received its first Imagen Award nomination in the category of Best Children's Programming for its creativity and talent that reflect the mission of the Imagen Foundation.
· Ben Levin as CRTR/EP
· Matt Burnett as CRTR/EP
· comedy (all)
· comedy (animated)
· Cartoon Network Studios