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date (day) time network episode title
6/29/10 (Tu.)10:15 PMIFC(#220) Thu battles an evil sister and a stepmother.
6/29/10 (Tu.)10:00 PMIFC(#219) Bloopers from the show; host Thu.
6/22/10 (Tu.)10:15 PMIFC(#218) Thu experiments with vegan recipes.
6/22/10 (Tu.)10:00 PMIFC(#217) After eating bad meat, Thu is saved by a tonic.
6/15/10 (Tu.)10:15 PMIFC(#216) Thu gets a birthday gift from her father.
6/15/10 (Tu.)10:00 PMIFC(#215) Thu creates food using zit butter.
6/8/10 (Tu.)10:15 PMIFC(#214) Thu uses mirrors while preparing food to control the amount she makes.
6/8/10 (Tu.)10:00 PMIFC(#213) Thu battles a wizard in an egg fight.
6/1/10 (Tu.)10:15 PMIFC(#212) Thu and her friends encounter a donut-loving zombie.
6/1/10 (Tu.)10:00 PMIFC(#211) Thu takes a ride in an RV to find a cheap meal.
5/25/10 (Tu.)10:15 PMIFC(#210) After a storm, Thu resorts to the only food she has left.
5/25/10 (Tu.)10:00 PMIFC(#209) Thu harvests oregano buds with help from her celebrity grandfather.
5/18/10 (Tu.)10:15 PMIFC(#208) A giant rat eats Thu's gingerbread house.
5/18/10 (Tu.)10:00 PMIFC(#207) Vampire Thu offers blood-inspired dishes.
5/11/10 (Tu.)10:15 PMIFC(#206) After winning turkeys in a game show, Thu uses them to cook a unique stuffing.
5/11/10 (Tu.)10:00 PMIFC(#205) While having lunch with her father, Thu discovers she is adopted.
5/4/10 (Tu.)10:15 PMIFC(#204) Thu tries to improvise when King of the World comes to eat at her restaurant.
5/4/10 (Tu.)10:00 PMIFC(#203) A rich playboy crashes his car through Thu's kitchen.
4/27/10 (Tu.)10:15 PMIFC(#202) Things go awry when Grape Jenny falls in love with Peanut Butter Jerry.
4/27/10 (Tu.)10:00 PMIFC(#201) Thu Tran takes everyone through a typical day in the life of Food Party.
7/14/09 (Tu.)11:15 PMIFC(#106) HORROSODE
7/7/09 (Tu.)11:15 PMIFC(#105) THU'S CAFÉ
6/30/09 (Tu.)11:15 PMIFC(#104) APPLESODE
6/23/09 (Tu.)11:15 PMIFC(#103) MY FAIR MAYBE
6/16/09 (Tu.)11:15 PMIFC(#102) CAVE DUCK
6/9/09 (Tu.)11:15 PMIFC(#101) THU BECOME ONE

6/9/09 - 6/29/10
canceled/ended (2009-2010 season)
completed airing its current season
2 (26 episodes, 0 of which have yet to air)
a show on hiatus for longer than 12 months - without any news about its future - is assumed to be canceled
(from IFC's press release, April 2010) FOOD PARTY, the fantastical, food-centric IFC Original Comedy series created and hosted by Brooklyn fringe artist Thu Tran and her motley mix of unruly puppets, returns to IFC April 27, 2010 at 10:00 pm ET/PT. The comedy's hallucinatory hijinks will be served in 20 all-new 15-minute episodes, two episodes airing back-to-back during IFC's Tuesday night AUTOMAT programming block, followed by new episodes of DINNER WITH THE BAND. The show the Los Angeles Times' Robert Lloyd recently named one of the top 10 things on TV and "easily the most exciting thing I saw this year," is best described as a psychedelic melding of Pee Wee's Playhouse and Rachael Ray with a dash of J-Horror vibe. FOOD PARTY is shot on location in Brooklyn, NY in a handmade, technicolor cardboard kitchen, with each episode a new gastronomical misadventure. In a surreal, live-action cartoon-like universe, Thu creates out-of-this-world delicacies with a cavalcade of puppets, humans, baked goods and vegetables. This season, Thu mixes it up with returning friends, The Devil, Perv Corn and Ice Cream Cone, and new friends, Randy Ranch, Egg Wizard and King of the Universe, among others.
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