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date (day) time network episode title
3/28/19 (Th.)7:30 AMNICK JR(#224B) Franklin's Woodland Night
3/27/19 (We.)7:30 AMNICK JR(#224A) Super Cluepers' Case of the New Friend
3/26/19 (Tu.)7:30 AMNICK JR(#226) Franklin and the Four Seasons
3/25/19 (Mo.)7:30 AMNICK JR(#225) Super Cluepers and the Mysterious Mark/Franklin versus the Ninjaroos
3/21/19 (Th.)7:30 AMNICK JR(#223) Franklin Makes Some Noise/Super Cluepers' Case of the Missing School Bell
3/20/19 (We.)7:30 AMNICK JR(#222) Franklin, Back in the Saddle/Franklin's Backwards Day
3/19/19 (Tu.)7:30 AMNICK JR(#221) Franklin Follows the Leader/Franklin's Wilderness Trip
3/18/19 (Mo.)7:30 AMNICK JR(#220) Franklin's Big Box/Franklin Lends a Hand
3/3/18 (Sa.)12:00 PMNICK JR(#219) Franklin's Dynaroo Day/Franklin and Harriet in Space
2/24/18 (Sa.)12:00 PMNICK JR(#216) Franklin and the No-Sleep Sleepover/Franklin the Farmer
2/17/18 (Sa.)12:00 PMNICK JR(#215) Franklin and the Acorn Alley Picnic/The Super Clueper's Case of the Missing Hat
2/10/18 (Sa.)12:00 PMNICK JR(#214) Who's Who in Woodland, Franklin?/Franklin the Inventor
6/18/17 (Su.)10:30 AMNICK JR(#217) Coach Franklin/Franklin's Day with Dad
4/26/17 (We.)7:00 PMNICK JR(#213) Franklin and Friends : Super Clueper's Case of the Missing Carrots/Franklin and the Pickle Problem
4/24/17 (Mo.)7:00 PMNICK JR(#212) Franklin and Friends : Franklin and the Post-Turtle/Franklin's Wild Paper Chase
11/2/16 (We.)2:00 PMNICK JR(#211) Franklin and Friends : Franklin and the Sculpture Garden/Franklin and the Silly Stakes
10/31/16 (Mo.)2:00 PMNICK JR(#210) Franklin and Friends : Franklin's Big Breakfast/Franklin Switches it Up
4/20/16 (We.)6:00 PMNICK JR(#209) Franklin Gets a Hole-In-One/Franklin and the Radio
4/18/16 (Mo.)6:00 PMNICK JR(#208) Franklin and the Drum Circle/Franklin Takes Flight
3/30/16 (We.)6:00 PMNICK JR(#207) Franklin and the Nature Nuts Hike/Franklin and the Terrible, Terrible Dragon
3/28/16 (Mo.)6:00 PMNICK JR(#206) Franklin and the Woodland Fuzzies/Franklin and Beaver's Show and Sing
1/28/16 (Th.)6:00 PMNICK JRFranklin and the Lost Lost Tooth/Franklin and the Karate Klub
1/27/16 (We.)6:00 PMNICK JRFranklin's School/Franklin Plays Hoppity Bop
1/26/16 (Tu.)6:00 PMNICK JRFranklin's Firefighter Flapjacks/Franklin and the Missing Mega Machine
1/25/16 (Mo.)6:00 PMNICK JRFranklin and the Adventure on Planet Zorb/Franklin and the Two Unicycles
6/1/12 (Fr.)12:00 PMNICK(#116) Franklin and the Shadow Show; Franklin's Fishing Trip
5/11/12 (Fr.)10:30 AMNICK(#118) Franklin the Engineer; Franklin Needs to Notice
4/20/12 (Fr.)9:30 AMNICK(#119) TBA
3/15/12 (Th.)9:30 AMNICK(#115) Take Harriet With You; Franklin's New Hat
3/14/12 (We.)9:30 AMNICK(#126) Franklin the Dinosaur Hunter; Franklin Paints a Picture
3/13/12 (Tu.)9:30 AMNICK(#124) Franklin and the Super Sleepover; Franklin and the Snoring Situation
3/12/12 (Mo.)9:30 AMNICK(#125) Franklin's Spaceship; Franklin and the Missing Monarch Mystery
3/8/12 (Th.)9:30 AMNICK(#113) In the Stars; Franklin and Sam
3/7/12 (We.)9:30 AMNICK(#123) The Super Cluepers Big Small Case; Franklin and the Mystery Muddle
3/6/12 (Tu.)9:30 AMNICK(#121) Franklin Changes the Rules; Franklin and Harriet's Buggy
3/5/12 (Mo.)9:30 AMNICK(#117) Franklin Flies His Kite; Franklin's Flying Lesson
3/1/12 (Th.)9:30 AMNICK(#108) Franklin's Ups and Downs; Franklin's New Teacher
2/29/12 (We.)9:30 AMNICK(#110) Franklin and Snail Mail; Franklin the Mooseratops
2/28/12 (Tu.)9:30 AMNICK(#112) Snow Dragon; Gets Bugged
2/27/12 (Mo.)9:30 AMNICK(#111) Franklin Find the Treasure; Franklin and the Tunnel Team-Ups
2/23/12 (Th.)9:30 AMNICK(#107) TBA
2/22/12 (We.)9:30 AMNICK(#109) Franklin and the Snow Princess; Franklin and the Firefly Festival
2/21/12 (Tu.)9:30 AMNICK(#105) Franklin and the Pinecone Pass; Franklin and the Creepy Clock
2/20/12 (Mo.)9:30 AMNICK(#102) Franklin's Special Job; Franklin Needs a Reminder
2/16/12 (Th.)9:30 AMNICK(#103) Franklin and the Wonder; Franklin, the Little Bubble
2/15/12 (We.)9:30 AMNICK(#106) Franklin and the Mystery of the Berry Bogie; Franklin Sees a Storm
2/14/12 (Tu.)9:30 AMNICK(#104) Franklin Helps Out; Franklin's Partner
2/13/12 (Mo.)9:30 AMNICK(#101) Franklin and the Gecko Games; Franklin's All Ears

2/13/12 - 3/28/19
canceled/ended (2018-2019 season)
completed airing its current season
2 (52 episodes, 0 of which have yet to air)
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