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date (day) time network episode title
7/27/15 (Mo.)11:00 PMDIY(#1109) Bright and Funky Kitchen
7/20/15 (Mo.)11:00 PMDIY(#1107) Long Island Classic Kitchen
7/13/15 (Mo.)11:00 PMDIY(#1108) Winning Game Room
7/6/15 (Mo.)11:30 PMDIY(#1102) Arched Mediterranean Kitchen
7/6/15 (Mo.)11:00 PMDIY(#1101) Modern Garage Blowout
5/19/14 (Mo.)11:00 PMDIY(DHCR-1012H) Swanky Party Room
5/12/14 (Mo.)11:30 PMDIY(DHCR-1013H) Mid-Century Music Lounge
5/12/14 (Mo.)11:00 PMDIY(DHCR-1011H) Beach-Like Den
5/5/14 (Mo.)11:30 PMDIY(DHCR-1010H) Serene Library and Sunken Living Room Combo
5/5/14 (Mo.)11:00 PMDIY(DHCR-1009H) Modern Medieval Great Room
4/28/14 (Mo.)11:30 PMDIY(DHCR-1007H) French Country Kitchen
4/28/14 (Mo.)11:00 PMDIY(DHCR-1006H) Atlanta's Nightclub Garage
4/21/14 (Mo.)11:30 PMDIY(DHCR-1005H) Atlanta Bar Basement
4/21/14 (Mo.)11:00 PMDIY(DHCR-1008H) Bali Bedroom Retreat
4/14/14 (Mo.)11:30 PMDIY(DHCR-1004H) Bungalow Kitchen
4/14/14 (Mo.)11:00 PMDIY(DHCR-1003H) Factory Glam Kitchen
4/7/14 (Mo.)11:30 PMDIY(DHCR-1002H) Parlor Panache
4/7/14 (Mo.)11:00 PMDIY(DHCR-1001H) Industrial Rustic Living Room
3/31/14 (Mo.)11:00 PMDIY(DHCR-913H) French Modern Kitchen
3/24/14 (Mo.)10:30 PMDIY(DHCR-912H) Luxury Suite, Spa Retreat
3/24/14 (Mo.)10:00 PMDIY(DHCR-911H) Hearth of the Home
3/17/14 (Mo.)10:30 PMDIY(DHCR-910H) Hip Portland Master Bedroom
3/10/14 (Mo.)10:30 PMDIY(DHCR-908H) Cat Crazy Convertible Sunroom
3/10/14 (Mo.)10:00 PMDIY(DHCR-907H) Rustic Industrial Kitchen
3/3/14 (Mo.)10:30 PMDIY(DHCR-906H) Entertainment Office Loft
3/3/14 (Mo.)10:00 PMDIY(DHCR-905H) Bright Modern Kitchen
12/30/13 (Mo.)10:30 PMDIY(DHCR-904H) Omaha Basement Getaway
12/30/13 (Mo.)10:00 PMDIY(DHCR-903H) TBA
12/23/13 (Mo.)10:30 PMDIY(DHCR-902H) House Crashers at Blog Cabin
12/23/13 (Mo.)10:00 PMDIY(DHCR-901H) Vintage Candy Bar Kitchen
9/16/13 (Mo.)11:30 PMDIY(DHCR-811H) New Orleans Family Space (R)
9/16/13 (Mo.)11:00 PMDIY(DHCR-813H) Outdoor Wine Bar Café
9/9/13 (Mo.)10:00 PMDIY(DHCR-812H) Dividing the Family Room
9/9/13 (Mo.)9:00 PMDIY(DHCR-810H) New Orleans Master Retreat
8/19/13 (Mo.)11:00 PMDIY(DHCR-803H) Media Game Room
8/19/13 (Mo.)10:00 PMDIY(DHCR-808ZH) Stacked Book Bar
7/29/13 (Mo.)11:00 PMDIY(DHCR-802H) Nautical Family Room
7/29/13 (Mo.)10:00 PMDIY(DHCR-806ZH) Phoenix Bar Lounge
7/29/13 (Mo.)9:00 PMDIY(DHCR-804ZH) Contemporary Kitchen (R)
7/15/13 (Mo.)11:00 PMDIY(DHCR-804ZH) Contemporary Kitchen
7/15/13 (Mo.)10:00 PMDIY(DHCR-703H) Hidden Garage Room (R)
7/11/13 (Th.)10:30 PMDIY(DHCR-811H) New Orleans Family Space
7/11/13 (Th.)10:00 PMDIY(DHCR-807H) Modern Arizona Sunroom
6/24/13 (Mo.)11:00 PMDIY(DHCR-801H) California Modern Family Room
6/17/13 (Mo.)11:00 PMDIY(DHCR-809H) Hidden Karaoke Lounge
6/10/13 (Mo.)11:00 PMDIY(DHCR-805H) Modern Southern Living
3/18/13 (Mo.)11:00 PMDIY(DHCR-607H) Romantic Michigan Master (R)
3/11/13 (Mo.)11:00 PMDIY(DHCR-605H) Family Friendly Family Room (R)
3/4/13 (Mo.)11:00 PMDIY(DHCR-604H) Wine Lover's Kitchen (R)
2/25/13 (Mo.)11:00 PMDIY(DHCR-713H) Rustic Memphis Attic Hideaway
2/18/13 (Mo.)11:00 PMDIY(DHCR-711H) Casual Cottage Sunroom (R)
2/11/13 (Mo.)11:00 PMDIY(DHCR-702H) Entertainment Game Room
1/28/13 (Mo.)11:00 PMDIY(DHCR-712H) Luxe Lodge Family Room
1/21/13 (Mo.)11:00 PMDIY(DHCR-710H) Speakeasy Living Room Lounge
1/14/13 (Mo.)11:00 PMDIY(DHCR-711H) Casual Cottage Sunroom
12/3/12 (Mo.)9:00 PMDIY(DHCR-709H) Age Old Modern Kitchen
11/26/12 (Mo.)9:30 PMDIY(DHCP-103H) Top 10 Builds on a Budget
11/26/12 (Mo.)9:00 PMDIY(DHCR-708H) Chic Hawaiian Master Retreat
11/25/12 (Su.)9:00 PMDIY(DHCR-614H) Holiday Party Headquarters
11/19/12 (Mo.)9:00 PMDIY(DHCR-707H) Kitchen Family Living One Big Space
11/12/12 (Mo.)9:30 PMDIY(DHCP-102H) Top 10 DIY Projects
11/12/12 (Mo.)9:00 PMDIY(DHCR-706H) Bachelor's Wine Retreat
11/5/12 (Mo.)9:30 PMDIY(DHCP-101H) Top 10 Transformations
11/5/12 (Mo.)9:00 PMDIY(DHCR-705H) Contemporary Master Closet
10/22/12 (Mo.)9:00 PMDIY(DHCR-613H) Josh Crashes Blog Cabin 2012
10/15/12 (Mo.)9:00 PMDIY(DHCR-704H) Seattle Basement Bar
10/8/12 (Mo.)9:00 PMDIY(DHCR-703H) Hidden Garage Room
10/1/12 (Mo.)9:00 PMDIY(DHCR-701H) Modern Cabin Family Room (R)
9/17/12 (Mo.)11:00 PMDIY(DHCR-701H) Modern Cabin Family Room
9/17/12 (Mo.)9:00 PMDIY(DHCR-701H) Modern Cabin Family Room
8/27/12 (Mo.)11:00 PMDIY(DHCR-601H) Clean Crisp Kitchen (R)
8/20/12 (Mo.)11:00 PMDIY(DHCR-603H) Veteran's Hall Revamp (R)
8/13/12 (Mo.)11:00 PMDIY(DHCR-610H) Bright Bungalow Kitchen (R)
8/6/12 (Mo.)11:00 PMDIY(DHCR-612H) Indoor Entertaining Goes Outdoors
7/30/12 (Mo.)11:00 PMDIY(DHCR-606H) Zigzag Bar (R)
7/16/12 (Mo.)11:00 PMDIY(DHCR-610H) Bright Bungalow Kitchen
7/13/12 (Fr.)11:00 PMDIY(DHCR-611H) Denver Living Room
7/12/12 (Th.)11:00 PMDIY(DHCR-608H) Master Basement Retreat
7/11/12 (We.)11:00 PMDIY(DHCR-607H) Romantic Michigan Master
7/10/12 (Tu.)11:00 PMDIY(DHCR-606H) Zigzag Bar
7/9/12 (Mo.)11:00 PMDIY(DHCR-602H) Racing Bar/ Lounge (R)
7/2/12 (Mo.)11:00 PMDIY(DHCR-609H) Slat Wall Theater Room
6/25/12 (Mo.)11:00 PMDIY(DHCR-602H) Racing Bar/ Lounge
6/18/12 (Mo.)11:00 PMDIY(DHCR-507H) Living Room Re-imagined (R)
6/11/12 (Mo.)11:00 PMDIY(DHCR-506H) Urban Entertainer's Kitchen (R)
6/4/12 (Mo.)11:00 PMDIY(DHCR-605H) Family Friendly Family Room
5/28/12 (Mo.)11:00 PMDIY(DHCR-407H) Indoor/Outdoor Kitchen (R)
5/21/12 (Mo.)11:00 PMDIY(DHCR-604H) Wine Lover's Kitchen
5/14/12 (Mo.)11:00 PMDIY(DHCR-603H) Veteran's Hall Revamp
5/7/12 (Mo.)11:00 PMDIY(DHCR-601H) Clean Crisp Kitchen
2/27/12 (Mo.)9:00 PMDIY(DHCR-513H) Sophisticated Asian Living Room
2/20/12 (Mo.)9:00 PMDIY(DHCR-512H) Funky Party Kitchen
2/13/12 (Mo.)9:00 PMDIY(DHCR-507H) Living Room Re-imagined
2/6/12 (Mo.)9:00 PMDIY(DHCR-511H) Eco Bar & Lounge
1/30/12 (Mo.)9:00 PMDIY(DHCR-510H) Reclaimed Wood and Metal Bar
1/23/12 (Mo.)9:00 PMDIY(DHCR-509H) Butcher Shop Family Room
1/16/12 (Mo.)9:00 PMDIY(DHCR-508H) Cleveland Wine Bar Basement
1/9/12 (Mo.)9:00 PMDIY(DHCR-506H) Urban Entertainer's Kitchen
10/17/11 (Mo.)9:00 PMDIY(DHCR-501H) House Crashers Visits Blog Cabin
10/10/11 (Mo.)9:00 PMDIY(DHCR-505H) Wooden Bedroom Retreat
10/3/11 (Mo.)8:00 PMDIY(DHCR-504H) Basement Build-out
9/26/11 (Mo.)8:00 PMDIY(DHCR-502H) Sleek Bachelor's Bar
9/19/11 (Mo.)8:00 PMDIY(DHCR-503H) Biggest Phillies Fan
7/18/11 (Mo.)8:00 PMDIY(DHCR-413H) Streamlined Family Room
7/8/11 (Fr.)9:00 PMDIY(DHCR-412H) Bar Basement Lounge
7/7/11 (Th.)9:00 PMDIY(DHCR-409H) Cohesive Living & Dining Space
7/6/11 (We.)9:00 PMDIY(DHCR-410H) Pub-Style Sunroom
7/5/11 (Tu.)9:00 PMDIY(DHCR-411H) Reclaimed Philadelphia Kitchen
7/4/11 (Mo.)9:00 PMDIY(DHCR-408H) Bedroom Deck-out
5/16/11 (Mo.)8:00 PMDIY(DHCR-407H) Indoor/Outdoor Kitchen
5/9/11 (Mo.)8:00 PMDIY(DHCR-406H) Party Kitchen
5/2/11 (Mo.)8:00 PMDIY(DHCR-405H) Kitchen Blow-Up
4/25/11 (Mo.)8:00 PMDIY(DHCR-404H) Zen Bedroom
4/18/11 (Mo.)8:00 PMDIY(DHCR-403H) Warm Steel Loft
4/11/11 (Mo.)8:00 PMDIY(DHCR-402H) Multipurpose Office
4/4/11 (Mo.)8:00 PMDIY(DHCR-401H) Farmhouse Kitchen
1/31/11 (Mo.)9:30 PMDIY(DHCR-310H) Home Theater Hub
1/24/11 (Mo.)9:30 PMDIY(DHCR-309H) Asian Modern
1/17/11 (Mo.)9:30 PMDIY(DHCR-308H) Retro-Modern Great Room
1/10/11 (Mo.)10:00 PMDIY(DHCR-307H) Eclectic Wood Kitchen

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