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date (day) time network episode title
9/28/14 (Su.)10:00 PMANIMAL PLANET(#110) Rites of Spring
9/21/14 (Su.)10:00 PMANIMAL PLANET(#109) The Big Move
9/14/14 (Su.)10:00 PMANIMAL PLANET(#108) Cracks in the Ice
9/9/14 (Tu.)10:00 PMDISCOVERY(#103) 40 Below and Missing (R)
9/7/14 (Su.)10:00 PMANIMAL PLANET(#107) Sink or Swim
8/31/14 (Su.)10:00 PMANIMAL PLANET(#106) Ice Lake Games
8/26/14 (Tu.)10:00 PMDISCOVERY(#101) Winter is Coming (R)
8/24/14 (Su.)10:00 PMANIMAL PLANET(#105) The Lake is a Bear
8/17/14 (Su.)10:00 PMANIMAL PLANET(#104) Cold Snap
8/10/14 (Su.)10:00 PMANIMAL PLANET(#103) 40 Below and Missing
8/3/14 (Su.)10:00 PMANIMAL PLANET(#102) Fight for Food
7/27/14 (Su.)10:00 PMANIMAL PLANET(#101) Winter is Coming

7/27/14 - ???
currently airing (summer 2014)
sundays from 10:00 PM-11:00 PM EST
1 (10 episodes)
(from Animal Planet's press release, July 2014) Not all outlaw towns disappeared along with the Wild West. In Canada's Northwest Territories lays an isolated frozen lake where people reside free from taxation and the rule of law. The inhabitants of Great Slave Lake live entirely according to their own standards; however, their frozen utopia isn't always what it's cracked up to be - especially when the ice begins to crack beneath their homes. The world premiere series ICE LAKE REBELS reveals a world free of regulations where fearless men and women battle hunger, perilous terrain and the constant threat of freezing to death just for the chance to live life off the grid. On Sunday, July 27, at 10 PM (ET/PT), the first of 10 one-hour episodes kicks off a few days before the lake's winter freeze. During this pivotal period, one wrong move could mean losing your home - or your life. But those who make it through the freeze still face extreme adversity: they need to find food and maintain their houses and heat sources to survive the ever-changing conditions on the five-foot-thick frozen ice sheet. The danger escalates when the seasons change, and spring brings the thaw. The surface of the Great Slave ice cracks apart, and everything on top of it shifts, leaving the rebels in fear for their homes and their safety.
· Aengus James as EP
· Colin Miller as EP
· Kathryn Haydn Hays as EP
· Melinda Toporoff as EP (AP)
· reality (all)
· reality (documentary)
· This is Just A Test