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date (day) time network episode title
9/1/07 (Sa.)2:30 PME!(#134) Peter prepares to propose to Katie.
9/1/07 (Sa.)2:00 PME!(#133) Katie hires a specialist to see if her house is haunted.
8/25/07 (Sa.)2:30 PME!(#132) Katie and Peter shop for new toys and room furnishings for Harvey.
8/25/07 (Sa.)2:00 PME!(#131) Focus is put on Katie's son, Harvey, his health problems and how Katie and Peter deal with his condition.
8/18/07 (Sa.)2:30 PME!(#130) Katie and Peter hold an engagement party.
8/18/07 (Sa.)2:00 PME!(#129) Peter introduces unconventional Katie to his traditional, Greek family.
8/11/07 (Sa.)2:30 PME!(#128) Katie indulges in her love for power, freedom, and independence.
8/11/07 (Sa.)2:00 PME!(#127) Katie shops to satiate her love for all things pink.
8/4/07 (Sa.)2:30 PME!(#126) Katie faces bad publicity from a supposed ex-boyfriend and defends herself in the press.
8/4/07 (Sa.)2:00 PME!(#125) Katie and Peter try to deal with being constantly surrounded by the paparazzi, even on a cruise to Miami.
7/28/07 (Sa.)2:30 PME!(#124) Peter shoots his first music video since 1998.
7/28/07 (Sa.)2:00 PME!(#123) Peter's love for Katie grows as he admits it is more than sexual.
7/21/07 (Sa.)2:30 PME!(#122) Katie and Peter discuss sex and their attraction to one another.
7/21/07 (Sa.)2:00 PME!(#121) Katie and Peter get jealous over past relationships.
7/14/07 (Sa.)2:30 PME!(#120) Katie believes her house is haunted, so she calls in a medium to confirm her suspicions.
7/14/07 (Sa.)2:00 PME!(#119) Katie markets herself as two people: sinful Jordan and saintly Katie.
7/7/07 (Sa.)2:30 PME!(#118) Katie and Peter compete for media exposure, and she gains the edge when they visit an amusement park together.
7/7/07 (Sa.)2:00 PME!(#117) Katie and Peter find themselves constantly arguing with each other.
6/23/07 (Sa.)2:30 PME!(#116) Katie gets mad at Peter for bringing his cell phone and working on their honeymoon.
6/23/07 (Sa.)2:00 PME!(#115) Katie and Peter go on their honeymoon in Tahiti.
6/16/07 (Sa.)2:30 PME!(#114) Peter works on his music, but then has to go shopping with Katie.
6/16/07 (Sa.)2:00 PME!(#113) Katie tapes a fitness DVD and shares her diet secrets.
6/9/07 (Sa.)2:30 PME!(#112) Katie takes extra precaution to prevent paparazzi from getting a shot of her special wedding dress.
6/9/07 (Sa.)2:00 PME!(#111) It's the day of Katie and Peter's big wedding.
6/2/07 (Sa.)2:30 PME!(#110) Final preparations for Katie and Peter's wedding are made.
6/2/07 (Sa.)2:00 PME!(#109) Katie and Peter have fittings for their wedding clothes.
5/19/07 (Sa.)2:30 PME!(#108) Katie and Peter begin planning their wedding and attempt to get into shape.
5/19/07 (Sa.)2:00 PME!(#107) Katie and Peter visit the castle where they plan to marry.
4/21/07 (Sa.)4:30 PME!(#106) Peter and Katie take a romantic cruise to celebrate their engagement.
4/21/07 (Sa.)4:00 PME!(#105) Katie suspects the house is haunted, so she calls a medium.
4/21/07 (Sa.)3:30 PME!(#104) Tension increases as a major family event approaches.
4/21/07 (Sa.)3:00 PME!(#103) Katie's family visits and the couple disagree over a club they visited. Also: a magazine photo shoot.
4/21/07 (Sa.)2:30 PME!(#102) Katie and Peter go on a Christmas spending spree and take a trip to Disneyland Paris.
4/21/07 (Sa.)2:00 PME!(#101) Katie and Peter recover from the Caribbean holiday.

4/21/07 - 9/1/07
canceled/ended (2006-2007 season)
completed airing its current season
1 (34 episodes)
a show on hiatus for longer than 12 months - without any news about its future - is assumed to be canceled
(from E!'s web site, September 2008) Britain's hottest celebrity couple, model Katie Price and musician Peter Andre, strive to balance career with family life and still find time for each other.
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