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date (day) time network episode title
2/24/17 (Fr.)6:30 PMCARTOON(#24) Witchy Simone Ruins Everything!
2/17/17 (Fr.)6:45 PMCARTOON(#23) Grup Jam
2/17/17 (Fr.)6:15 PMCARTOON(#23) Grup Jam
2/10/17 (Fr.)6:15 PMCARTOON(#22) Bad Man Oldman
2/3/17 (Fr.)6:15 PMCARTOON(#21) Share and Dislike
1/27/17 (Fr.)6:30 PMCARTOON(#20) The Tome of Morrow
12/1/16 (Th.)6:30 PMCARTOON(#19) Gut Feelings
11/18/16 (Fr.)6:30 PMCARTOON(#18) Champion of Breakfasts
11/17/16 (Th.)6:30 PMCARTOON(#17) Little Sword of Horrors
11/16/16 (We.)6:30 PMCARTOON(#16) Dungeons and Dayjobs
11/15/16 (Tu.)6:30 PMCARTOON(#15) Biggest Fan
11/14/16 (Mo.)6:30 PMCARTOON(#14) Thick as Thieves
11/11/16 (Fr.)6:30 PMCARTOON(#13) Gotta Get Grup to Get Down
11/10/16 (Th.)6:30 PMCARTOON(#12) Bad Bad Cop
11/9/16 (We.)6:30 PMCARTOON(#11) Potion in the Ocean
11/8/16 (Tu.)6:30 PMCARTOON(#10) Felonious Prose
11/7/16 (Mo.)6:30 PMCARTOON(#09) Working for Scales
11/3/16 (Th.)6:30 PMCARTOON(#08) The Wrath of Neddy
10/27/16 (Th.)6:30 PMCARTOON(#07) Flirty Phantom
10/20/16 (Th.)6:30 PMCARTOON(#06) Cleanliness Is Next to Grupliness
10/13/16 (Th.)6:30 PMCARTOON(#05) Surely You Jest-o
10/6/16 (Th.)6:30 PMCARTOON(#04) Case Clothed
9/29/16 (Th.)6:30 PMCARTOON(#02/03) The Mystery of Loch Mess/Squirrelled Domination
9/5/16 (Mo.)6:30 PMCARTOON(#01) Mushroom Menace

9/5/16 - ???
currently airing (spring 2017)
fridays from 6:15 PM-6:30 PM EST
1 (??? episodes)
renewed through the 2017-18 season (the show's second) on 2/9/17
(from Cartoon Network's press release, February 2017) Turner's Cartoon Network has charted wins across platforms with Mighty Magiswords leading to a season two order of the hit comedy series and the launch of a new mobile game, Surely You Quest. Mighty Magiswords follows the adventures of Prohyas and Vambre, a sibling team of "Warriors for Hire" who embark on heroic quests using outrageously funny swords called Magiswords. The immersive MagiMobile app empowers fans to collect swords like the Warriors, and the newest mobile game further heightens the interactivity of the Mighty Magiswords world by allowing users to use their collections in active gameplay while also gathering and upgrading more Magiswords via the automatic content recognition cues in Mighty Magiswords programming. Mighty Magiswords is produced at Cartoon Network Studios and created by Kyle A. Carrozza (The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water). Season two of Mighty Magiswords will find Prohyas and Vambre embarking on epic adventures and even more hilarious quests in pursuit of the latest and greatest Magiswords to add to their coveted collections.
· Kyle A. Carrozza as CRTR/EP
· comedy (all)
· comedy (animated)
· Cartoon Network Studios