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date (day) time network episode title
9/30/18 (Su.)3:01 AMNETFLIX(#124) Episode 24
9/29/18 (Sa.)3:01 AMNETFLIX(#123) Episode 23
9/16/18 (Su.)3:01 AMNETFLIX(#122) Episode 22
9/15/18 (Sa.)3:01 AMNETFLIX(#121) Episode 21
9/9/18 (Su.)3:01 AMNETFLIX(#120) Episode 20
9/8/18 (Sa.)3:01 AMNETFLIX(#119) Episode 19
9/2/18 (Su.)3:01 AMNETFLIX(#118) Episode 18
9/1/18 (Sa.)3:01 AMNETFLIX(#117) Episode 17
8/26/18 (Su.)3:01 AMNETFLIX(#116) Episode 16
8/25/18 (Sa.)3:01 AMNETFLIX(#115) Episode 15
8/19/18 (Su.)3:01 AMNETFLIX(#114) Episode 14
8/18/18 (Sa.)3:01 AMNETFLIX(#113) Episode 13
8/12/18 (Su.)3:01 AMNETFLIX(#112) Episode 12
8/11/18 (Sa.)3:01 AMNETFLIX(#111) Episode 11
8/5/18 (Su.)3:01 AMNETFLIX(#110) Episode 10
8/4/18 (Sa.)3:01 AMNETFLIX(#109) Episode 9
7/29/18 (Su.)3:01 AMNETFLIX(#108) Episode 8
7/28/18 (Sa.)3:01 AMNETFLIX(#107) Episode 7
7/22/18 (Su.)3:01 AMNETFLIX(#106) Episode 6
7/21/18 (Sa.)3:01 AMNETFLIX(#105) Episode 5
7/15/18 (Su.)3:01 AMNETFLIX(#104) Episode 4
7/14/18 (Sa.)3:01 AMNETFLIX(#103) Episode 3
7/8/18 (Su.)3:01 AMNETFLIX(#102) Episode 2
7/7/18 (Sa.)3:01 AMNETFLIX(#101) Episode 1

7/7/18 - ???
on hiatus or fate to be determined
completed airing its current season
1 (24 episodes)
completed airing its first season on 9/30/18; has yet to be renewed for a second season
(from Netflix's press release, June 2018) Netflix, Inc., the world's leading entertainment service, announced it has licensed the new Korean original drama Mr. Sunshine, a 24-episode series from the creators of the global hit series Descendants of the Sun, to premiere on Netflix around the world. Mr. Sunshine, written by Kim Eun-sook and directed by Lee Eung-bok, will premiere exclusively on Netflix starting July 7, with episodes streaming on the same day of its Korean broadcast in the U.S. and Asian territories excluding Korea. The series will then premiere in Japan on July 8 and the rest of the world on July 19. Mr. Sunshine marks the continuing partnership between writer Kim and director Lee, who created international hits Descendants of the Sun and Goblin. The series is produced by Hwa&Dam Pictures, one of Korea's top drama production companies, and Studio Dragon, who teamed up with Hwa&Dam Pictures for titles including Goblin and Bravo My Life. Based in Shinmiyangyo, or the US expedition to Korea in the late 19th century, Mr. Sunshine tells the story of a Korean boy born into a family of a house servant running away to board an American warship, later to return to his homeland as a US marine officer. He ironically falls in love with an aristocrat's daughter and discovers the dark scheme to colonize the country that he once ran away from.
· Byun Yo-han
· Kim Min-jung
· Kim Tae-ri as Go Ae-sin
· Lee Byung-hun as Eugene Choi
· Yoo Yeon-seok
· Kim Eun-sook as WRTR
· Lee Eung-bok as DIR
· drama
· Hwa&Dam Pictures
· Studio Dragon