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date (day) time network episode title
9/8/18 (Sa.)11:00 AMDISNEY JUNIOR(#V913-90) Sofia the First: Forever Royal
5/18/18 (Fr.)11:30 AMDISNEY(#V912) The Elf Situation
5/17/18 (Th.)11:30 AMDISNEY(#V911) Return to Merroway Cove
5/16/18 (We.)11:30 AMDISNEY(#V910) The Lost Pyramid
5/15/18 (Tu.)11:30 AMDISNEY(#V909) The Royal School Fair
5/14/18 (Mo.)11:30 AMDISNEY(#V908) A Royal Wedding
3/2/18 (Fr.)11:30 AMDISNEY(#V907) The Mystic Isles: Undercover Fairies
2/16/18 (Fr.)11:30 AMDISNEY(#V906) The Mystic Isles: A Hero for the Hoodwinks
1/26/18 (Fr.)11:30 AMDISNEY(#V905) In Cedric We Trust
1/5/18 (Fr.)11:30 AMDISNEY(#V904) The Birthday Wish
12/1/17 (Fr.)11:30 AMDISNEY(#415) The Mystic Isles: A Very Mystic Wassailia
11/3/17 (Fr.)11:30 AMDISNEYThe Mystic Isles: The Great Pretender
10/27/17 (Fr.)11:30 AMDISNEYThe Mystic Isles: The Falcon's Eye
10/24/17 (Tu.)11:30 AMDISNEYThe Mystic Isles: The Falcon's Eye
10/20/17 (Fr.)11:30 AMDISNEYPirated Away
10/13/17 (Fr.)11:30 AMDISNEYToo Cute to Spook
9/29/17 (Fr.)10:30 AMDISNEY(#417) Ivy's True Colors
9/1/17 (Fr.)9:00 AMDISNEYPrincess Jade
8/18/17 (Fr.)9:00 AMDISNEYThrough the Looking Black Glass
8/4/17 (Fr.)9:00 AMDISNEY(#412) The Mystic Isles: The Mare of the Mist (**)
8/4/17 (Fr.)9:00 AMDISNEY(#412) The Mystic Isles: The Mare of the Mist
7/21/17 (Fr.)9:00 AMDISNEY(#410) The Royal Dragon
6/30/17 (Fr.)9:00 AMDISNEY(#409) The Mystic Isles: The Princess and the Protector (**)
6/30/17 (Fr.)9:00 AMDISNEY(#409) The Mystic Isles: The Princess and the Protector
6/24/17 (Sa.)9:00 AMDISNEY(#405) The Mystic Isles
5/19/17 (Fr.)11:30 AMDISNEY(#404) Pin the Blame on the Genie
5/12/17 (Fr.)11:30 AMDISNEY(#403) The Crown of Blossoms
5/5/17 (Fr.)11:30 AMDISNEY(#402) The Secret Library: Tale of the Eternal Torch
4/28/17 (Fr.)11:30 AMDISNEY(#401) Day of the Sorcerers
3/31/17 (Fr.)11:30 AMDISNEYOne for the Books
2/11/17 (Sa.)11:30 AMDISNEY JUNIORThe Princess Prodigy
2/10/17 (Fr.)11:00 AMDISNEYThe Princess Prodigy
1/7/17 (Sa.)11:30 AMDISNEY JUNIORHexley Hall
1/6/17 (Fr.)8:30 AMDISNEYHexley Hall
11/12/16 (Sa.)10:30 AMDISNEY JUNIORRoyal Vacation
11/11/16 (Fr.)9:00 AMDISNEYRoyal Vacation
10/28/16 (Fr.)9:00 AMDISNEY JUNIORCamp Wilderwood
10/7/16 (Fr.)9:00 AMDISNEY JUNIORCauldronation Day

11/18/12 - 9/8/18
canceled/ended (2017-2018 season)
completed airing its current season
4 (109 episodes, 0 of which have yet to air)
series finale aired on 9/8/18
(from Disney Channel's press release, August 2018) "Sofia the First: Forever Royal," a special extended-length finale episode of Disney Junior's Humanitas and Emmy(R) Award-winning series "Sofia the First," will premiere SATURDAY, SEPT. 8 (11:00 a.m.-12:10 p.m. EDT/PDT), on Disney Junior and the DisneyNOW app. Set in the storybook world of Enchancia, "Sofia the First" tells the story of an adventurous little girl who becomes a princess overnight after her mom marries the king. Throughout her journey, she discovers that looking like a princess isn't all that difficult, but possessing the characteristics of a true princess - honesty, loyalty, compassion and grace - is what makes one truly royal. The series stars the voices of Ariel Winter as Sofia; Sara Ramirez as Queen Miranda; Wayne Brady as Clover; and Tim Gunn as Baileywick. In the finale episode, as Sofia, and siblings Amber and James, prepare for their graduation from Royal Prep Academy, Sofia is called back to the Mystic Isles to face an evil witch named Vor, who is trying to take over the kingdom of Enchancia. Presented with her biggest challenge yet, Sofia must figure out a way to defeat Vor and save her family and the people of Enchancia. "Sofia the First: Forever Royal" features recurring guest stars Eric Stonestreet as Minimus, Bonnie Hunt as Aunt Tilly, Andrew Rannells as Skye, Megan Hilty as Prisma, Ellie Kemper as Crackle, Ming-Na Wen as Vega, Colin Salmon as Orion, Jurnee Smollett-Bell as Chrysta, Paty Lombard as Vor and Hugh Bonneville as the Voice of the Secret Library.
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