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date (day) time network episode title
10/2/14 (Th.)6:45 PMCARTOONRepeat TBA (R)
10/2/14 (Th.)6:30 PMCARTOON(#26) Ocean Gem
9/25/14 (Th.)6:45 PMCARTOONRepeat TBA (R)
9/25/14 (Th.)6:30 PMCARTOON(#25) Mirror Gem
9/18/14 (Th.)6:45 PMCARTOONRepeat TBA (R)
9/18/14 (Th.)6:30 PMCARTOON(#24) An Indirect Kiss
9/11/14 (Th.)6:45 PMCARTOONRepeat TBA (R)
9/11/14 (Th.)6:30 PMCARTOON(#23) Monster Buddies
9/4/14 (Th.)6:45 PMCARTOONRepeat TBA (R)
9/4/14 (Th.)6:30 PMCARTOON(#22) Steven and the Stevens
8/28/14 (Th.)6:45 PMCARTOONCoach Steven (R)
8/28/14 (Th.)6:30 PMCARTOON(#21) Joking Victim
8/21/14 (Th.)6:45 PMCARTOONRepeat TBA (R)
8/21/14 (Th.)6:30 PMCARTOON(#20) Coach Steven
5/28/14 (We.)7:15 PMCARTOONRepeat TBA (R)
5/28/14 (We.)7:00 PMCARTOON(#21) Joking Victim
5/21/14 (We.)7:15 PMCARTOONRepeat TBA (R)
5/21/14 (We.)7:00 PMCARTOON(#20) Coach Steven
5/14/14 (We.)7:15 PMCARTOONLars and the Cool Kids (R)
5/14/14 (We.)7:00 PMCARTOON(#19) Rose's Room
5/7/14 (We.)7:15 PMCARTOONLion 2: The Movie (R)
5/7/14 (We.)7:00 PMCARTOONSteven's Lion (R)
4/30/14 (We.)7:15 PMCARTOONFrybo (R)
4/30/14 (We.)7:00 PMCARTOON(#18) Beach Party
4/23/14 (We.)7:15 PMCARTOONBubble Buddies (R)
4/23/14 (We.)7:00 PMCARTOON(#17) Lion 2: The Movie
4/9/14 (We.)7:15 PMCARTOONGem Glow (R)
4/9/14 (We.)7:00 PMCARTOON(#16) Steven the Sword Fighter
3/31/14 (Mo.)7:15 PMCARTOONBubble Buddies (R)
3/31/14 (Mo.)7:00 PMCARTOONGiant Woman (R)
3/24/14 (Mo.)8:15 PMCARTOONLaser Light Cannon (R)
3/24/14 (Mo.)8:00 PMCARTOONLars and the Cool Kids (R)
3/17/14 (Mo.)8:15 PMCARTOON(#12) Giant Woman (R)
3/17/14 (Mo.)8:00 PMCARTOON(#15) Onion Trade
3/10/14 (Mo.)8:15 PMCARTOON(#11) Arcade Mania (R)
3/10/14 (Mo.)8:00 PMCARTOON(#14) Lars and the Cool Kids
3/3/14 (Mo.)8:15 PMCARTOON(#05) Frybo (R)
3/3/14 (Mo.)8:00 PMCARTOON(#13) So Many Birthdays
2/24/14 (Mo.)8:15 PMCARTOON(#08) Serious Steven (R)
2/24/14 (Mo.)8:00 PMCARTOON(#12) Giant Woman
2/17/14 (Mo.)8:45 PMCARTOON(#11) Arcade Mania
2/10/14 (Mo.)8:15 PMCARTOON(#05) Frybo (R)
2/10/14 (Mo.)8:00 PMCARTOON(#07) Bubble Buddies (R)
2/3/14 (Mo.)8:15 PMCARTOON(#08) Serious Steven (R)
2/3/14 (Mo.)8:00 PMCARTOON(#09) Tiger Millionaire (R)
1/27/14 (Mo.)8:15 PMCARTOON(#06) Cat Fingers (R)
1/27/14 (Mo.)8:00 PMCARTOON(#10) Steven's Lion
1/20/14 (Mo.)8:15 PMCARTOON(#07) Bubble Buddies (R)
1/20/14 (Mo.)8:00 PMCARTOON(#09) Tiger Millionaire
1/13/14 (Mo.)8:15 PMCARTOON(#01) Gem Glow (R)
1/13/14 (Mo.)8:00 PMCARTOON(#08) Serious Steven
1/6/14 (Mo.)8:15 PMCARTOON(#03) Cheeseburger Backpack (R)
1/6/14 (Mo.)8:00 PMCARTOON(#06) Cat Fingers (R)
12/30/13 (Mo.)8:15 PMCARTOON(#02) Laser Light Cannon (R)
12/30/13 (Mo.)8:00 PMCARTOON(#04) Together Breakfast (R)
12/23/13 (Mo.)8:15 PMCARTOON(#03) Cheeseburger Backpack (R)
12/23/13 (Mo.)8:00 PMCARTOON(#06) Cat Fingers (R)
12/16/13 (Mo.)8:15 PMCARTOON(#07) Bubble Buddies (R)
12/16/13 (Mo.)8:00 PMCARTOON(#02) Laser Light Cannon (R)
12/9/13 (Mo.)8:15 PMCARTOON(#05) Frybo (R)
12/9/13 (Mo.)8:00 PMCARTOON(#04) Together Breakfast (R)
12/2/13 (Mo.)8:15 PMCARTOON(#03) Cheeseburger Backpack (R)
12/2/13 (Mo.)8:00 PMCARTOON(#07) Bubble Buddies
11/25/13 (Mo.)8:15 PMCARTOON(#02) Laser Light Cannon (R)
11/25/13 (Mo.)8:00 PMCARTOON(#06) Cat Fingers
11/18/13 (Mo.)8:15 PMCARTOON(#01) Gem Glow (R)
11/18/13 (Mo.)8:00 PMCARTOON(#05) Frybo
11/11/13 (Mo.)8:15 PMCARTOON(#04) Together Breakfast
11/11/13 (Mo.)8:00 PMCARTOON(#03) Cheeseburger Backpack
11/4/13 (Mo.)8:15 PMCARTOON(#02) Laser Light Cannon
11/4/13 (Mo.)8:00 PMCARTOON(#01) Gem Glow

11/4/13 - ???
currently airing (fall 2014)
thursdays from 6:30 PM-7:00 PM EST
1 (??? episodes)
renewed through the 2014-15 season (the show's second) on 7/25/14
(from Cartoon Network's press release, July 2014) Today and tomorrow at Comic-Con(R) International: San Diego 2014 Cartoon Network will host jam-packed panels for all their hit original comedy animated series. Amongst the surprises and hilarity of Comic-Con and coming on the heels of ratings and critical success around the world, the Network will announce Season 7 of the Emmy(R)-winning Adventure Time, Season 7 of the Emmy(R)-winning Regular Show, Season 2 of the Emmy(R)-winning Uncle Grandpa, Season 2 of Steven Universe and 13 more half hours of Clarence. Regular Show, Uncle Grandpa, Steven Universe and Clarence originate from the prolific artist-driven Cartoon Network Shorts Program at Cartoon Network Studios. Believe in Steven! Greenlit for Season 2 and created by Emmy(R) and Annie Award-nominated writer and storyboard artist Rebecca Sugar (Adventure Time), Steven Universe tells the story of three magical defenders of the planet....and Steven the "little brother" to the Crystal Gems - a team of magical guardians of humanity. Steven may not be as powerful as the Crystal Gems. Or as savvy. And he may not have much control over his powers. But that doesn't stop him from joining Garnet, Amethyst and Pearl on their magical adventures and somehow finding a way to save the day! New episodes of Steven Universe are back at 6:30 p.m. (ET/PT) on Thursday August 21 on Cartoon Network and the premiere episode "Coach Steven" will feature guest voice Nicki Minaj. Across an average week, Steven Universe reaches 4,962,000 total viewers P2+, 2,311,000 kids 2-11 and 1,737,000 kids 6-11.
· Deedee Magno Hall as Pearl
· Estelle as Garnet
· Michaela Dietz as Amethyst
· Zach Callison as Steven
· Ian Jones-Quartey as SD
· Rebecca Sugar as CRTR/EP
· comedy (all)
· comedy (animated)
· Cartoon Network Studios