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date (day) time network episode title
9/9/14 (Tu.)10:00 PMTBS(#313) Episode 313
9/2/14 (Tu.)10:00 PMTBS(#312) Episode 312
8/26/14 (Tu.)10:00 PMTBS(#311) Episode 311
8/19/14 (Tu.)10:00 PMTBS(#310) Episode 310
8/12/14 (Tu.)10:00 PMTBS(#309) Episode 309
8/5/14 (Tu.)10:00 PMTBS(#308) Episode 308
7/29/14 (Tu.)10:00 PMTBS(#307) Episode 307
7/22/14 (Tu.)10:00 PMTBS(#306) Episode 306
7/15/14 (Tu.)10:00 PMTBS(#305) Episode 305
7/8/14 (Tu.)10:00 PMTBS(#304) Episode 304
7/1/14 (Tu.)10:00 PMTBS(#303) Episode 303
6/24/14 (Tu.)10:30 PMTBS(#302) Sexual Healing
6/24/14 (Tu.)10:00 PMTBS(#301) Sullivan's Travels
8/22/13 (Th.)10:00 PMTBS(#210) Reunited
8/15/13 (Th.)10:00 PMTBS(#206) Over the Edge
8/8/13 (Th.)10:00 PMTBS(#209) Personal Injury
8/1/13 (Th.)10:00 PMTBS(#205) Running Mates
8/1/13 (Th.)10:00 PMTBS(#207) Hank Hallucinates
7/25/13 (Th.)10:00 PMTBS(#207) Hank Hallucinates
7/25/13 (Th.)10:00 PMTBS(#206) Over the Edge
7/18/13 (Th.)10:00 PMTBS(#208) Rumspringa
7/18/13 (Th.)10:00 PMTBS(#205) Running Mates
7/11/13 (Th.)10:00 PMTBS(#204) Winning is Everything
7/4/13 (Th.)10:00 PMTBS(#201) Pilot, One More Time, The (R)
6/27/13 (Th.)10:00 PMTBS(#203) Ladies Night
6/20/13 (Th.)10:00 PMTBS(#202) Acceptance
6/13/13 (Th.)10:00 PMTBS(#201) Pilot, One More Time, The
9/13/12 (Th.)10:00 PMTBS(#110) Hank Speech
9/6/12 (Th.)10:00 PMTBS(#109) Prodigal Sister, The
8/30/12 (Th.)10:00 PMTBS(#108) How Carol Got Her Groove Back
8/23/12 (Th.)10:00 PMTBS(#107) Fifth Musketeer, The
8/16/12 (Th.)10:00 PMTBS(#106) Creepy Love Songs
8/9/12 (Th.)10:00 PMTBS(#105) The Punch
8/2/12 (Th.)10:00 PMTBS(#104) Who's Your Daddy
7/26/12 (Th.)10:00 PMTBS(#103) Bar Birthday, The
7/19/12 (Th.)10:30 PMTBS(#102) Bribe, The
7/19/12 (Th.)10:00 PMTBS(#101) Pilot - Last, Best, and Final

Returns Tuesday, June 24
7/19/12 - ???
returning this summer (yet to premiere)
tuesdays from 10:00 PM-10:30 PM EST
3 (13 episodes)
(from TBS's press release, August 2013) TBS has ordered 13 episodes of Sullivan & Son, which airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. (ET/PT) and is set to wrap up its second season Aug. 22. Sullivan & Son is executive-produced by Vince Vaughn (Wedding Crashers), Peter Billingsley (Iron Man) and showrunner Rob Long (Cheers). The series is averaging 2.4 million viewers in Live + 7 delivery this summer, including 1.3 million adults 18-49. Sullivan & Son is produced for TBS by Wild West Picture Show Productions, in association with Warner Horizon Television. Season three of Sullivan & Son is slated to launch in summer 2014.
· Brian Doyle-Murray as Hank
· Brooke Lyons as Ashley
· Christine Ebersole as Carol
· Dan Lauria as Jack Sullivan
· Jodi Long as Ok Cha
· Owen Benjamin as Owen
· Steve Byrne as Steve Sullivan
· Valerie Azlynn as Melanie
· Vivian Bang as Susan
· Peter Billingsley as EP
· Rob Long as CRTR/EP
· Steve Byrne as CRTR/EP
· Ted Wass as DIR (Pilot)
· Vince Vaughn as EP
· comedy (all)
· comedy (multi-camera)
· Warner Horizon Television
· Wild West Picture Show Productions