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date (day) time network episode title
2/7/16 (Su.)11:00 AMNICK(#409) The Cosmic Ocean
1/31/16 (Su.)11:00 AMNICK(#408) The War for Dimension X
1/24/16 (Su.)11:00 AMNICK(#407) The Arena of Carnage
1/17/16 (Su.)11:00 AMNICK(#406) Journey to the Center of Mikey's Mind
1/10/16 (Su.)11:00 AMNICK(#405) Riddle of the Ancient Aeons
11/22/15 (Su.)11:00 AMNICKHalf-Shell Heroes: Blast to the Past
11/15/15 (Su.)11:00 AMNICK(#404) The Outlaw Armaggon
11/8/15 (Su.)11:00 AMNICK(#403) The Weird World of Wyrm
11/1/15 (Su.)11:00 AMNICK(#402) The Moons of Thalos 3
10/25/15 (Su.)11:00 AMNICK(#401) Beyond the Known Universe
9/27/15 (Su.)11:00 AMNICK(#325/326) Annihilation: Earth!
9/20/15 (Su.)11:00 AMNICK(#324) Dinosaur Seen in Sewers!
9/13/15 (Su.)11:00 AMNICK(#323) The Fourfold Trap
8/23/15 (Su.)11:00 AMNICK(#322) The Creeping Doom
8/16/15 (Su.)11:00 AMNICK(#321) Attack of the Mega Shredder!
8/9/15 (Su.)11:00 AMNICK(#320) Tale of the Yokai
8/2/15 (Su.)11:00 AMNICK(#319) Turtles in Time
5/17/15 (Su.)11:00 AMNICK(#318) The Deadly Venom
5/10/15 (Su.)11:00 AMNICK(#317) Meet Mondo Gecko
5/3/15 (Su.)11:00 AMNICK(#316) Clash of the Mutanimals
4/26/15 (Su.)11:00 AMNICK(#315) The Noxious Avenger
3/22/15 (Su.)11:00 AMNICK(#314) Casey Jones VS. the Underworld
3/15/15 (Su.)11:00 AMNICK(#312/313) Battle for New York, Parts 1 & 2
3/8/15 (Su.)11:00 AMNICK(#311) The Pig and the Rhino
2/1/15 (Su.)11:00 AMNICK(#310) Serpent Hunt
1/25/15 (Su.)11:00 AMNICK(#309) Return to New York
1/18/15 (Su.)11:00 AMNICK(#308) Vision Quest
1/11/15 (Su.)11:00 AMNICK(#307) Eyes of the Chimera
11/21/14 (Fr.)8:00 PMNICK(#306) Race with the Demon
11/14/14 (Fr.)8:00 PMNICK(#305) Dream Beavers
11/7/14 (Fr.)8:00 PMNICK(#304) The Croaking
10/17/14 (Fr.)8:00 PMNICK(#303) Buried Secrets
10/10/14 (Fr.)8:00 PMNICK(#302) A Foot Too Big
10/3/14 (Fr.)8:00 PMNICK(#301) Within the Woods
9/26/14 (Fr.)8:00 PMNICK(#225/226) The Invasion, Parts 1 & 2
9/19/14 (Fr.)8:00 PMNICK(#224) Into Dimension X!
9/12/14 (Fr.)8:00 PMNICK(#223) A Chinatown Ghost Story
7/17/14 (Th.)9:32 PMNICKInside The Action: The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Movie Special
6/29/14 (Su.)11:00 AMNICK(#222) Vengeance is Mine
6/22/14 (Su.)11:00 AMNICK(#221) Plan 10
6/15/14 (Su.)11:00 AMNICK(#220) The Legend of the Kuro Kabuto
6/8/14 (Su.)11:00 AMNICK(#218) The Wrath of Tiger Claw
5/18/14 (Su.)11:00 AMNICK(#219) Pizza Face
5/11/14 (Su.)11:00 AMNICK(#217) Newtralized!
5/4/14 (Su.)11:00 AMNICK(#216) The Lonely Mutation of Baxter Stockman
4/27/14 (Su.)11:00 AMNICK(#215) Mazes & Mutants
3/14/14 (Fr.)7:00 PMNICK(#997) Wormquake!
3/2/14 (Su.)11:00 AMNICK(#212) Of Rats and Men
2/23/14 (Su.)11:00 AMNICK(#211) Metalhead Rewired
2/16/14 (Su.)11:00 AMNICK(#210) Fungus Humungous
2/9/14 (Su.)11:00 AMNICK(#208) The Kraang Conspiracy
2/2/14 (Su.)11:00 AMNICK(#209) The Good, The Bad, and Casey Jones
11/30/13 (Sa.)11:00 AMNICK(#207) Slash and Destroy
11/23/13 (Sa.)11:00 AMNICK(#206) Target: April O'Neil
11/16/13 (Sa.)11:00 AMNICK(#205) Mikey Gets Shellacne
11/9/13 (Sa.)11:00 AMNICK(#204) Mutagen Man Unleashed
11/2/13 (Sa.)11:00 AMNICK(#202) Follow the Leader
10/19/13 (Sa.)11:00 AMNICK(#203) Invasion of the Squirrelanoids
10/12/13 (Sa.)11:00 AMNICK(#201) The Mutation Situation
8/8/13 (Th.)8:00 PMNICK(#125/126) Showdown, Parts 1 & 2
7/27/13 (Sa.)11:00 AMNICK(#124) Operation: Break Out
7/20/13 (Sa.)11:00 AMNICK(#123) Parasitica
5/11/13 (Sa.)11:00 AMNICK(#122) Pulverizer Returns!
4/27/13 (Sa.)11:00 AMNICK(#121) Karai's Vendetta
4/26/13 (Fr.)7:00 PMNICK(#121) Karai's Vendetta
4/12/13 (Fr.)7:00 PMNICK(#120) Enemy of My Enemy
4/5/13 (Fr.)7:00 PMNICK(#119) Baxter's Gambit
3/15/13 (Fr.)7:00 PMNICK(#118) Cockroach Terminator
3/1/13 (Fr.)7:00 PMNICK(#117) TCRI
2/15/13 (Fr.)7:00 PMNICK(#116) The Pulverizer
2/8/13 (Fr.)7:00 PMNICK(#115) The Alien Agenda
2/1/13 (Fr.)7:00 PMNICK(#113) New Girl In Town
1/25/13 (Fr.)7:00 PMNICK(#114) I, Monster
12/15/12 (Sa.)11:00 AMNICK(#112) It Came From the Depths (FKA Leatherhead)
12/8/12 (Sa.)11:00 AMNICK(#111) Mousers Attack! (FKA Mouserthon)
11/24/12 (Sa.)11:00 AMNICK(#110) Panic in the Sewers (FKA Mojo Rising)
11/17/12 (Sa.)11:00 AMNICK(#109) The Gauntlet (FKA Enter Shredder)
11/10/12 (Sa.)11:00 AMNICK(#108) Never Say Xever
11/3/12 (Sa.)11:00 AMNICK(#107) Monkey Brains
10/27/12 (Sa.)11:00 AMNICK(#106) Metalhead
10/20/12 (Sa.)11:00 AMNICK(#105) Think His Name Is Baxter Stockman
10/13/12 (Sa.)11:00 AMNICK(#104) New Friend, Old Enemy
10/6/12 (Sa.)11:00 AMNICK(#103) Turtle Temper
9/29/12 (Sa.)11:00 AMNICK(#101/102) Rise of the Turtles - Part 1 & 2
9/28/12 (Fr.)8:00 PMNICK(#101) Rise of the Turtles - Part, 1

9/28/12 - ???
currently airing (winter 2016)
sundays from 11:00 AM-11:30 AM EST
4 (20 episodes)
(from Nickelodeon's press release, June 2014) As the heroes in a half shell celebrate their 30th anniversary this year, Nickelodeon has picked up a fourth season of the popular Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles CG-animated series with a 20-episode order. The announcement was made today by Russell Hicks, President, Content Development and Production, Nickelodeon. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles ranked as one of the top five animated series for first quarter across all of television, and in consumer products is a retail success around the world. New Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles episodes currently air on Nickelodeon, with season three to debut this fall, and season four slated for fall 2015. Beginning season three, Seth Green (Robot Chicken) will join the voice cast as Leonardo alongside Sean Astin (Lord of the Rings) as Raphael, Rob Paulsen (Planet Sheen) as Donatello, Greg Cipes (Teen Titans) as Michelangelo, Mae Whitman (Parenthood) as April O'Neil, Hoon Lee (Royal Pains) as Master Splinter and Kevin Michael Richardson (Penguins of Madagascar) as Shredder. Josh Peck (Drake & Josh) is Casey Jones, and Corey Feldman (The Goonies) reoccurs as Slash. The series is executive produced by Ciro Nieli.
· Greg Cipes as Michelangelo
· Hoon Lee as Master Splinter
· Jason Biggs as Leonardo
· Kevin Michael Richardson as Shredder
· Mae Whitman as April O'Neil
· Rob Paulsen as Donatello
· Sean Astin as Raphael
· Ciro Nieli as EP
· Jeff Ventimilia as EP
· Joshua Sternin as EP
· Peter Hastings as EP
· comedy (all)
· comedy (animated)
· no information is available