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date (day) time network episode title
12/16/16 (Fr.)10:00 PMDISCOVERY(#207) Striking Gold
12/9/16 (Fr.)10:00 PMDISCOVERY(#206) Cappy's Curse
12/2/16 (Fr.)10:00 PMDISCOVERY(#205) Jaguars Gold
11/25/16 (Fr.)10:00 PMDISCOVERY(#204) Brush with Death
11/18/16 (Fr.)10:00 PMDISCOVERY(#203) Treasure Found!
11/11/16 (Fr.)10:00 PMDISCOVERY(#202) A Cursed Fortune
11/4/16 (Fr.)10:00 PMDISCOVERY(#201) The Trail of Blood
8/21/15 (Fr.)10:00 PMDISCOVERY(#106) Fortune's Doorstep
8/14/15 (Fr.)10:00 PMDISCOVERY(#105) No Exit
8/7/15 (Fr.)10:00 PMDISCOVERY(#104) Heart of Darkness
7/31/15 (Fr.)10:00 PMDISCOVERY(#103) Strikes Back
7/24/15 (Fr.)10:00 PMDISCOVERY(#102) Into the Nightmare
7/17/15 (Fr.)10:00 PMDISCOVERY(#101) What Lies Beneath

7/17/15 - ???
on hiatus or fate to be determined
completed airing its current season
2 (7 episodes)
completed airing its second season on 12/16/16; has yet to be renewed for a third season
(from Discovery's press release, October 2016) After a death-defying expedition on Brazil's deadly Snake Island, a group of real-life treasure hunters continue their quest for the Treasure of the Trinity, a legendary hoard of Inca gold worth nearly $400 million. At the end of last season, team leaders Jeremy Whalen and Cork Graham solved a critical clue on Snake Island that indicated the treasure was hidden in the depths of the treacherous Paraguayan jungle. Confident they've honed in on the exact location, the explorers go all out in pursuit of the ultimate fortune in the second season of TREASURE QUEST: SNAKE ISLAND premiering Friday, November 4, at 10 PM ET/PT on the Discovery Channel. This season, the treasure hunters depart Snake Island and continue their journey into the deepest recesses of the South American mainland to unearth priceless Inca artifacts that are part of the Treasure of the Trinity. With the elusive bounty at their fingertips, they must first survive the punishing terrain of the Atlantic Forest and the treacherous waters of the Parana River. Battling jaguars, pit vipers and venomous insects on land and piranhas, caiman and raging currents in the water, the expedition faces continuous setbacks. Pushed to their emotional and physical limits, the team begins to wonder if the treasure is cursed due to its tangled and bloody history. The Jesuits and Guarani, custodians of the original loot through the 1700s, were continuously relocating the precious riches. In order to solve crucial historical clues, the team must design ingenious contraptions, deploy state of the art treasure hunting tools and lean on local intel. The more they follow the ancient trail of blood, the deeper they head into the most remote and dangerous parts of South America. In this uncharted realm, the team's odds of tracking down the priceless treasure are greater than ever before. But their chances of surviving the quest unscathed are next to none.
· Cork Graham
· Jeremy Whalen
· Anuj Majumdar as EP
· Joseph Boyle as EP (Discovery)
· Mark Kadin as EP
· Will Ehbrecht as EP
· reality (all)
· reality (documentary)
· MAK Pictures